Chapter 1597: Push


Afra’s cold body fell from Lawton’s hands and hit the Nether River with a loud splash.

Purple blood floated at Lawton’s sharp fingertip like diamonds.

Afra’s blood slowly seeped through the pulp of his finger and into his bloodline.

Lawton let out a happy sigh as the devilish glow in his eyes grew brighter.

After absorbing Afra’s bloodline, Lawton’s understanding of the power of dead souls had grown considerably.

He was growing more and more certain that he would ascend to rank ten after consuming all the hearts of those Lords of the Abyss.

Once he had ascended to rank ten, he would fully transform into giant Abyss Devil just like Qin Lie.

When that happened, not even his father, the Yellow Springs Monarch would be able to kill him!

“A fight between us will only benefit another,” Lawton advised while moving slowly to the other end of the Nether River.

He stared...

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