Chapter 1584: Mental Breakdown


Qin Lie tore yet another fifty kilogram chunk of flesh from Dabinett’s back.


Dabinett rolled across the rocky ground violently, causing terrible sandstorms and crushing all giant rocks in its path.

He swung his arm and struck Qin Lie with enough strength to shatter a giant mountain.

Qin Lie was thrown high up into the air by the attack before he fell back to the ground. By now, his devilish body had grown to almost five hundred meters.

His fall immediately caused a giant hole to appear on the hardened ground.

However, Qin Lie had climbed out of the giant hole immediately.

The thick armor covering his body was covered in wounds, and every single one of them was at least flesh deep. His internal muscles could be seen wriggling slowly like snakes.

Qin Lie’s deep purple pupils were completely filled by ruthlessness...

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