Chapter 1586: Dividing Food

Qin Lie, after merging with the Flesh Filling Tombstone, had endless fleshly energy at his disposal.

Even in Yellow Springs Purgatory, Dabinett, who was called undefeatable at rank nine bloodline, was subdued by Qin Lie purely with that refined flesh and blood energy.

Dabinett's eyes slowly lost focus as he watched his heart get dug out by Qin Lie.


The Flesh Filling Tombstone that merged into Qin Lie's body suddenly flew out of his chest and covered Dabinett's thousand meter tall body.

Bright rays of divine light flew out of the Flesh Filling Tombstone and burrowed like snakes into Dabinett's body.

Glug glug!"

The waves of physical essence from Dabinett's body flowed along the seven divine lights, absorbed by the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Having dug out Dabinett’s heart, Qin Lie howled. He used the Abyss Devil Race bloodline latent ability, devil devouring, to refine it.

"Let's go!"

Lawton looked at the raging Qin Lie, inwardly shivering. He immediately made the order.

At this time, the other five Lords of the Abyss were being tormented by the Nine Purgatories they had formed.

Torn and bitten by many fiends and phantoms, the five Lords of the Abyss almost became bloody skeletons.

At this time, the five Lords of the Abyss clearly could not threaten them.

In their eyes, Qin Lie, who had just killed Dabinett and had half Abyss Devil and half God Race bloodline was clearly more terrifying.

They worried that Qin Lie would target them next.

At this time, Qin Lie was at his peak condition. They instinctively felt terror at the presence he released.


Daley and Agra did not hesitate. They controlled Nine Purgatories and seemed to pull the entire world along with the five Lords of the Abyss hurriedly to the Nether River.

The world formed by Nine Purgatories was unaffected by the Nether River boundary when it moved above the river.

Because they comprehended the secrets of dead souls which were closely related to the Nether River, they were some of the rare Abyss Devils in Yellow Springs Purgatory that were not affected by its currents.

Maybe because they detected that the purgatory would soon have a great change, they did not choose to stay where many high rank Abyss Devils gathered and went to the other end of the Nether River, a remote place where many low rank Abyss Devils lived in.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

They flew along with the Nine Purgatories and quickly passed the Nether River with the five Lords of the Abyss, heading towards the other bank.

Qin Lie, who was busy absorbing Dabinett's flesh and heart ignored their departure.

As he analyzed and absorbed Dabinett's heart, the savagery in Qin Lie's eyes gradually disappeared.

At the same time, somewhere else in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

In the shadow of an enormous mountain, Diga, Cang Ye and the others had odd expressions.

Diga suddenly glared at Cang Ye and the others and said, "Invading Yellow Springs Purgatory was the God Race's plan? You... what role did you play?"

At this time, even Diga heard the angry howls of the Great Lords of the Abyss from all over Yellow Springs Purgatory.

With their roars, the news of the God Race’s invasion spread far and wide to every corner of this Abyss level.

Diga was an Abyss Devil. When he learned that the God Race was invading, he immediately felt enmity towards Cang Ye and the others.

"Those old people actually came into the Abyss for us!" Gan Xing ignored Diga. He was immersed in great excitement. "The Eight Purgatories are the scariest place of the universe. Our race has invaded the Abyss numerous times and did not dare touch the purgatory! What is with the old people this time? They gathered so much power and attacked the purgatory together?"

"They are here, we do not have to worry that we will be eaten by powerful Abyss Devils." Liu Yang finally showed a smile.

"It was not because of us." Cang Ye shook her head and said calmly, "They wouldn’t have made the gamble just for the few of us. The Eight Purgatories are akin to a holy place in the eyes of the Abyss Devils of the top one hundred Abyss levels. Attacking any purgatory is akin to becoming enemies of all the races of the Abyss! Even our race cannot easily withstand the consequences. The old people are so mad and gambled with our entire race's strength because one other person that is trapped here."

"Qin Lie!" Mia shouted.

"It should be Qin Lie." Xuan Luo nodded minutely, his eyes showing a hint of jealousy. "In truth, we are... not worthy of them all getting involved."

"Yes, Qin Lie, who has Perfect Blood, is the future in the eyes of those old codgers." Gan Xing realized and said with a smile, "They can give up Spirit Realm for Qin Lie and offer him such generous conditions. This proves how important Qin Lie is in their eyes."

"Well it is Perfect Blood..." Xuan Luo sighed.

"Perfect Blood, Perfect Blood!" Diga was astounded.

From Xuan Luo and Gan Xing's conversation, he realized Qin Lie’s true identity for the first time and understood why Qin Lie was so strong.

The Perfect Blood project of the God Race had once affected all races in the universe. As a high rank Abyss Devil, he had naturally heard of it.

Based on his knowledge, the Perfect Blood project failed long ago. The God Race wasn't able to prove the Perfect Blood project was plausible.

He had not expected the God Race's Perfect Blood project to actually succeed after so many years.

Upon deeper thought, he realized that Qin Lie's bloodline appeared unusual back in the Origin World.

But at the time, he had not thought that Qin Lie would be the only successful specimen of that project.

"My loss back then was justified. No wonder I, Thamur, and Oktan were unable to capture the Origin Crystal..."

Diga suddenly felt that his failure in the Origin World was not so hard to accept.


Cang Ye's brow furrowed. She suddenly stared up the mountain, and said, "There are Abyss Devils..."

Diga's expression tensed. He then felt the presence of Abyss Devils.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

After a while, three rank eight bloodline high rank Abyss Devils holding a crystal ice ball appeared.

These three Abyss Devils were responsible for pursuing and killing the bloodline descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch. The ice balls they held would guide them to find Abyss Devils who had the bloodline of the Yellow Spring Monarch.

Diga, because he had been hiding in this remote land, became the last target along with Lawton and the others.

"Members of the God Race!"

"God Race clansmen!"

"Diga is in cahoots with the God Race!"

The three high rank Abyss Devils screamed immediately when they saw Cang Ye and the others.

The ice balls could only feel Diga's bloodline presence. They assumed that Diga was alone.

In their view, it should be easy for the three of them to kill Diga who had reached rank eight bloodline recently.

They were shocked to see God Race clansmen together with Diga.

"Why have you come?" Diga said in a hostile manner.

"Obviously, to kill you." The leading high rank Abyss Devil looked with dislike at Diga and said, "Other than you, all the bloodline descendants of the Monarch should be killed. I had not expected the last one to be with the God Race. Your crimes cannot be pardoned!"

"All dead? Father's bloodline descendants are all dead? How is it possible?" Diga said dazedly.

"The Monarch is taking back his bloodline and gathering power to overcome the calamity that has befallen this purgatory. He needs the bloodline of his descendants,” the leader of the group said coldly.

"Alice is also dead?" Diga whispered.

"Only you are left!" The Abyss Devil responded.

"Go die!" Diga shouted.

He immediately conjured nine blades with his bloodline and wildly attacked.

"Sister Cang Ye, what to do?" Liu Yang asked.

Cang Ye looked at the raging Diga, thought for a moment and said, "If not for him, we might have died a long time ago. Regardless of his future allegiance, we have a debt to repay."

"I agree." Mia nodded.

The God Race youngsters immediately reached an agreement, lunging at the three Abyss Devils.

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