Chapter 1595: Immersing in the Nether River

Beside the Nether River in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Qin Lie, who had completely turned into a Lord of the Abyss, stood tall like a brown mountain.

The calm Nether River suddenly raged due to his arrival.

"Woo woo wooo!"

Billions of phantoms and ghosts screamed as though they were cheering.

The ear-piercing sounds could pass into any soul, and rid it of life, causing it to become one of the many dead souls of the Nether River. That was their unique power..

Like a mountain, Qin Lie's deep purple eyes flashed with intimidating light. At this moment, the influence from the God Race’s Flesh Filling Tombstone had already weakened, causing his body to no longer emit faint presence...

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