Chapter 1580: Decapitation!

Chapter 1580: Decapitation!


Qin Lie fell like a meteor and caused a ten meters deep man-shaped hole to appear on the ground.


He couldn’t help but spit out blood this time. Every bone in his body fell like it would fall apart at any moment, and his vision was threatening to blacken on him.

He looked at the sky, and he discovered that Lord of the Abyss Lancelot was roaring angrily at something.

A thick swirl of abyss devil energy mixed with the bloodline power of a rank nine Lord of the Abyss was swimming across Lancelot’s giant body.

“Uuuu! Uuuuuu!”

The millions of dead souls that were chewing on Lancelot’s body like mad suddenly screamed out in pain.

The moment Qin Lie lost his concentration, the strange domain that was covering the battleground seemed to collapse instantly.

The dead souls stopped going frenzy and turned back to normal as well.

Since the domain was...

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