Chapter 1592: Acknowledgement

Nether Realm.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar descended at a strange land called the Nine Soul Hell.

The Nine Soul Hell and the Profound Yin Nether Sea were the strangest and most eerie places in the entire Nether Realm. It was rumored that they were closely tied to Nether Realm’s growth and prosperity.

Qin Lie already knew that the Profound Yin Nether Sea was part of the Nether River of the Eight Purgatories.

But he was completely unfamiliar with the Nine Soul Hell.

All he knew was that Ling Yushi’s bloodline ability was tied to the Nine Soul Hell in a special way. He also knew that she had the ability to employ the Nine Soul Hell.

“Nine Soul Hell…”

When Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar stared at the giant whirlpool and magnetic field that was the Nine Soul Hell, he noticed that he was actually losing control of his...

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