Chapter 1594: A Short Confrontation

Outside Dark Blood Canyon.

The members of Spirit Race rode their strange demon pets and slowly advanced towards the canyon.

"Stop for a moment."

Indigo, who sat on an Eight-eyed Demon Spirit at the front, suddenly commanded.

Behind her, the Spirit Race clansmen immediately reined in their demon pets. The group quickly halted.

"Young Mistress, what is it?"

Sienna, who had fought alongside Indigo in the Origin World, was slightly puzzled. She didn't understand why this order had been made.

Dressing grandly, Indigo's pale arms were covered in beautiful bracelets.

Bright blue light came from her sapphire eyes. She looked toward the Nine Hells Purgatory's Dark Blood Canyon.

A clear soul vibration spread toward the Dark Blood Canyon with her as the center.

Suddenly, a strange sound came from the direction of the Dark Blood Canyon.


Purple and ice blue light flashed like fireflies between Indigo and the Dark Blood Canyon.

The purple and blue lights contained presences of respectively the Abyss Devil Race and the Spirit Race.

Two different bloodline presences, hidden within their soul secret arts, collided.

Behind Indigo, three Spirit Race experts had grave expressions.

They were all rank nine bloodline warriors. Their power, after merging with their demon pets, could rival the Lords of Nine Hells Purgatory.

They were under orders to protect Indigo.

They immediately saw that Indigo was fighting an Abyss Devil skilled in soul power before even entering the Dark Blood Canyon.

They immediately put up their guard.

"Zing zing!"

Dots of icy blue light flew and spun, colliding with the strange purple lights.


Not long after, Indigo gave a muffled grunt and the blue light in her eyes faded.

The dancing blue lights immediately disappeared away.

Indigo closed her eyes as though she was thinking deeply.

"Young Mistress, how are you?" Sienna leaned in.

"I am fine." Indigo pressed her lips together and grinned. "We will change direction and not pass through the Dark Blood Canyon."

"Why?" Sienna was puzzled. She said, "I know that the Dark Blood Canyon is guarded by Abyss Devils, but with our forces, do we need to fear them? Also, even if there are very powerful Abyss Devils, we can summon reinforcements. There should be no need to fear them."

"Change direction, Dark Blood Canyon... have Betty come," Indigo said.

"Betty? If that madwoman comes here, will it not benefit her? The Abyss Devils of the Dark Blood Canyon are not as dangerous as where she is. She will definitely be happy to come here." Sienna had a bitter expression. "If you trade with her, we have to go to her place. We may need to face several powerful Abyss Devils over there. It is much more dangerous than the Dark Blood Canyon."

"Tell Betty that I want to switch with her," Indigo persisted.

Sienna sighed and said, "Can you tell me why?"

"I cannot." Indigo shook her head.

Sienna was helpless. She could only follow orders and have the Spirit Race clansmen behind her change direction.

In the Dark Blood Canyon.

Ling Yushi sat on a thick devil cloud as she looked outside the canyon. She murmured, "That girl has become so strong, as expected of a Spirit Seed..."

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The dots of purple lights rained down from the sky and merged into her body.

The droplets were imbued with her soul secret arts and bloodline power.

Just now, she and Indigo had clashed outside Dark Blood Canyon with their soul secret arts and bloodline power.

The two girls didn’t use their full power, but she could feel that Indigo’s bloodline and soul power had improved by leaps and bounds since their encounter in the Origin World.

Indigo's bloodline growth speed could equal hers in Nine Hells Purgatory. She was shocked at this.


At the canyon entrance, the wary Jia Yue suddenly shouted, "Those Spirit Race clansmen are leaving!"

She had a puzzled expression.

"What is going on?"

"Why are they suddenly leaving?"


Inside the canyon, Gray, Luz, and Gordon who came from Nether City were very puzzled.

They were on orders to guard the Dark Blood Canyon and to kill all the Spirit Race clansmen that attempted to pass through.

They were prepared for a hard fight and hadn't expected the Spirit Race warriors who had already reached the perimeter of the canyon to change directions.

There was something fishy.

"Other Spirit Race teams will come here." Ling Yushi pulled back her bloodline power and said coldly, "Continue to guard the Dark Blood Canyon. The battle you want will soon come."



In Yellow Springs Purgatory, Han Che, the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, came to the base of the Darkness Family.

The base of the Darkness Family was at the foot of a mountain. Right now, many caverns had been made.

Mia, Cang Ye, and the others arrived before him based on his directions.

"Father, did you find Qin Lie?" Mia asked seeing him appear.

"No," Han Che responded and hurriedly entered a dark cave.

The cave was dark and only lit up slightly after Han Che entered.

The patriarch of the Darkness Family, An Hao, gradually appeared in the darkness. His face was slightly pale.

An Hao was half-naked, muscles on his well-defined body were covered in wounds.

Black and purple blood flowed from those wounds. The terrifying bloodlines of the Great Lords of the Abyss were rampaging in An Hao's wounds

"Zzt zzt!"

Threads of electricity flashed in An Hao's wounds. He snarled, his expression disheveled.

"The Great Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory are much stronger than in the Darkness Abyss!" An Hao inhaled, and frowned slightly in pain. "That person called Everardo only ranks seventh among the Great Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory. I thought that I could kill him. I hadn't expected that he could escape from me while heavily wounded. Also, when he clawed me, he left behind some energy that is still rampaging through my body. I will need at least five days to completely eliminate his power from my body."

"The Abyss Devils of the Eight Purgatories are more powerful than the ones from the upper hundred levels." Han Che nodded and said, "There are even more powerful Abyss Devils in Nine Hells Purgatory. Nine Hells Purgatory is below Yellow Springs Purgatory and the Spirit Race are going to face more pressure."

"Yes." An Hao calmed his mind. He said, "Did you find Qin Lie?"

"We did, but... " Han Che had an odd expression. "The situation is complicated."

"What is it?" An Hao said curiously.

"Qin Lie has reached rank nine and has become a Lord of the Abyss," Han Che said gravely.

"Rank nine bloodline, Lord of the Abyss?" An Hao was shocked. "He could assimilate the Abyss Devil Race bloodline. It is possible for him to possess the Abyss Devil presence when his bloodline reaches rank nine."

"You do not understand." Han Che shook his head and said, emphasizing each word, "I am saying he is a true Lord of the Abyss!"

"As in, his body too? He’s not like a high rank Abyss Devil?" An Hao was shocked.

Han Che nodded with a grimace. "Over a thousand meters tall, enormous bone wings, covered in spikes, a complete Lord of the Abyss in form."

"How, how is this possible?" An Hao was in shock.

"His Perfect Blood might not be like what we understood. He has not gathered the bloodline of all five families in one, but... the bloodlines of all races!" Han Che said.

At the beginning, Perfect Blood project was to merge the five bloodlines of the Bloodthirst, Light, Darkness, Profound Ice, and Blaze Families.

In the eyes of the proud Heaven Fighting Race, a bloodline that merged the bloodlines of their five families was the Perfect Blood.

The last patriarch of the Blaze Family, Lieyan Yuan, had wanted a God Race clansman like this when he spoke of Perfect Blood.

Yet when Han Che saw Qin Lie transform into a complete Lord of the Abyss when his bloodline reached rank nine, he knew that Perfect Blood was not so simple.

"A bloodline that could merge of the bloodlines of all races... I never dreamt of it," An Hao said soullessly.

"It is hard to say if that guy is the hope of the future or a demon to us all." Han Che sighed deeply.

The moment he saw Qin Lie turn completely into a Lord of the Abyss, he was shocked, and also felt a kind of terror.

As for the source of this terror, it was Qin Lie’s bloodline.

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