Chapter 1585: Madness!

The Nine Purgatories disappeared. The five Lords of the Abyss were freed, and recovered their combat abilities.

Lawton and the other two had suffered great losses in through fiends and phantoms.

They had used too much bloodline power to maintain Nine Purgatories. When Nine Purgatories disappeared, the bloodline power they gathered turned to nothing.

They could only fight the five Lords of the Abyss with their high rank bodies.

With their small bodies and without bloodline power and abilities, they stood no chance against gargantuan bodies of low rank Lords of the Abyss.

Feeling the strange presence slowly disappear, Lawton and the other two gradually lost their fighting spirit.

They waited for the arrival of death...

At this time, Qin Lie, who was tearing with Dabinett, seemed to feel that presence.


He howled wildly into the gray sky!

Two streams of purple light shot out of his eyes and pierced the sky!

In this moment, the purple crystal inside Qin Lie's Soul Altar became a bright purple sun!

Many unnamed seals, cryptic devil patterns and complicated lines flew around the purple crystal like butterflies.

An ancient and discontent presence spread from Qin Lie's almost five hundred meter tall body.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Suddenly, the calm Nether River started to surge and rage.

"Woo woo woo! Woo woo woo woo!"

The harsh cries of billions of phantoms and ghosts came from the Nether River. With Qin Lie as the center, the sky darkened.

"Whoosh whoosh! Zing zing zing!"

Many purple bolts of lightning seemed to weave together where the Nine Purgatories had disappeared to.

The soul shadows appeared where the bolts of light appeared and formed Nine Purgatories again at astounding speed.

The nine Lords of the Abyss were immediately imprisoned by the Nine Purgatories world immediately.

The enormous Abyss Devils, and dead souls once again appeared out of nothingness.

Lawton, whose will had collapsed and was waiting for death, suddenly sensed an unusual presence.

He stared intently at the Nine Purgatories that reemerged and found that his relationship to the phantoms within had reformed again.

Lawton was astounded, his expression shocked as though he didn't believe what he had experienced.

"The Nine Purgatories has reappeared!"

"Our bloodline power has returned!"

Afra and Daley immediately woke up as they once again possessed power.

"Booom! Booom!"

Suddenly, terrifying tremors came from deep within the ground.

In the distance in the direction of the abyss passageway, rays of light suddenly shone.

The abyss passageway, that should have been closed, seemed to be forcibly opened into a great path!

"The God Race has invaded!"

"The God Race is invading!"

“The God Race has invaded our purgatory!"

Shouts that caused the entire purgatory to shake came from all over Yellow Springs Purgatory. Those shouts came from the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss.

"A chance! Our chance!"

"So the God Race has invaded!"


Lawton, Afra, and Daley were overjoyed rather than shocked at hearing the God Race was invading. Their eyes were filled with madness.

They noticed that the presence that had existed before completely disappeared now.

They suddenly understood why the Yellow Spring Monarch couldn't help but release a thread of power to suppress their Nine Purgatories—the God Race was coming.

Their father wanted to take back all of the dead souls secrets before the God Race came.

In his father's judgement, they should have died long ago under the attacks of Dabinett and the other Lords of the Abyss.

But because of Qin Lie, they had delayed being killed and his father was unable to merge the released dead souls secrets into him.

Seeing the God Race about to arrive, and that they had an opportunity to kill all the Lords of the Abyss sent after them, their father could no longer watch.

But now, the God Race arrived. The strongest bloodline warriors of the God Race would find their father to fight immediately.

This meant that they didn't have to worry about threats from their father in the short term!


Qin Lie pressed Dabinett's mountainous body hard into the ground, still attacking madly.

An enormous tombstone flickered on Qin Lie's chest. It burned with flame as though it was providing endless power.

At this moment, Qin Lie, who was shorter than Dabinett, erupted with bloodline power!

At the same time, Qin Lie's eyes underwent a strange transformation.

One of his eyes was deep purple, the other blood red!

"That guy..."

Afra stared in shock at Qin Lie and felt with her soul. She exclaimed with a deep frown, "A God Race aura!"

Daley also paled. "Is this guy mixed-blood between the God Race and the Abyss Devil Race? How is it possible?"

Lawton was so shocked he couldn't speak.

As a high rank Abyss Devil, he had never heard that the God Race could reproduce with the Abyss Devil Race. It was simply inconceivable.

But Qin Lie, who had undergone another round of transformation and now possessed a gargantuan Abyss Devil body clearly exuded the unique presence of the God Race.

The tombstone that appeared at Qin Lie's chest released the thick aura of the Blaze Family. One of Qin Lie's eyes was bloody red and confirmed the unusualness of his bloodline.

"That is the Flesh Filling Tombstone of the God Race! He must have an unusual position in the God Race!" Daley suddenly said.

"He should be an important part of the God Race's invasion," Afra guessed.

Lawton looked deeply at Qin Lie, thought for a moment and said, "If this was before, we would be trying to kill him at any cost, but now..."

Pausing, his murderous eyes suddenly felt towards the five Lords of the Abyss imprisoned by the Nine Purgatories.

"Since Father wants us dead, we should fight for ourselves! We will only have a chance to survive if our bloodline reaches rank ten!" Lawton said.

Afra and Daley exchanged a look before looking towards the five Lords of the Abyss.


Qin Lie let out a roar. Endless power came out of his body. He pressed Dabinett into an enormous hole and used his hand to tear at Dabinett's physical body.

Dabinett's flesh split apart and he gave a pained howl. No matter how he twisted, he found he could not break free of Qin Lie.

He felt that Qin Lie seemed to go mad when the Yellow Spring Monarch's presence appeared.

This madness forced out Qin Lie's potential, and also another power he was familiar with.

—The bloodline power of the God Race!

When he felt the God Race's bloodline power from Qin Lie, and saw the Flesh Filling Tombstone that the Blaze Family had lost, he was astounded.

He could sense the power coming from Qin Lie's body multiply due to the Flesh Filling Tombstone!

As they were chewing, biting and tearing each other apart Qin Lie gradually gained the upper hand because of the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Gradually, under the endless onslaught, his consciousness started to blur.

A gigantic pain suddenly came from his chest. He looked down and couldn't help but give an even madder howl.

He saw Qin Lie's devil claws had penetrated his skin and reached his heart.

In the next moment, he saw his beating heart, dug out of his chest!


Dabinett howled wildly as he attempted to stop this but he gradually felt his power leaving him.

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