Chapter 1590: Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Dark Soul Beast avatar and Qin Lie had lost contact with one another. He couldn’t know what was going on in Yellow Springs Purgatory right now.

He thought to himself, “If I cannot bring my true self back, then I guess I’ll have to bring the Ancient Life Tree to the purgatory myself.”

The abyss passageway of the Eight Purgatories should’ve been locked down right now, but the God Race and the Spirit Race managed to invade them anyway. This meant that it wasn’t impossible to enter the Eight Purgatories during this time.

“How can I enter the purgatory?”

Suddenly, he sensed Enos’s soul presence.

The woman had come to “Cadak’s” territory to ask him about the Flaming Sun Abyss on behalf of her father, Dawson.

“Master, a high rank Abyss Devil is…” reported an Asura Race soul servant respectfully.

“Let her in,” he ordered.


Soon, the soul servant brought a luxuriously-dressed Enos to him.

“This tree’s lifeforce is amazing.”

Enos immediately noticed the verdant and lush aura of the Ancient Life Tree. She was surprised to find that the nearby plants of the Abyss were unusually lush as well.

“Give us privacy,” ordered Qin Lie.

The soul servants led by Miao Fengtian and Curtis immediately gave him a bow before leaving Enos and him alone.

“The Flaming Sun Abyss had been sinking down the Abyss non-stop since a while ago. It has reached the eightieth level right now,” said Enos directly after his soul servants had left. “This incident has alarmed all rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss, and everyone’s inquiring about you as of late. They all want to know what happened to you and why the newly formed Flaming Sun Abyss would undergo such a miraculous transformation.”

“The three Great Lords of the Frost Desolation Abyss are paying close attention as well.”

“A lot of Great Lords of the Abyss actually figured out that you used to operate in our Abyss level. That was why they had come to us.”

Enos stared at him with bright eyes after explaining the situation. “What happened to your true self?”

Qin Lie hesitated for a moment before answering, “My true body is in Yellow Springs Purgatory right now, but I’ve lost contact with it some time ago.”

“I see,” said Enos in realization. “The Eight Purgatories are treated as the sacred land by all Abyss Devils. It is slightly different from the Frost Desolation Abyss. I’m not surprised that you weren’t able to maintain a link with your true body.”

She was clearly aware of the uniqueness of the Eight Purgatories.

“Can your father send me to Yellow Springs Purgatory?” asked Qin Lie suddenly.

He didn’t tell Enos that the God Race had invaded Yellow Springs Purgatory. He didn’t want her to leak the truth.

The Eight Purgatories were an inviolable sacred land to most Abyss Devils.

Even if his relationship with Dawson was good, he couldn’t predict what action Dawson might take after he learned that the God Race had invaded Yellow Springs Purgatory.

The most likely outcome of the revelation was Dawson leaking the news and making every Abyss Devil aware of the God Race’s movement.

There were around three to five Great Lords of the Abyss in every Abyss level, and, excluding the Eight Purgatories, there were one hundred Abyss levels in total. If this force were to find a common enemy, the only possible result was utter annihilation.

Even if these Great Lords of the Abyss couldn’t enter the Eight Purgatories until the abyss passageway was unlocked once more, they could always bare their fangs at God Realm. There was a very real chance that God Realm would fall under their combined might.

Moreover, it seemed like his true self was the main reason the God Race had decided to invade Yellow Springs Purgatory.

He didn’t want the angered Great Lords of the Abyss to vent their anger onto God Realm. That was why he decided to keep this a secret.

“You want to head to the Eight Purgatories right now?” Enos was surprised by Qin Lie’s request.

Qin Lie nodded, but Enos replied regretfully, “It’s probably impossible. My father said that the abyss passageway leading to the Eight Purgatories is shut down for a short period every one century, and not even a Great Lord of the Abyss like himself is be able to travel to the Eight Purgatories easily, let alone low rank Abyss Devils. Unfortunately for you, the abyss passageway is closed right now.”

“I see,” Qin Lie said with a deep frown. “Never mind then.”

“I’m sorry, but I probably can’t help you with this,” apologized Enos.

“It’s okay.”

“Master, the Blood Emperor requests to see you.” Suddenly, Curtis’s soul voice rang in his head.

Qin Lie was surprised for a moment before he looked at Enos. “Please head back first, there’s someone I need to meet right away.”

“Oh.” Enos went away looking a little disappointed.

She had just flown away when Li Xin, the self-proclaimed Blood Emperor, suddenly appeared underneath the Ancient Life Tree.

The Blood Emperor shot him a glance before grinning. “Another Qin Lie!”

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar was no longer a secret to the Gold rank forces of Spirit Realm. Considering how long Li Xin had operated in Spirit Realm, it was no surprise that he would know Qin Lie’s secret.

That was why he didn’t purposely take on the Dark Soul Beast’s primal form to speak with Li Xin.

“I know what you’re worried about,” the Blood Emperor said with a smile. “I brought this Ancient Life Tree to you, but your true self wasn’t able to absorb it in time. Now, your true self had ascended to rank nine, and he’s trapped in a world you’re completely unfamiliar with. You want your true body to absorb this Ancient Life Tree as soon as possible because you’re worried that something would happen to its bloodline, correct?”

“You’re right,” admitted Qin Lie.

“You won’t be able to succeed,” the Blood Emperor Li Xin said seriously.

“It will be a difficult endeavor,” admitted Qin Lie again.

“In that case, I will take back the Ancient Life Tree.” Li Xin turned serious after hearing Qin Lie’s answer. “My master can do what you cannot do. The reason I’ve come today is to bring the Ancient Life Tree into Yellow Springs Purgatory under my master’s orders!”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up in response.

“You should’ve heard a bit about your true self’s condition, haven’t you?” asked Li Xin.

“Did the God Race invade Yellow Springs Purgatory because of me, or some other reason?” Qin Lie asked solemnly.

“It’s a bit of both.” Li Xin thought for a moment before continuing, “I’m not very sure about the specifics. All I know is that the God Race and Spirit Race are working together to invade the Abyss Purgatories, and that their targets are Yellow Springs Purgatory and Nine Hells Purgatory respectively.”

Li Xin tapped his glabella as he spoke.

A block-shaped wet soil flew out of his eight-level Soul Altar. It looked like a shrunken world.


The Ancient Life Tree was pulled out from the ground and injected into the block of wet soil by Li Xin’s power in an instant.


The wet soil that shrank even further before flying back into Li Xin’s glabella, entering his eight-level Soul Altar.

“The Spirit Race went to Nine Hells Purgatory?” Qin Lie’s expression changed suddenly.

After Li Xin had collected the Ancient Life Tree, he smiled at Qin Lie and said, “If there are no accidents, the God Race and the Spirit Race should be able to take down both Nine Hells Purgatory and Yellow Springs Purgatory. It shouldn’t be too hard for either the God Race or the Spirit Race to take down just one purgatory with their full strength.”

“What will happen if the purgatory falls?” yelled Qin Lie.

“Huh?” Li Xin rubbed his chin and pondered for a moment. Then, he smiled at Qin Lie and said, “A lot of Abyss Devils will die, I suppose.”

Qin Lie’s expression grew darker and darker.

He wouldn’t care even if every Abyss Devil in Yellow Springs Purgatory were to die, but Nine Hells Purgatory…

The Ling Family members, Gao Yu, Luz, Gordon and everyone from Nether Realm were at Nine Hells Purgatory right now.

The Spirit Race had launched their entire race at Nine Hells Purgatory. Could that result in the slaughter of more than half of the denizens of Nether Realm?

Ling Yushi was the bloodline descendant of the Nine Springs Monarch. Would the Spirit Race invade and kill her during this invasion?

He suddenly couldn’t sit still anymore. He suddenly felt a dire need to enter Nine Springs Purgatory immediately.

“What’s wrong? You want to head to the Eight Purgatories too?” said Li Xin while staring at him with a half smile on his face. He seemed to know what he was thinking. “It’s not a good time to enter the Eight Purgatories, you know…”

“Do you have a way to send me to the Eight Purgatories?” asked Qin Lie.

“Which purgatory are we talking about? Yellow Springs or Nine Hells?” asked Li Xin.

“Nine Hells!” yelled Qin Lie.

Li Xin shook his head and said, “Yellow Springs is one thing, but Nine Hells… it will be extremely difficult.”

“Yellow Springs Purgatory is fine too!” added Qin Lie.

Li Xin frowned for a moment before replying, “This avatar of yours is a Soul Beast, and my master doesn’t want the God Race to learn about your connection to the Soul Race and the Soul Beast avatar.”

“So it’s a no?” Qin Lie’s face looked very grim.

“Here’s an idea,” said Li Xin after a moment’s hesitation. “My master once said that it might be possible for a Soul Race clansman to travel to Nine Hells Purgatory through a strange place in Nether Realm called the Nine Soul Hell.” 

“Nine Soul Hell?” Qin Lie trembled when he heard this.

“Mn. You can give it a try. I can’t guarantee that it’ll work though,” said Li Xin.

“Thank you.”

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