Chapter 1586: Dividing Food

Qin Lie, after merging with the Flesh Filling Tombstone, had endless fleshly energy at his disposal.

Even in Yellow Springs Purgatory, Dabinett, who was called undefeatable at rank nine bloodline, was subdued by Qin Lie purely with that refined flesh and blood energy.

Dabinett's eyes slowly lost focus as he watched his heart get dug out by Qin Lie.


The Flesh Filling Tombstone that merged into Qin Lie's body suddenly flew out of his chest and covered Dabinett's thousand meter tall body.

Bright rays of divine light flew out of the Flesh Filling Tombstone and burrowed like snakes into Dabinett's body.

Glug glug!"

The waves of physical essence from Dabinett's body flowed along the seven divine lights, absorbed by the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Having dug out Dabinett’s heart, Qin Lie howled....

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