Chapter 1582: Another Transformation!

“How did this happen?”

Dabinett looked a little lost. He couldn’t quite understand why a powerful Lord of the Abyss like Lancelot would fall in the hands of Afra and a rank eight Abyss Devil like Qin Lie.

In fact, Afra’s giant purple Abyss Devil hadn’t even joined that battle. It was busy holding back the rest of the Lords.

But somehow, a rank nine Afra and a Qin Lie he had never given a damn about had killed Lancelot. 

How was this possible?

Dabinett couldn’t accept the reality before his eyes.

He seemed so distracted that he had missed even Qin Lie’s malicious grin and taunt.

“Lancelot is dead!” roared one of the Lords of the Abyss that was battling Lawton seeing his comrade’s demise.

The shout notified the rest of Lancelot’s death.

“Oool! Aaaarg!”


“How dare they kill Lancelot!”

“They must pay the price for his death!”

These powerful Lords of the Abyss roared angrily like they...

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