Chapter 159: Fall into a Trap

Chapter 159: Fall into a Trap

Armament Sect.

“Qin Bing and I was ambushed at Free Trade Street. We were almost killed!”

Inside Tong Jihua’s cultivation room, Tang Siqi’s eyes burned with anger as she explained the whole matter from beginning to end.

“Who is so audacious as to attack an inner sect disciple in Armament City!” Tong Jihua was also furious. “Don’t worry, Siqi. I will thoroughly investigate this matter!”

“Liang Shaoyang must be the one who ordered them!” Tang Siqi insisted, “A few days ago I had scolded him. He must have held a grudge and ordered the assassins of Dark Shadow Tower to find an opportunity to kill me!”

“He tried to kill you just because you scolded him earlier?” Tong Jihua looked shocked.

“I have offended no one else besides him.” Tang Siqi said with a cold face, “Right, there is also Qin Bing. He had used Eclipse Insects to attack Qin Bing and killed Yin Hao after that. This man is practically everyone’s scourge as long as he stays inside the sect! Elder Tong, if you capture him directly and search through his cavern, you will definitely find something!”

Tong Jihua did not answer.

After a moment of silence he nodded and said, “I heard you. I will investigate this seriously, and if it is really Liang Shaoyang… then I will personally explain this matter to the sect master. But if I am to search his cavern myself…” Tong Jihua sighed, “then I’m afraid it isn’t really possible. With his current status, I do not dare to act against him carelessly.”

“Just because he also caused a change in the spirit pattern pillars?” Tang Siqi asked in dissatisfaction.

“That’s right. It’s exactly because he caused a change in the spirit pattern pillars.” Tong Jihua did not deny it as well. “He is the same as you. You are both the sect’s treasures and you may sit on the sect master’s throne in the future. That is why he is different from the other inner sect disciples. Even if he did do some things, the sect master would turn a blind eye to it.”

“He tried to kill me!” Tang Siqi yelled angrily.

“That will depend on the sect master’s attitude.” Tong Jihua was also helpless.

“I got it!” Tang Siqi no longer said anything and angrily left the place. She did not respond to anyone and headed straight up Flame Volcano.

“Did Senior Sister Tang trip on the road? It appears that you have a lot of dust on you and your expression is a little ugly. You don’t look as beautiful as before anymore.” Liang Shaoyang stood facing against the mountain wind. His clothes fluttered as he taunted Tang Siqi with scorn in his eyes and a dark expression.

Tang Siqi was so angry that she did not pay any attention to her surroundings when she was on her way. When she suddenly heard Liang Shaoyang speaking, she abruptly turned her head around.

“You sure are in the mood today, Junior Brother Liang!” The spatial ring on her hand abruptly lit up as the Nether Ghost Claw appeared yet again above her head. Its mind-twisting, frenzied power was immediately unleashed from inside its claw.

“What do you think you’re doing, Senior Sister Tang? Are you going to attack me?” Liang Shaoyang laughed coldly without the slightest fear, “If Tang Siqi attacks anyone else inside the sect without reason, then maybe Sect Master and three great reverends will protect you. But if you attack me, then perchance not even the sect master will allow you to do whatever you want!”

While saying that, dark gray air surged inside Liang Shaoyang’s two sleeves.

He had also secretly channeled his spirit art and readied himself to act at any moment. He was wary that Tang Siqi might go crazy regardless of the cost.

“Siqi! What are you doing?” Hearing their argument, Lian Rou hurriedly rushed out of the cave and stopped her. “This is Flame Volcano, you must not be reckless or the sect master will not ignore this.”

“Senior Sister Tang, Junior Brother Liang, what are you guys doing?” Pang Shishi had also showed up.

More inner sect disciples had came out from their caves and appeared nearby when they heard the commotion. They all looked at the two in surprise.

Tang Siqi and Liang Shaoyang were both people who had learned the wonders of the spirit pattern pillars, the hopes of the sect’s future, and the beloved children in the sect master and three great reverends’ eyes. They had always been jealous of them.

Now that the two of them had clashed against each other, the inner sect disciples immediately became excited. Not only did they not stop them, some were even fanning the flames.

“Of course, Senior Sister Tang is currently better in artifact forging. But I wonder how they’ll fare in combat?”

“Junior Brother Liang had walked out of Dark Shadow Tower, so he must be pretty extraordinary in combat. Hehe, if they fight, it will be quite interesting.”

They assumed that Tang Siqi and Liang Shaoyang had argued because of some small matter.

“Siqi!” Lian Rou pulled her back and persuaded her continuously in a low tone. She forcefully dragged her back inside the cavern.

“Senior Sister Tang, be more careful when you leave for another outing next time. Don’t trip and come back dusty again,” Liang Shaoyang yelled coldly.

“Let’s have you talk shit some more!” Tang Siqi was originally going to withdraw, but when she heard his taunt, the anger in her heart abruptly exploded as that Nether Ghost Claw suddenly flew out again and fiercely attempted to grab Liang Shaoyang’s chest.


The cold aura unique only to Nether Battlefield shot down from the claw. Liang Shaoyang’s chest crumpled as he suddenly fell backwards.

He fell straight into the mountain creek filled with stones!

His extremely shrill cries suddenly pierced through the sky, causing even the inner sect disciples on this side to cover their ears.

Tang Siqi’s beautiful expression suddenly turned dumbfounded. “But the Nether Ghost Claw hasn’t really dropped down on him?” While she thought, she suddenly realized that something was wrong as her gaze abruptly changed.

“This is bad! You fell for his trap!” Lian Rou stomped her feet in anxiety.

“He fell down the mountain just like that?” The faces of the inner sect disciples at the side had also turned strange. They could see that something was off.

“It’s Shaoyang’s cries!”

“Shaoyang is screaming!”

At the mountain peak, Sect Master Ying Xingran and Chief Reverend, Luo Zhichang heard the commotion and hurried over to the mountainside.

Meanwhile, Liang Shaoyang lay at the heap of gravel beneath the foot of the mountain, looking horrible with scratches all over his body.

While wiping the blood until it was everywhere on his body, he angrily yelled, “Senior Sister Tang, what have I done to offend you? I’ve simply reminded you to be somewhat careful in the future. You would kill me just for this?”

“What’s going on?!” Ying Xingran came down from the mountain peak and stood at the center of the crowd with a dark expression. When he looked downwards and saw Liang Shaoyang amidst the gravel heap, his expression had turned even uglier. “Can someone tell me what is going on?”

“Uh, it’s like this.” An inner sect disciple explained in a soft voice, “Junior Brother Liang and Senior Sister Tang had an argument. As a result S-senior Sister Tang had taken out the Nether Ghost Claw and, and then Junior Brother Liang had fallen off that cliff and down the mountain…”

“Siqi! What is wrong with you?” Ying Xingran’s eyes were full of anger. “I’ve told you more than once to be a good teacher to Shaoyang. Is this how you teach him?”

“He deserved it!” Tang Siqi cried out.

“How dare you!” Ying Xingran was so mad he began to cough loudly. He reprimanded while pointing a finger at Tang Siqi, “It looks like we’ve spoiled you far too much in the past! How dare you do such a thing like this today!”

“Xingran, go back and rest first.” Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang pressed his white eyebrows together. He looked to the outer sect elder, Cheng Ping, rushing over from the foot of the mountain and instructed him, “Lead Tang Siqi to the back of the mountain to repent for her actions. We will declare her punishment three days later after our discussion.”

Cheng Ping’s expression turned into one of shock. “We still have an agreement with Dark Asura Hall, and the spirit artifacts requested by Dark Asura Hall are a-also under Tang Siqi’s responsibility. Won’t this cause a delay?”

“Just have them wait,” Luo Zhichang said coldly.

The moment he said it, Cheng Ping immediately realized that Luo Zhichang’s anger was real. He didn’t dare to say anything else and quickly nodded. He arrived beside Tang Siqi and said, “Follow me to the back of the mountain.”

“Fine, I’ll go!” Tang Siqi glared once at Liang Shaoyang beneath the mountain before turning back to stare at Ying Xingran and Luo Zhichang. She scoffed once and lost her temper saying, “My condition is bad as of late, so I probably can’t forge the artifacts requested by Dark Asura Hall. Go find someone else to do it.”

Once finished, she took out the Earth Magnet from her spatial ring, threw it on the ground and left for the back of the mountain with Cheng Ping.

“Shortsighted! How utterly shortsighted! To think that she would waste the great expectations we place on her!” Ying Xingran was so angry that his entire being shook.

Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang, was also shaking his head ,saying, “She is not suited for great responsibility…”

Liang Shaoyang watched Tang Siqi as she was led to the back of the mountain on the gravel of the foot of the mountain while laughing coldly on the inside, “What can a woman spoiled by her sect possibly do to fight against me? You won’t even know how you died when I’m done with you!”

“What else are you staring at? Hurry up and help Shaoyang clean up his wounds!” Ying Xingran yelled angrily.

The inner sect disciples hurried down the mountain after hearing his orders.

Lian Rou stared at the sect master and Luo Zhichang’s expressions. At this point, she also sighed, knowing that Liang Shaoyang had successfully overturned the two men’s thoughts towards Tang Siqi.

Tang Siqi might not be the best sect master candidate in their eyes in the future.

“Liang Shaoyang. What a devious and despicable bastard.” She lowered her head and looked at the foot of the mountain with a slight frown, “With this person in the sect, Siqi’s situation will be difficult in the future. Also, why is Siqi so angry today? Where’s Qin Bing?” Lian Rou turned doubtful as she searched around for Qin Lie’s shadow. She realized that he wasn’t there at all.


“Liang Shaoyang! This is the second time already!”

Inside an inconspicuous little building, Qin Lie muttered with a cold expression.

A few months ago, Liang Shaoyang had schemed against him with Eclipse Insects, and just when Qin Lie was ready to retaliate, he had suddenly learned the wonders of the spirit pattern pillar and received a huge boost in status, turning him into the key to the prosperity in the sect master and three reverends’ eyes.

This was also why Tong Jihua had given up on immediately capturing him. Qin Lie had also tolerated it under Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s continuous urging.

But he did not expect Liang Shaoyang to grow even more impudent. Not only did he want to kill him, even Tang Siqi had become his target.

Qin Lie had a terribly uneasy feeling!

For the past two days, while he was healing, his mind grew more and more unstable as if there was a voice calling out constantly in his mind. The voice kept telling him to stop hesitating and kept wanting him to kill Liang Shaoyang directly to calm the frustration in his heart.

It was like the voice of his own heart, his hidden nature, the madness inside his bones!

“This can’t go on! I can’t go on like this!” Qin Lie realized that even the cultivation of Frost Arts could not calm the murderous intent inside his heart. For the past two days he had not been able to eat or sleep well. The moment he closed his eyes, he would think of how to kill Liang Shaoyang.

Once the mad flames in his bones were ignited, it was as if that they could not be extinguished any longer. It burned him until he was starting to lose his mind.

“He must die. If he doesn’t die, I won’t be able to sleep!” Qin Lie opened his eyes. The madness in his eyes were shocking, and after sucking in a deep breath, he made up his mind.

After making up his mind, he immediately calmed down and was able to relax his heart.

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