Chapter 1587: Famed in the Abyss!

After Qin Lie killed Dabinett in Yellow Springs Purgatory and used devil devouring to consume Dabinett's heart, the Flaming Sun Abyss changed dramatically.

After a wave of world-shaking earthquakes, many deep gorges appeared.

They spread through the entire Abyss level, black water rising from beneath the ground.

Filling up the gorge, a long and narrow Nether River appeared in the Flaming Sun Abyss.

That Nether River had originally been very shallow and the water surging into it from beneath the ground had been constantly slowing down.

However, when Qin Lie's bloodline suddenly reached rank nine and he killed Dabinett, large amounts of water came out of the shallow Nether River as he started to refine...

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