Chapter 1582: Another Transformation!

“How did this happen?”

Dabinett looked a little lost. He couldn’t quite understand why a powerful Lord of the Abyss like Lancelot would fall in the hands of Afra and a rank eight Abyss Devil like Qin Lie.

In fact, Afra’s giant purple Abyss Devil hadn’t even joined that battle. It was busy holding back the rest of the Lords.

But somehow, a rank nine Afra and a Qin Lie he had never given a damn about had killed Lancelot. 

How was this possible?

Dabinett couldn’t accept the reality before his eyes.

He seemed so distracted that he had missed even Qin Lie’s malicious grin and taunt.

“Lancelot is dead!” roared one of the Lords of the Abyss that was battling Lawton seeing his comrade’s demise.

The shout notified the rest of Lancelot’s death.

“Oool! Aaaarg!”


“How dare they kill Lancelot!”

“They must pay the price for his death!”

These powerful Lords of the Abyss roared angrily like they had gone mad all of a sudden.

These seven Lords of the Abyss including Dabinett had maintained a good relationship with one another. They had even formed a small alliance.

Lancelot was one of them, and now he was dead. That was why they turned furious, as if their reverse scale had been touched!


One of them bit down on Daley’s giant summon and burned his bloodline power like mad.

Countless dead souls scattered into black fog as berserk energy coursed through the dead souls and slammed into Daley.

The attack actually blasted Daley out of the giant Abyss Devil he had created.

The Abyss Devil’s bare arm was clearly cracked and bleeding.

Even his bloodthirst had weakened a little.

Two other Lords of the Abyss swung their claws while roaring and tore the giant Abyss Devil Lawton had created using the Nether River into bits.

Lawton’s pale white face grew even more sickly.

He abruptly looked towards Qin Lie and Afra before yelling, “The battle isn’t done yet!”

“That’s right! The battle isn’t done yet!”

Afra replied from inside Lancelot’s heart before flying back out into the open.

Afra was completely covered in blood. She looked like she had just taken a blood bath.

However, her aura had climbed to the peak in just a short amount of time!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Her bloody hair started swaying on its own while burning up with purple flames.

The giant Abyss Devil she had created using her bloodline power and dead souls suddenly looked like it had been injected with a new boost of strength.

The giant Abyss Devil instantly became a lot stronger.

Laughing like a madman, Afra actually flew straight at Dabinett like a purple lightning bolt.


The nine ghastly Abyss Devils she had manifested with her bloodline ability “Nine Purgatories” finally came out of Lancelot’s head and flew even faster than her toward Dabinett.

The nine Abyss Devils carried with them the aura of death, destruction, and dead souls. They looked like nine purple meteors streaking across the sky.

“Suicidal fool!”

Dabinett roared and made a grabbing motion in midair. For a moment, it looked like the sky would shatter under his grasp.

“Crack crack crack!”

Afra’s nine ghastly Abyss Devils actually got crushed into bits while they were still several kilometers away from him.

Dabinett stared at Afra coldly before letting out a snort.

He opened his mouth and exhaled, and a violent, ball-shaped storm about thousands of meters wide suddenly blocked Afra’s path.

Afra had also instantly vanished into the gigantic storm.


The nine ghastly Abyss Devils were sucked into it as well.

It seemed like Dabinett had taken out Afra and her nine ghastly Abyss Devils in just an instant.

“Did you seriously think that you can fight me now just because you had drunk some flesh and blood energy from Lancelot’s heart?” Dabinett’s eyes were full of ridicule as he suddenly turned his attention to Qin Lie. “How could people like you who rely on your father’s bloodline to grow stronger possibly fight against us? We are the purgatory’s first lifeforms! Your fathers may be the Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss, but our father is the Yellow Springs Purgatory itself! You’ll never understand what this means!”

“Get over here!”

He opened his mouth towards Qin Lie and sucked in.

An unbelievably powerful suction force came out of Dabinett’s mouth, causing Qin Lie to hurtle towards it.

“There is no such thing as high rank or low rank bloodline! In our eyes, the only noble bloodline is an expert’s bloodline, such as our Lord Monarch!” Dabinett sneered at him. “In my eyes, you so-called high rank Abyss Devils are nothing but trash in my eyes!”

“I am Dabinett, I am an Abyss Devil who had climbed all the way from the lowest rank to become a Lord of the Abyss! The only Abyss Devils I will ever respect are those who climbed up from the lowest lows and gone through countless battles to become a Great Lord of the Abyss, a supernatural existence like the Monarch!”

“Only an Abyss Devil like that is deserving of my respect and service!”

Dabinett raised his giant claw and slapped straight at Qin Lie.

The corner of his mouth curled into a cruel and bloodthirsty smile.

The blood stench emanating form his mouth was so thick that even Qin Lie could smell it despite still hurtling through the air.

Qin Lie’s current situation was critical to say the least. He knew full well that he would be crushed into bits if he allowed himself to be hit by Dabinett.

Although he had regained his strength after devouring much of Lancelot’s flesh and blood energy, he was only at rank eight bloodline.

It was almost impossible for him to survive Dabinett’s full power while still being at rank eight.

“I can’t hide my identity anymore…”

Qin Lie made up his mind and prepared himself to switch out his Abyss Devil Race bloodline power. He was going to activate his Blaze Family bloodline in full force and fuse with the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Once the God Race’s Flesh Filling Tombstone had fused with him, he would have an infinite amount of flesh and blood power at his disposal for a short time!

Only then would he be able to fight Dabinett on even footing!

Qin Lie immediately acted after he had reached the end of his thoughts!


However, he suddenly discovered that the Abyss Devil Race bloodline residing in his second heart had completely suppressed his God Race bloodline!

The heart was digesting the heart of Lancelot through devil devouring when the mysterious and profound bloodline crystals inside it suddenly glowed brightly!

A tremendous power that was so turbulent that he felt like he would explode like a balloon suddenly burst out of his heart. In that moment, he felt like his Abyss Devil Race bloodline was the only bloodline left inside his body.


Countless purple lightning appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around his three-meter tall body.

“Crackle crackle crackle!”

His bones crackled so loudly it sounded like a series of mini explosions.

Suddenly, his three-meter-tall body started swelling rapidly in during that moment between life and death!

“Thump! Thump thump!”

Every time his heart beat strongly, his body would swell up by a whole ten meters!

He was like a little man who was pumped so full of energy that he swelled up like a balloon in an unbelievably short amount of time!

His bloodline aura had also grown massively, just like his body!


A terrific ball of energy swelled up inside Qin Lie’s body before blasting into the air.

Dabinett’s claw was instantly batted aside by the energy blast.


Dabinett stared at Qin Lie’s growing body with a look of disbelief.

“How could a high rank Abyss Devil possibly transform to this form after ascending to rank nine?”

“Impossible! Impossible!”

“Only low rank Abyss Devils like us can undergo a transformation like this when we evolve to rank nine!”

“High rank Abyss Devils should only be able to undergo atavism after they had reached rank ten!”

Dabinett couldn’t stop shouting as he stared at Qin Lie. He just couldn’t accept what was happening before his eyes.

Qin Lie was obviously a high rank Abyss Devil.

Just like the God Race or the Spirit Race, a high rank Abyss Devil was born with handsome looks and extraordinary intelligence.

However, it seemed like the trade off was a humongous body.

Only low rank Abyss Devils who had strengthened their bloodline step by step would grow bigger with each breakthrough.

Generally speaking, the bigger an Abyss Devil was, the greater their strength. It was the same no matter the Abyss level.

When an Abyss Devil had become several hundred meters tall or even several thousands tall, it also meant that they had returned to the original form of their race!

Every Lord and Great Lord of the Abyss was a giant-sized Abyss Devil!

Their humongous body was their source of pride!

It was why they had never treated high rank Abyss Devils like Lawton, Daley, and Afra like equals. It was because their bodies were tiny.

However, Qin Lie was currently undergoing a transformation that shouldn’t belong to a high rank Abyss Devil like him at all.

It completely defied logic!

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