Chapter 1581: Trust!

Afra was about to cut open Lancelot’s heart with her Devil Blade of Impossible Land when Qin Lie’s shout caused her to freeze for a second.

She shot him a look of astonishment.

If this was before the battle, she wouldn’t have listened to Qin Lie’s request at all. She would have torn apart Lancelot without even wasting a second.

But after fighting alongside Qin Lie just now, she noticed that he actually had the ability to fatally wound a Lord of the Abyss!

If Qin Lie hadn’t blasted Lancelot’s chest with thunder, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to decapitate her enemy.

Even now, Qin Lie’s soul whirlpool was sitting right on top of Lancelot’s detached head.

Lancelot hadn’t stopped roaring angrily after his decapitation, but his soul energy was gushing out at a crazy pace.

Afra couldn’t help but be impressed by Qin Lie!

“I’ll trust you this one time!”

At her soul's command, the blade abruptly changed direction.


Instead of plunging into Lancelot’s heart, it cut off one of his arms! The thing was at least several hundred meters long!

The muscles and veins at the cut area kept wriggling in an attempt to reconnect with its sliced arm.

Just like before, not a single drop had dripped down!

This meant that the injuries Lancelot had suffered so far were completely within his limits of endurance. If he was given enough quarter, he could definitely fuse his head and arm back to his body.

When that happened, these “heavy” injuries would become negligible at best.

This was why a Lord of a Purgatory was so powerful!


The Thunder Lightning Ball in Qin Lie’s hands glowed brightly like a blazing sun.

A thunderous might that stunned even Afra erupted from the Thunder Lightning Ball once more. Magically, its shockwaves somehow all landed squarely on Lancelot’s chest.


Lancelot let out a dying scream as the natural armor around his chest crumbled into dust under the attack.

His bleeding chest and giant heart was fully exposed after that.

Even better, his heart was still crawling with lightning energy. From time to time, smoke would rise from the surface of the heart.

“You’re dead! You’re all dead!”

Lancelot’s decapitated head shook left and right as he gathered all of his energy to activate his bloodline power again.

Suddenly, his heart had turned into stone!

The beating heart had turned into a huge brown rock in just an instant.

The surface of the rock was crawling with purple-colored patterns. They formed an impenetrable layer of protection around the petrified heart.

At the same time, Lancelot’s head had turned into stone as well.

The flow of his soul aura suddenly became intermittent. It was as if he had contained his soul energy by force.

Not even Qin Lie’s “Soul Burial” was able to extract soul energy from Lancelot’s soul any longer.

“Crack crack!”

By now, Lancelot’s flesh, veins, and even bones had completely turned into stone.

However, the petrification didn’t affect his lifeforce in the slightest. In fact, it had become even stronger than before!

“Oh no!”

Afra’s expression changed instantly. She knew that Lancelot had bought himself some time with that one move.

Lancelot’s head flew up, and his body flew down to meet each other.

It looked like they would rejoin one another in just a few seconds’ time.

When that happened, Lancelot’s would almost be at full strength again.

“Dammit! I should’ve crushed his heart during that opening!”

Afra thought to herself regretfully before shooting a subconscious glance at Qin Lie. This time, her gaze clearly looked slightly grudgeful.

“If it wasn’t for you, Lancelot would’ve been dead already. It’s all your fault…”

Those were the words Qin Lie had deciphered from her gaze. He knew that she no longer trusted him.

“Divine Grade artifact, Moon Tear!”

Seeing that the situation was going bad fast, Qin Lie immediately summoned the Moon Tear from the silver moon imprint on his shoulder.


The crescent-shaped moonlight instantly flew toward Lancelot’s head in a flash.

“Come out!”

At the same time, the metal spirit flew out of his glabella.

The metal spirit instantly slipped into Lancelot’s heart in virtual form.

Suddenly, Lancelot’s petrified heart looked like it had been tainted by something.

A second later, a pleasant surprise greeted the grudgeful Afra—Lancelot’s heart was actually depetrifying itself!


The Moon Tear slammed into Lancelot’s head from beneath at this moment.

Painful wails of the Lord of the Abyss immediately worsened.


Qin Lie had been keeping his distance from Lancelot all this time, but finally it was time to move right next to Lancelot’s heart with Blitz Thunder Escape.

“Bloodline ability——devil devouring!”

Qin Lie’s hands suddenly plunged into Lancelot’s heart like a pair of sharp blades.

“Glug glug! Glug glu!”

Ribbons of thick purple energy that looked like streams of lightning immediately gushed into Qin Lie. It was the bloodline essence of Lancelot’s heart.


Qin Lie’s “Soul Burial” was also working again. The soul absorption technique restarted and absorbed Lancelot’s soul energy like mad!

Afra’s eyes abruptly shone with spirit.

She instantly appeared next to Lancelot’s depetrified heart just like Qin Lie.

But unlike Qin Lie, she cared nothing for her own appearance. She bit down on the heart like a giant whale and started sucking down on Lancelot’s bloodline essence, imprint, and energy.

The heart was the weakness of all rank nine and ten Abyss Devils. It was where their bloodline power was focused.

A powerful Abyss Devil could remake their soul inside their heart even if the soul had perished in battle.

As long as the heart was still alive, all rank nine and rank ten Abyss Devils could eventually regenerate their body and soul even if they were crushed into bits.

It was why Ming Xiao had eventually resurrected despite losing both his body and soul.


Lancelot’s bloodcurdling screams suddenly turned intermittent and unsteady. His soul presence was swiftly dying as well.


A long distance away, the leader of the group, Dabinett realized something when he heard Lancelot’s unusual roar.

He understood that everything up until that point had been insignificant and negligible to Lancelot.

A lot of times, a Lord of the Abyss would roar angrily and cry out in pain only because they were trying to urge out more power from their bloodline ability.

He himself had done this many times in the past.

Dabinett was aware that losing an arm and a head didn’t count as a heavy injury for a Lord of the Abyss as powerful as Lancelot.

At their level, only an injury to the heart could be counted as a heavy injury.

He abruptly turned to look at Lancelot.

For once, Dabinett’s normally cruel eyes were colored by a hint of astonishment and fear. He hadn’t expected to see Afra and Qin Lie clutching onto Lancelot’s heart and feeding to their hearts’ content.

He finally understood why Lancelot’s final roar had sounded so much more unusual and deathly.

“Get away from him!”

Dabinett shouted at Qin Lie and Afra from tens of kilometers away.

A powerful surge of bloodline power slammed into Qin Lie and Afra like water from a broken dam.

Afra let out a dull groan of pain at first. Then, she literally crawled her way into Lancelot’s heart.

Even Qin Lie had reacted by absorbing Lancelot’s bloodline with devil devouring even harder than before.


Blood trailed down the corner of Qin Lie’s lips, and his back was a complete mess after suffering the brunt of Dabinett’s attack. However, he never moved his hands away from Lancelot’s heart!

In just a moment, his back was completely restored due to the energy within.

After that, Qin Lie turned around and grinned savagely at Dabinett. “Come try me next!”

Dabinett was about to attack the duo again, but he realized that he could neither hear Lancelot’s roars nor feel his presence anymore.

His gaze immediately turned heavier.

He knew that Lancelot had completely lost control of his heart, and that Afra and Qin Lie had absorbed almost all of his secrets and bloodline energy.

This could only mean that his subordinate was dead.

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