Chapter 1588: Nine Hells

Nine Hells Purgatory.

The black and purple bogs gave off thick abyss devil energy and were filled with thorny and savage plants.

A winding path passed through the bogs and went towards a city hidden deep within.

The city had been built from purple crystal, was as tall as a mountain, and had quite a bit of fame in Nine Hells Purgatory.

The patriarch of the Ghost Eye Race, Gray, led the members of the Ghost Eye Race along that winding stone path to the city called, "Nether City."

After Gray, dozens of Ghost Eye Race clansmen dragged along six enormous Abyss Devils.

Those six Abyss Devils all had rank eight bloodline and had been killed by Gray's subordinates.

At another location. 

Gordon of the Horned Demon Race flew in from afar, covered in wounds. But his eyes flashed with excitement.

He carried an enormous heart on his back that was still beating.

That heart clearly belonged to a rank nine Lord of the Abyss.

"Gray, you only killed these rank eight Abyss Devils on your trip?"

At the gates of Nether City, Gordon laughed when he saw Gray. "I killed a Lord of the Abyss alone this time!"

Gray of the Ghost Eye Race glanced at the enormous heart that Gordon carried. His eyes lit up. He said, "You are so lucky to have encountered a Lord of the Abyss. There are no more powerful Abyss Devils in our area. How can we find a Lord of the Abyss?"

Pausing, Gray then said, "Gordon, is this the third Lord of the Abyss you’ve killed?"

Gordon of the Horned Demon Race had a pleased expression as he said, "It is."

"You have already consumed the hearts of two Lords of the Abyss. With this one, aren't you going to reach rank ten bloodline soon?" Gray asked.

Gordon did not immediately answer. He pondered and then said, "If our bloodline had no flaws, and was purely Abyss Devil Race bloodline, I would have reached rank ten bloodline long ago."

"Yes." Gray slowly shook his head. "If I had pure Abyss Devil Race bloodline, I should have reach rank ten already, alas..."

"Maybe we need some opportunity or something else," Gordon said.

As they spoke, the gates of Nether City they built slowly opened.

Luz of the Dark Shadow Race looked at them with a smile and said, "The Queen is already thinking of solutions. The flaws in our bloodline should not limit us for long."

Hearing Luz speak of the Queen, Gray and Gordon became excited, and their eyes filled with smiles.

"The Queen has improved the most. Her bloodline has reached rank nine not long after coming to Nine Hells Purgatory." Gray gazed into Nether City at the tallest tower. She said, "The Queen is deeply trusted by the Nine Hells Monarch, and the Great Lords of Nine Hells Purgatory all value her. If there are no surprises, she might increase her bloodline to rank ten within a thousand years. A rank ten Queen will become one of the noblest of people of this purgatory level. She can protect our interests."

"Coming to Nine Hells with her was the correct decision," Gordon said.

"I wonder what is going on with Qin Lie," Luz suddenly said.

"Qin Lie?" Gray stilled and then chuckled. He said, "That person is always a miracle. He will make major waves no matter where he is. In my view, he should be living well in Spirit Realm, or is gaining experience in the Frost Desolation Abyss through other Abyss Devils."

"Yes, he should not be weak," Gordon said.

"The Queen seems to miss him greatly. She said last time to me that she hopes she can leave when the abyss passageway opens this time," Luz said softly.

"Will it be appropriate to leave at this time?" Gray frowned.

"I cannot persuade her." Luz had an expression of helplessness.


As they spoke, the ground of Nine Hells Purgatory seemed to tremble violently.

Even Nether City started to shake violently due to the tremors of the ground.


Ling Yushi, who had been cultivating in the city, suddenly flew into the sky, an odd look in her cold eyes.

Then, Gao Yu, Ling Xuanxuan, and the members of the Ling Family flew out.

"What is it? What happened?"

"The entire Nine Hells Purgatory is shaking!"

"Something major definitely happened!"

In Nether City, the people who came from Spirit Realm were all alarmed.

At this moment, a powerful soul consciousness suddenly descended from the sky.

Ling Yushi floated high in the air and read the intent hidden within. Then she said, "The Spirit Race has entered Nine Hells!"

"Spirit Race! The Spirit Race dares to attack Nine Hells Purgatory?"

"They are mad!"

Gray and Luz were shocked and felt the Spirit Race clansmen were deranged.

"Yellow Springs Purgatory has been invaded by the God Race." Ling Yushi had a grave expression.

"The Spirit Race and God Race are working together!" Gordon was astounded.

"This is an invasion against the entire purgatory. We must prove ourselves in this battle and live!" Ling Yushi shouted.

As she spoke to Gordon and the others, an odd look appeared in her clear eyes.

For some reason, when the Spirit Race smashed through the abyss passageway into Nine Hells Purgatory and arrived, she felt Qin Lie's presence.

At this moment, her bloodline had reached rank nine and she awakened more secret bloodline latent abilities.

Her sense of the soul had become extremely sensitive.

But she knew that the Eight Purgatories and Spirit Realm were extremely distant. Even if the abyss passageway was open, she could not feel Qin Lie's presence.

Unless... Qin Lie was in the Eight Purgatories.

"The God Race has entered Yellow Springs Purgatory, he possesses the God Race bloodline, is he... in Yellow Springs Purgatory?"

Ling Yushi thought for a while, and the odd light in her eyes grew.

She used a certain special bloodline latent ability and suddenly activated it as the abyss passageway was being taken down by the Spirit Race.

A ray of light seemed to instantly connect her to Yellow Springs Purgatory.


Diga, who had killed the three high rank Abyss Devils chasing him by working with Cang Ye and the others, suddenly shook and sat down.

In this moment, he received Ling Yushi's soul message.

He heard Ling Yushi ask...

After sitting down, Diga told everything he knew to Ling Yushi.

A moment later, Diga stood up as though nothing had happened. Over in Nine Hells Purgatory, Ling Yushi exhaled deeply and said with a complicated expression, "He is in Yellow Springs Purgatory."

"Who?" Gray said.

"Qin Lie?" Luz was shocked.

Ling Yushi nodded. "The God Race invasion of Yellow Springs Purgatory may be related to him. He has become an important person to the God Race."

"Is the invasion of Nine Hells Purgatory by the Spirit Race also... related to him?" Gray said.

"I do not know." Ling Yushi casually answered. She said, "Guard Nether City well. I am going to Father's lands to see what happened over there."

Then she flew away alone.

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