Chapter 1581: Trust!

Afra was about to cut open Lancelot’s heart with her Devil Blade of Impossible Land when Qin Lie’s shout caused her to freeze for a second.

She shot him a look of astonishment.

If this was before the battle, she wouldn’t have listened to Qin Lie’s request at all. She would have torn apart Lancelot without even wasting a second.

But after fighting alongside Qin Lie just now, she noticed that he actually had the ability to fatally wound a Lord of the Abyss!

If Qin Lie hadn’t blasted Lancelot’s chest with thunder, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to decapitate her enemy.

Even now, Qin Lie’s soul whirlpool was sitting right on top of Lancelot’s detached head.

Lancelot hadn’t stopped roaring angrily after his decapitation, but his soul energy was gushing out at a crazy pace.

Afra couldn’t help but...

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