Chapter 1591: Shaken

At Yellow Springs Purgatory, the war between the God Race and the Abyss Devils was spreading like wildfire.

Cang Ye and others relaxed when they learned that their clansmen had arrived. They no longer had to worry about their lives constantly.

One day, a look of joy appeared on Mia’s face when felt a reaction in her bloodline. “My father’s going to show up soon.”

The news gladdened everyone present.

Not long after Mia’s declaration, the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, Han Che, showed up in a beam of icy light.



Mia and Xuan Luo were ecstatic to see him. They both felt like they had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ever since they were dropped into Yellow Springs Purgatory, they had been on edge worrying...

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