Chapter 1583: Pushing Power!


Thick purple lightning continued to crawl all over Qin Lie’s body like dense vines. His body also grew rapidly at the same time.

In just the blink of an eye, Qin Lie became a hundred meters taller than he had been before!

At the same time, a turbulent wave of energy surged out from behind his back!


Deep purple bones suddenly tore out Qin Lie’s his flesh violently, and a while later they had joined together to form a pair of gigantic bone wings!


Qin Lie’s wings continued to grow bigger as his body expanded.

A tremendous flow of flesh and blood energy continued to pour out of Qin Lie’s devil heart and into his body.

A dozen or so seconds later, Qin Lie’s size doubled yet again!

All the Lords of the Abyss led by Dabinett seemed to forget that they were in the middle of the battle as they stared at Qin Lie.

Lawton, Daley, and Afra seized the opportunity to recover their strength instead of continuing to attack their respective opponents.

They were staring at Qin Lie in shock as well.

“How is this happening?”

“My eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, are they? He’s clearly a high rank Abyss Devil, so why is he undergoing atavism while ascending to rank nine?”

“Shouldn’t this happen only after he has reached rank ten?”

Lawton and Daley were surprised by Qin Lie’s transformation too.


One of the Lords of the Abyss shot a slightly suspicious glance at Dabinett.

They were very close. When Dabinett had asked them to join him, he had clearly stated that the Yellow Springs Monarch was the one who told them to kill his three strongest children. That was the only reason they were willing to participate in this murder attempt.

Before this, Qin Lie hadn’t appeared on their radar at all.

But now, his sudden transformation and growth had caused them to doubt Dabinett’s claim.

Moreover, the sudden burst of strength that had knocked Dabinett’s claw aside had shocked them as well.

Dabinett immediately realized what the meaning behind his companion’s questioning tone and replied, “I would never hurt you all!”

“Then what the hell is with that guy?” a Lord of the Abyss angrily asked.

Dabinett shook his head while answering, “I’m not too sure myself.”

“Are you going to wait until he finishes his transformation? Lancelot had died at his hands, you know!” the same Lord said with a cold snort. 

It was the wake up call Dabinett needed.

“Got it!”

Instead of continuing to tangle with the trapped Afra, Lawton, or Daley, Dabinett charged Qin Lie while the latter was still transforming.

At this moment, Qin Lie had become a threat in his eyes!


Giant storm balls started exploding all around Qin Lie’s growing body as he activated his bloodline.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Seemingly noticing the incoming danger, Qin Lie fired two arm-sized lightning bolts from his deep purple pupils.

The lightning bolts twisted and turned madly in the air like giant pythons after they flew out of his pupils.


At the same time, Qin Lie charged straight toward Dabinett like he had gone completely mad. At this point, his body had reached almost three hundred meters.

His giant bone wings generated a massive amount of pushing power, and a fraction of a second later he slammed right into Dabinett’s giant body.


Despite being almost a whole kilometer tall, Dabinett was knocked into the air by Qin Lie’s charge.


Then, Qin Lie swiped a claw across Dabinett’s chest like lightning and tore off a huge chunk of flesh.

Dabinett, a rank nine Lord of the Abyss who was practically invincible among his peers, was actually wounded in a single exchange.


Dabinett howled fiercely, unable to accept the fact in front of him at all. He stopped using his bloodline abilities and secret arts entirely and engaged Qin Lie in full melee.

At a glance, he and Qin Lie looked like two wild animals who were doing their best to tear each other apart by tooth and claw.


The two gigantic bodies fell from the sky and crushed a mountain peak into bits.

The two Abyss Devils were still tearing each other madly as stones flew everywhere.

On a side note, Qin Lie was still growing bigger while he was battling Dabinett.

Every Lord of the Abyss present in the battlefield was shocked to find that the newly ascended Qin Lie was able to fight Dabinett on even footing.

As the most powerful Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory, they had all fought against Dabinett in the past. They were aware just how powerful Dabinett really was.

They all believed that Dabinett would be the first among them to ascend to rank ten.

Even the Yellow Springs Monarch himself and the rest of the Great Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory didn’t doubt this in the slightest.

Their trust was the proof of Dabinett’s strength.

However, Dabinett had actually failed to tear Qin Lie into bits in an instant even though the latter had literally just ascended to rank nine.

It was absolutely unbelievable!

“Where the hell did this guy come from?” Daley turned to look at Lawton in astonishment.

Lawton shook his head with a deep frown on his face. “I don’t know either.”

Suddenly, he realized that his earlier assumptions of Qin Lie were probably all far from the truth.

The fact that Qin Lie was able to fight Dabinett head on without falling behind too obviously despite having just ascended to rank nine was too much of a shock to him.

He just couldn’t think of a single purgatory that could cultivate a high rank Abyss Devil as insane as Qin Lie was.

It was just unthinkable.

“Daley! Afra!”

Instead of voicing his words out loud, Lawton spoke to Daley and Afra using an unusual soul secret art.

Both Daley and Afra could hear his message through their soul.

“Whoever he is, his appearance had given us the opportunity of a lifetime! Now that Dabinett is kept busy, we may just be able to take out the other five Lords of the Abyss if we activate ‘Nine Pugatories’ together!”

“Our purgatory is soon to fall into great chaos. If any of us manages to ascend to rank ten during this time, then not even father can kill us as easily as he wishes!”

“If we devour and digest the hearts of these rank nine henchmen, then we may have a chance to ascend to rank ten right away!”

“If you wish to survive this crisis, if you wish to fight against father in the future, then this is our only chance!”

Daley and Afra turned to look at Dabinett after the message.

They were pleasantly surprised to see that Dabinett was so maddened that he seemed to have completely forgotten about his true objective.

Suddenly, the five Lord of the Abyss were no longer a threat to them because Dabinett was no longer keeping them in check.


“Let’s cooperate and activate Nine Purgatories together!” they replied immediately. 

The three acknowledged successors of the Yellow Springs Monarch suddenly became filled with high spirits.

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