Chapter 1594: A Short Confrontation

Outside Dark Blood Canyon.

The members of Spirit Race rode their strange demon pets and slowly advanced towards the canyon.

"Stop for a moment."

Indigo, who sat on an Eight-eyed Demon Spirit at the front, suddenly commanded.

Behind her, the Spirit Race clansmen immediately reined in their demon pets. The group quickly halted.

"Young Mistress, what is it?"

Sienna, who had fought alongside Indigo in the Origin World, was slightly puzzled. She didn't understand why this order had been made.

Dressing grandly, Indigo's pale arms were covered in beautiful bracelets.

Bright blue light came from her sapphire eyes. She looked toward the Nine Hells Purgatory's Dark Blood Canyon.

A clear soul vibration spread toward the Dark Blood Canyon with her as the center.

Suddenly, a strange sound came from the direction of the Dark Blood...

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