Chapter 1593: Obstruction from Nine Hells

Drops of purple blood flowed out of Ming Xiao's palm to form a ball of blood surrounded by a purple halo. Upon closer inspection, one could notice many tiny cross-crossing purple lines.

"If you abandon the Dark Soul Beast avatar, and your soul goes into this ball of blood, I can use a bloodline secret art to send this sphere into Nine Hells Purgatory."

Ming Xiao's hand moved, and the purple ball of blood floated silently between him and Qin Lie.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Once the sphere got close, a suction force appeared, pulling it into Nine Soul Hell.

It appeared that the Nine Soul Hell, in vortex form, wanted to suck in the ball of blood.

Qin Lie’s gaze turned strange as he nodded. He realized that Ming Xiao really did have the ability to help him enter Nine Hells Purgatory.

His grandfather Qin Shan had told Ming Xiao that the Spirit Race had invaded Nine Hells Purgatory without reservation. This meant that Qin Shan and Ming Xiao's relationship was not ordinary.

He knew that Ming Xiao’s resurrection and Nether Realm not being destroyed by Sky Mender Palace was all thanks to his grandfather.

The other Demon Gods of Nether Realm still needed the Qin Family to be resurrected.

Ming Xiao, in terms of bloodline, was the ancestor of the Ling Family.

With all these reasons together, he didn’t worry about Ming Xiao harming him.

Therefore, he prepared to have the Soul Tree belonging to his subsoul leave his physical body to attempt to merge into Ming Xiao's ball of blood.

"Wait a moment!"

At this time, Ming Xiao's expression shifted. His deep purple eyes suddenly released blinding light.

An imperceptible and unique bloodline presence suddenly flew into the Nine Soul Hell from Ming Xiao's purple blood.

"Hm, that boy... is also here."

Ming Xiao was clearly shocked. He waved at Qin Lie to tell him to wait and slowly closed his eyes.

Qin Lie noticed that a blurry shadow gradually appeared in the deep purple ball of blood.

The shadow was faint, and just an outline.

However, for some inexplicable reason, Qin Lie felt a strong sense of familiarity upon first look.

He felt with his sensitive rank ten subsoul perception and shouted in shock, "Gao Yu!"

"Yes," Ming Xiao casually answered. "Back then in the Demon God Mountain Range, this boy received my power inheritance. He and I have deep ties. When my body came back to life, and he grew stronger, a relationship formed between us."

“But after I was revived, I did not feel his existence. I thought he had died long ago."

"I hadn't expected him to be in Nine Hells Purgatory. That was why I could not feel his existence in other places.

"The Nine Soul Hell and Nine Hells Purgatory have a crack connecting it. When I used my bloodline secret art, I detected his presence."

"His presence is the same as my own in the past..."

Ming Xiao explained to Qin Lie as he used a special secret art to communicate with Gao Yu.

His expression gradually grew strange.

After a while, Gao Yu's shadow slowly disappeared.

Ming Xiao closed his eyes. He was silent for a while before he suddenly took the blood back into his body.

"I cannot send you to Nine Hells Purgatory."

Ming Xiao suddenly opened his eyes to look deeply at Qin Lie. He said, "The girl doesn't want you to risk it."

"What?" Qin Lie stilled.

"Gao Yu and some of my descendants are there together. I searched for him with a bloodline secret art. After I told him you want to go over, he told Ling Yushi." Ming Xiao's gaze flashed and a faint smile appeared on his lips. "She said that they are safe over in Nine Hells Purgatory, and that even the Spirit Race will not be able to take down Nine Hells Purgatory quickly. Once you abandon the Dark Soul Beast, and go over in pure soul form, in the eyes of the Spirit Race and the Abyss Devils, you’ll be a Soul Race clansman."

"Under these volatile circumstances, your Soul Race avatar will be in great danger."

"She doesn't want you to take the risk."

"Therefore, I cannot send you to Nine Hells Purgatory right now. Even if I wanted to, I fear I might not succeed. Her bloodline has reached rank nine and she has a close relationship to the Nine Soul Hell.

"If I want to do something through the Nine Soul Hell, she can stop me from the other side."

"Apologies, I cannot help you."

Ming Xiao shrugged, his expression easy. He said an apology but he showed no apology in his expression.

His eyes contained a hidden smile.

He was comforted that Qin Lie and Ling Yushi were concerned with each other and their feelings hadn't been affected because of being in two different places.

In reality, the engagement between Qin Lie and Ling Yushi had been made by him and Qin Shan.

In their eyes, Ling Chengye of the Ling Family did not have the power to decide their fates. Also, Ling Chengye did not know of the Ling Family’s ancestry and the great secrets hidden within their bloodline.

The Ling Family was the last few members of the Dark Nether Race, and Ming Xiao's descendants.

He himself was very close to Qin Shan. He naturally hoped that Qin Lie and Ling Yushi would continue this close relationship.

"She doesn't want me to go over? Are you sure?" Qin Lie said.

Ming Xiao chuckled. "Yes, I am certain."

Seeing Qin Lie's dark expression, Ming Xiao changed topics and said, "But you do not have to worry, she said when the abyss passageway is unsealed, she will return to Spirit Realm. She told you not to worry. Nothing will happen to her in Nine Hells Purgatory."

"Really?" Qin Lie didn't believe it.

"She also said she learned through Diga that your main body is in Yellow Springs Purgatory. She wants you to take care of yourself," Ming Xiao said.

Qin Lie was astounded.

"You shouldn't waste time here. Without my help, it is almost impossible for you to go to Nine Hells Purgatory," Ming Xiao said coolly.

Qin Lie was silent.

"Do not worry. I believe she will be fine." Ming Xiao thought and urged, "Soon, the year closure of the abyss passageway will pass. At that time, if she is in danger, I will go over myself."

"It is almost impossible for the Spirit Race to take down Nine Hells Purgatory in less than a year."

"The Nine Hells Monarch is much stronger than the Yellow Springs Monarch."

After those words, Ming Xiao stopped speaking and flew away.

He was busy arranging for the remaining members of Nether Realm to move to the Extreme Flame Abyss to recover their real, Abyss Devil Race, bloodline..

After he left, Qin Lie attempted many different ways to try to go into Nine Hells Purgatory through the Nine Soul Hell.

Alas, his methods were ineffective and having no way of traversing the pathway, he left.

Nine Hells Purgatory, in a ravine by the name Dark Blood Canyon.

Ling Yushi was leading many Abyss Devils against forces of the Spirit Race.

"How is it?" She looked at Gao Yu.

"Ming Xiao has agreed." Gao Yu nodded.

Ling Yushi's brows eased. She said, "Abandoning the body and coming here in soul form is definitely not a good idea. In another six months, the abyss passageway to the Eight Purgatories will open. We can last until that day."

Gao Yu said, "Of course."

"The Spirit Race warriors are here!" At the mouth of the canyon, Jia Yue, who had come to Nine Hells with Gao Yu, suddenly shouted, "The leader of the Spirit Race clansmen is a beautiful girl!"

"A girl?" Ling Yushi's expression changed.

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