Chapter 1591: Shaken

At Yellow Springs Purgatory, the war between the God Race and the Abyss Devils was spreading like wildfire.

Cang Ye and others relaxed when they learned that their clansmen had arrived. They no longer had to worry about their lives constantly.

One day, a look of joy appeared on Mia’s face when felt a reaction in her bloodline. “My father’s going to show up soon.”

The news gladdened everyone present.

Not long after Mia’s declaration, the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, Han Che, showed up in a beam of icy light.



Mia and Xuan Luo were ecstatic to see him. They both felt like they had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ever since they were dropped into Yellow Springs Purgatory, they had been on edge worrying that a powerful Abyss Devil would show up and tear them all to pieces.

But now that Han Che was here, the pressure and fear was finally lifted off their shoulders.

“Abyss Devil…”

Han Che was clearly surprised to see Diga with them.

“Father, he gave us a lot of help while we were here. We would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for him,” Mia said hurriedly.

Diga had been depressed after learning of Alice’s death. He wordlessly walked away after seeing Han Che.

Xuan Luo said softly, “Please let him leave, patriarch.”

Han Che nodded as he watched Diga’s back. “He’s a bloodline descendant of the Yellow Spring Monarch, isn’t he?”

“Mn.” Mia answered, “But he’s different from the rest of the Abyss Devils. He came back for a different reason.”

She told Han Che briefly about Diga, but her father was clearly not too interested in the Abyss Devil. Before Mia could explain everything in detail, he interrupted her with an urgent question. “Where’s Qin Lie?”

“We don’t know.” Mia’s eyes looked bitter and sad. “After we managed to cross the Nether River, it was like he had turned into an Abyss Devil or something. We were worried that he would lose complete control of himself, so we had no choice but to leave him behind. After that, we never ran into him again—although, that Diga did encounter Qin Lie once at his uncle’s territory.”

“His uncle?” Han Che asked in astonishment.

“It’s a Lord of the Abyss called Fagan,” added Cang Ye.

“Oh, I heard he was dead.” Han Che narrowed his eyes and fell into deep thought for a moment. Then, his eyes suddenly lit up as he asked, “You said Qin Lie had turned into a Abyss Devil? What do you mean by that?”

“He had the bloodline of the Abyss Devil in him, and it seems like that bloodline had awakened completely,” explained Cang Ye.

“Abyss Devil Race bloodline awakening, Abyss Devil transformation…”

Han Che thought to himself for a moment again before pressing a hand to his chest. The Profound Ice Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone immediately appeared into view.

A drop of blood essence flew out of Han Che’s fingertip and landed on the tombstone.

He then closed his eyes and sensed his surroundings carefully.

A while later, Han Che suddenly shook all over as his expression turned strange.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mia curiously.

Han Che shook his head without giving her an answer. Instead, he pointed the group towards a direction and said, “Cang Ye, your family is encamped not too far away down that direction. I didn’t see any powerful Abyss Devils when I came here, so you may head over and meet up with the Darkness Family clansmen.”

“What about you, father?” asked Mia.

“I need to go confirm something,” replied Han Che.

Then, he vanished from sight just like that. He hadn’t even spoken much with his daughter.

“What’s with him? I have no idea what he’s trying to do. And here I thought he was going to take us back himself,” complained Mia in dissatisfaction.

“He must have gone away to find Qin Lie.” Cang Ye’s head was obviously clearer than Mia’s. “The rest of the patriarchs are probably busy fighting the Abyss Devils of Yellow Springs Purgatory. He’s the only one who’s free enough to search for Qin Lie.”

“Seems to me that Qin Lie is much more important to him than me, his daughter,” said Mia in self-derision.

“He’s more important than all of us,” Cang Ye said indifferently. “They might not have staged this invasion if it wasn’t for Qin Lie.”

“Fair enough, this is the Perfect Blood after all…” replied Mia sourly.

“The Perfect Blood has never been a thing in the history of the God Race until today. It’s only natural than it’s more important than us. It is nothing to complain about,” Cang Ye said coolly.

After that, she told the group to get moving towards the Darkness Family’s encampment as Han Che had instructed them to.

After Han Che had left the small squad, he started flying down a certain direction while holding his Flesh Filling Tombstone.

“The refined flesh and blood energy in that Flesh Filling Tombstone is growing stronger. Strange, so strange…”

Han Che’s expression grew more and more serious.

An unknown bout of time later.


The loud noise of a mountain breaking resounded from the distant horizon.

Han Che looked at the source of the noise. He discovered that the ground in that area was shaking, and the clouds were turbulent. Violent energies could be seen clashing against one another again and again.

Thick abyss devil energy sat heavily above the mountains. At first glance, it looked like purple black mountains floating above the ground.

On one side, a thousand-meter tall Abyss Devil was swinging its giant, bony wings and fighting amidst that thick abyss devil energy.

On the other side, several dozens of rank eight Abyss Devils and a rank nine Lord of the Abyss were doing their best to resist the enemy Abyss Devil’s offense.

“An Abyss Devil fighting other Abyss Devils…”

At first, Han Che couldn’t quite understand what was going on. His expression changed after he started sensing through the Flesh Filling Tombstone, however.

It was because he was sensing the vibrant energy of the Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone from that Abyss Devil with giant wings!

Moreover, one of the Abyss Devil’s eyes was glowing crimson!

Han Che turned pale with shock. “The body of an Abyss Devil, but with half of the God Race’s bloodline?!"

Stunned, Han Che observed the battle from the distance instead of approaching both combatants in a hurry.

He watched as the giant Abyss Devil with bony wings tore the rank seven and rank eight Abyss Devils into bits.

Countless corpses were scattering or falling inside that thick cloud of abyss devil energy.

The other rank nine Abyss Devil swore angrily in the ancient language of the Abyss Devils.

“The God Race are invading us, and you’re attacking your own kin and ignoring your Monarch’s orders?! You will be scorned by all Abyss Devils!”

“Damn you, where the hell did you come from?”

“You’re more powerful than even Dabinett, but why haven’t I heard of your name before?”

The weaker Abyss Devils never stopped shouting during the battle.

Unfortunately, Han Che could see that the giant Abyss Devil was completely ignoring the weaker Abyss Devils’ questions.

Eventually, the rank nine Abyss Devil’s voice grew weaker and weaker.

Then, he vanished without a trace inside the demonic cloud.

A Flesh Filling Tombstone flew out right after that and started absorbing refined flesh and blood energy.

“It is him!”

The Flesh Filling Tombstone was all the proof Han Che needed as he stared at Qin Lie in shock.

“He, he actually transformed into a Lord of the Abyss? A pure, thousand-meter tall Lord of the Abyss! How can this be? How can this be?”

Han Che suddenly flew away after observing Qin Lie for a moment longer. He was utterly shocked by what he had just seen.

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