Chapter 1584: Mental Breakdown


Qin Lie tore yet another fifty kilogram chunk of flesh from Dabinett’s back.


Dabinett rolled across the rocky ground violently, causing terrible sandstorms and crushing all giant rocks in its path.

He swung his arm and struck Qin Lie with enough strength to shatter a giant mountain.

Qin Lie was thrown high up into the air by the attack before he fell back to the ground. By now, his devilish body had grown to almost five hundred meters.

His fall immediately caused a giant hole to appear on the hardened ground.

However, Qin Lie had climbed out of the giant hole immediately.

The thick armor covering his body was covered in wounds, and every single one of them was at least flesh deep. His internal muscles could be seen wriggling slowly like snakes.

Qin Lie’s deep purple pupils were completely filled by ruthlessness and bloodthirst. He seemed to have lost all traces of reason once more.

He glared fiercely at Dabinett before spreading his wings. Then, he charged yet again!

“Suicidal fool!”

Dabinett growled before swinging a hook-shaped claw at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s fingernails had grown several dozen meters long since his transformation. He swung them like blades straight at Dabinett’s claw.


In just a fraction of a second, Dabinett’s claw and Qin Lie’s fingernails had clashed against each other at least dozens of times.

Sparks flew everywhere whenever the claw and the blades met.

The shockwaves from the impact alone were enough to crush any nearby stones into dust.


While Dabinett and Qin Lie were fighting each other, Afra suddenly freed herself from the storm ball that had her trapped earlier.

Right now, Qin Lie was a far bigger threat in Dabinett’s eyes!

He was the reason why Dabinett no longer exerted control over Afra.


Afra sent out a command through her bloodline, and the burning devil she had created turned into a stream of purple flames and flew next to her.


Daley let out a roar as the dead souls surrounding him suddenly flew away.

He rapidly approached Afra after freeing himself from his own dead souls.

Seeing the siblings move, the leader of the group, Lawton, made a move as well.

Without warning, an instant later, he appeared right next to Afra and Daley.

"Nine Purgatories!”

“Nine Purgatories!”

“Nine Purgatories!”

The three successors of the Yellow Springs Monarch yelled in unison while standing in a line.

Twenty seven streams of purple water suddenly appeared all around the three high rank Abyss Devils, changing shapes and drawing many marvelous images.

Three of the purple streams then merged together into one. The process was repeated nine times.

A short while later, only nine streams of purple water were hanging in front of Lawton, Afra, and Daley.

The nine streams of purple water overlapped one another like the nine heavens.

Each level contained the aura of destruction, as well as infinite number of evil ghosts and phantoms…

It was as if any living soul who stared at the nine layers of space would succumb to them.

The five enemy Lords of the Abyss weren’t all standing in one place, but they looked like they were dragged into the nine spaces instantly after they were formed.

Moreover, each Lord of the Abyss was trapped on a different level of space.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Afra’s giant burning Abyss Devil, Daley’s hundreds of giant dead souls, and Lawton’s souls of the Nether River immediately plunged into the spaces where the five Lords of the Abyss were trapped.

These dead souls were plenty strong already in the real world even when they were still wraiths and phantoms with no real bodies.

But after entering the Nine Purgatories created by Lawton, Daley, and Afra, their power had increased by at least threefold!

These bodiless dead souls seemed to have real flesh and blood inside this strange world. It also seemed like their strength was infinite.

“Splash splash splash!”

At the same time, the sound of flowing water came from the Nether River.

It sounded as if the billions of wraiths and phantoms inside the Nether River were responding to the creation of Nine Purgatories with screams of excitement.

The world of Nine Purgatories they created seemed to gain an extra boost of power from the Nether River. As a result, the world grew stronger and closer to reality.

Even the nearby world seemed to be changing bit by bit under the effects of Nine Purgatories...

Unexpectedly, Qin Lie actually gained a massive boost of strength as well after Nine Purgatories were formed.

“Crack crack! Crack crack crack!”

The edge of Qin Lie’s wings were lined with rows of saw-like bones. Every time they flapped, deep lines of wounds were dragged across Dabinett’s body.

Qin Lie’s bleeding chest seemed to be injected by an invisible boost of energy after Nine Purgatories had appeared as well.

His recovery speed became even faster than before!

As a result, Qin Lie never fell into a disadvantageous situation while engaging Dabinett in pure melee. Dabinett couldn’t afford to spare the effort to deal with Lawton, Afra, and Daley either.

At the Nether River, the three bloodline descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch did everything they could to put their bloodline power together.

They had unleashed their core bloodline ability Nine Purgatories together, and injected it with bloodline energy that further enhanced its power.

Moreover, the battlefield also happened to be right next to the Nether River, which amplified the bloodline ability even further.

The five Lords of the Abyss who were trapped inside the space of Nine Purgatories were attacked by the trio’s giant Abyss Devils, dead souls, wraiths, and countless phantoms. Their bloodline abilities were also suppressed while they were stuck inside this world. As time passed, they grew more and more tired.

Lawton, Afra, and Daley grew more and more spirited. They felt like victory was right within their grasp.

“Almost! We’re almost done here!”

When the five enemies had been bitten and chewed on to the point where their bones were starting to be exposed from their flesh, the three bloodline descendants of Yellow Springs Monarch started licking the corner of their lips unconsciously.

However, their hopes were dashed when a near indiscernible aura suddenly dropped down from the sky and onto the Nine Purgatories.

The world they created instantly collapsed before disappearing bit by bit.

The phantoms, wraiths, giant Abyss Devils, and dead souls that were pouring into the Nine Purgatories rushed back to the Nether River like frightened animals.

For a dead soul with no real body, the Nether River seemed like the only place where it could feel an extra sense of security.

The Lords of the Abyss who were almost devoured alive by those shapeless dead souls were instantly freed from their predicament.

Their flesh started regrowing once more as their eyes glowed suddenly with tyranny and joy.

“Hehe, Dabinett wasn’t lying to us after all.”

“The Monarch really wanted the three of you dead!”

"How can you possibly resist the Monarch’s wishes? He rules this purgatory, you know!”

“Stop resisting and surrender to your fate already. We will carry out his will if he doesn’t wish to dirty his hands!”

The Lords of the Abyss who had struggled free from the Nine Purgatories charged the trio at once, not forgetting to crush their spirits even more than they already were.

Lawton, Afra, and Daley looked as gray as the dead the moment their Nine Purgatories had disappeared.

The giant Abyss Devils, dead souls, and river Abyss Devils had all been the creations of their bloodline.

However, their power had all escaped into the Nether River as if they were deeply afraid of something.

They knew why the dead souls were afraid.

Without the Nine Purgatories and the dead souls they had created with their bloodline power, they didn’t have any effective weapons left to use against their enemies.

It was practically impossible to survive the onslaught of five angered Lords of the Abyss in this situation.

“As I thought, we can only die if that is his wish…”

Lawton looked at the gray sky as his fighting will left him. He had mentally prepared himself for death.

Daley and Afra had sunk into despair as well. They could no longer find the strength to struggle against their fates.

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