Chapter 1596: Gradual Awakening


Seeing Daley and Afra overcome by greed, Lawton hurried to stop them.

His siblings simply ignored him and took to air above the Nether River.

The special boundary above the Nether River would not affect them. They searched for a while and quickly found Qin Lie.

"Over there!"

Daley saw Qin Lie's head floating above the surface of the Nether River. His eyes were murderous.

Inside Nether River, Qin Lie seemed to detect the arrival of danger and suddenly raised his head.

He looked towards Daley.

The rays of purple lightning in Qin Lie's deep purple eyes retreated back.

The purple crystal that merged into his Soul Altar grew blindingly bright.

Qin Lie's expressionless face suddenly showed ruthlessness.


His enormous body, immersed in the Nether River, suddenly jumped out. A wild bloodline presence turned into a purple black dragon that charged towards Daley.

At the same time, his enormous devil claw seemed to accidentally attack the empty space behind him.


The shield above the Nether River was torn like cloth. Blood sprayed.


Hiding in the boundary, Afra's clothes and flesh were torn off.

Afra’s waist showed bone.

Afra had almost been crushed in one attack. She screamed as she attempted to quickly hide in the shield.

Qin Lie didn't even glance at her. His enormous claws casually moved a few times.

The barrier she hid in split apart and her screams grew to an ear-piercing level.


She turned into a light, attempting to flee to the other side of the Nether River in hopes that Lawton could save her.

"I told you not to..."

Lawton, who was also flying above the Nether River, saw her come, and muttered.

A purple bone spike five meters long flew out of Lawton's sleeve and stabbed into Afra.


The spike created a huge hole in Afra's body.


Afra looked at the bone spike in her chest, her face covered in hate and anger as though she couldn’t believe Lawton would betray her.

"I just urged you not to go." Lawton had an aloof expression.

The bone spike penetrating Afra gave a terrifying howl and vibrated.

"Pop pop!"

Afra's body exploded into pieces of flesh and blood.

"If you were not seriously wounded, I wouldn't have attacked you, because killing you would require too great a price." Lawton's tone was calm. "But since he seriously injured you, I can kill you at a minor price and steal the core bloodline that Father left in you. I cannot let this opportunity slip by. I’m sure you’ve noticed. If we merge our bloodlines, we can become Great Lords of the Abyss."

"In hopes of reaching rank ten one day, we’ve killed countless of our half-siblings, and we are willing to kill our father..."

"Naturally, I am not burdened at all by killing you, my half-sibling."

"Especially at such an urgent time."

Lawton explained ruthlessly as he teleported next to Afra's body. He stabbed into Afra's open chest and searched for Afra's heart.

A soul restraining power wrapped around Afra, preventing even the slightest movement.

She could only see Lawton's hands press on her heart, attempting to take the bloodline secrets within.

The light in her eyes dimmed.


At the same time, Daley, who attempted to kill Qin Lie, was smashed into the Nether River by the purple dragon.

A thousand meters tall, Qin Lie floated above the Nether River like a terrifying mountain.

His eyes shone with light as he looked down coldly at Daley in the Nether River. A  strange smile appeared on his lips.


Daley, who flew out of the Nether River, heard Afra's shout and looked back. He discovered Lawton had killed Afra.

Daley suddenly realized how unwise his rash attack on Qin Lie was.

He was certain if Qin Lie had injured him like Afra, Lawton would not hesitate to kill him.

Just like Lawton said, if their three bloodlines were to merge, one Great Lord of the Abyss might be born with the help of the hearts of the Lords of the Abyss they had killed.

The reason Lawton hadn't acted was because he knew the three were evenly matched. If he attacked Afra or Daley, he was not confident he could win.

But Qin Lie had seriously injured Afra. Lawton could steal everything Afra had without paying a great price. Naturally, he acted without hesitation.

"If the three of us want to live, we may not have a chance of success." Lawton grabbed Afra's cooling corpse and looked calmly at him, saying, "If it is just myself, the chances increase."

Daley suddenly shouted with a snarl, "That person might be me!"

As he spoke, he gave up fighting with Qin Lie and leapt towards Lawton.

However, the purple devil dragon Qin Lie had released moved through the Nether River and charged toward him again.

Floating above the Nether River, Qin Lie looked indifferently at him and Lawton. He didn't show signs of attacking.

Qin Lie was slowly waking up.

For some reason, when he used the purple crystal in the Soul Altar to gather the secrets of dead souls from the Nether River and expended large amounts of bloodline power, he slowly woke up from his maddened state.

It seemed if he managed to gather all the fragments in the Nether River, the purple crystal could repair the scattered art. Then, his state of mind wouldn’t be affected by the negative emotions.

After regaining clarity, he quickly realized that Lawton, Afra, and Daley, the three Yellow Spring Monarch descendants started a new round of fights in order to reach rank ten and challenge their father.


His eyes flashed. The purple dragon chasing Daley suddenly retreated.

When the purple dragon neared him, it turned into a ray of purple lightning that strangely merged with his body.

"Han Che seems to have been here. He saw my appearance. I wonder what the God Race thinks?"

The ruthlessness in his eyes gradually disappeared and his mind grew clearer.

"Daley, he's awake, he's looking at us," Lawton said gravely.

"Hm?" Daley turned back and saw Qin Lie looking down coldly at them.

Qin Lie looked at them with amusement and disdain like he was looking at two worms fated to die.

Daley was discomforted by this gaze.

"He is waiting for one of us to die before he defeats the other easily. Our bloodline has the power he desires," Lawton said calmly.

Daley suddenly hesitated.

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