Chapter 158: Difference in Status

Chapter 158: Difference in Status

After returning to "Heart of the Great Earth,” Qin Lie and Tang Siqi were given rooms in the back to rest while Wu Tuo stood guard at the front yard.

Sitting straight on a bed made of Ice Jade Stone, Qin Lie quietly channeled Frost Arts and froze his body in ice.

As he looked inside with his mind, he could see that his heart had congested blood and the broken bones at his chest.

A few wisps of earthen-yellow spirit energy were still rushing about inside his body as they tirelessly destroyed his muscles and veins and attempted to drill into the deeper parts of his bones and spleen.

Qin Lie’s entire body was icy cold as he continuously gathered frost energy to counteract the earthen-yellow energy.

After a few attempts, Qin Lie realized that the frost energy could slow down the earthen-yellow spirit energy from damaging his body, but could not directly remove it from inside his body.

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication!”

His spirit art abruptly changed as violent thunder and lightning energy gushed inside his muscles, veins, and bones.

The wisps of earth spirit energy Black Shadow had infected his body was quickly dissipated after they were attacked by the thunder and lightning energy. It was cleared out in a very short time.

After the hidden danger was eliminated, Qin Lie let out a quiet sigh of relief. Then, he gathered his mind to dissolve the spirit pill he just swallowed.

A heartwarming feeling spread out from inside his body. He calmed himself and slowly directed the pill’s energy towards the injured area inside his body.

An hour later.

Tang Siqi walked in from another room and asked, “How is your recovery?”

“The internal damage is fine. The external ones will take some time to heal,” Qin Lie replied. Then, he opened his eyes and in turn asked, “How about you? Do you have any serious injuries?”

“I’m fine.” Tang Siqi shook her head. “We’ll go back to the sect later. I will thoroughly investigate this matter. If I find any evidence that Liang Shaoyang is part of this, then I will definitely not let him escape!”

“It’s probably very hard to find any evidence,” Qin Lie scowled.

“I really didn’t think that he would be this rash!” Tang Siqi grit her teeth in silence. “It’s very normal that inner sect disciples would argue with each other. But he actually commits murder just over such a small matter. It’s completely illogical!”

“If Lian Rou wasn’t around last time, I would’ve been killed by him already.” Killing intent was born in Qin Lie’s heart. “I won’t return to the sect temporarily. I will rest for a few days outside and return only when my injuries are healed.”

“Why?” Tang Siqi did not understand.

“I’m hurt right now and I’m not in a good state. I’m afraid that I will be ambushed by Liang Shaoyang in the sect.” Qin Lie was very cautious. “If he dares to kill me with Eclipse Insects in the outer sect, then he will dare to attack me in the inner sect as well. I do not wish to be ambushed by him and die without knowing how he did it while I’m hurt.”

“You have a place to stay outside?”

“I do.”

“Then, how about I accompany you?”

“It’s okay. You can go back first. Liang Shaoyang might dare to attack me in the sect, but he definitely would not dare to attack you in the same fashion. You are the sect master’s future successor and the genius chosen by the sect master and Elder Mo Hai. He would not dare to act too imprudently towards you.”

Qin Lie knew this very well.

Liang Shaoyang did have some scruples with Tang Siqi. Otherwise, he would not have arranged two more people to attack her outside the sect.

He didn’t need to use such a roundabout method if he had planned to only confront Qin Lie. It was likely he would dare to openly murder Qin Lie inside the sect.

He was a future pillar who had caused a reaction in the spirit pattern pillars and a heaven blessed child who managed to have the sect master and three great reverends come down to personally welcome him. Even if he did "accidentally” kill a normal inner sect disciple, who could judge him?

This point was clear from Tong Jihua’s sudden change in attitude after he caused a reaction in the spirit pattern pillars.

They were both a life, but in the sect master and three great reverends’ eyes, Liang Shaoyang’s life was far more distinguished than Qin Lie’s. If he were to die by Liang Shaoyang’s hands, it would not affect Liang Shaoyang’s position in their hearts in the slightest.

That was why he wasn’t willing to take the risk and chance an accident while he was still injured.

“You two, can I come in?” Wu Tuo’s hearty laughter came from the outside.

“Please come in, Senior Wu Tuo.” Tang Siqi looked to the entrance, and after Wu Tuo came in ,she bowed respectfully, “Thank you for escorting us here to heal, Senior Wu Tuo.”

“Courteous, you’re being too courteous.” Wu Tuo’s smile was pleasant. “If I knew that there would be an incident when you were heading back to the city, I would have escorted you all the way back to Armament Sect. I really did not expect that there would be people who had the gall to attack Armament Sect’s inner sect disciples. How absolutely impudent!”

“Armament Sect will definitely get to the bottom of this,” Tang Siqi snorted.

“I have a presumptuous request.” Wu Tuo smiled embarrassedly, “When you guys get back, if you see Pang Feng and Pang Shishi, then please tell them that I’ve come to Armament City and wish they can come to this business tower. As you know, your sect dislikes it very much when I contact the both of them, so it isn’t too easy for me to meet them…”

Pang Feng was Cloud Sky Mountain’s genius among the young generation, and he had ignored the advice of Cloud Sky Mountain’s mountain master to come to Armament Sect with his sister without hesitation.

That was why Cloud Sky Mountain had sent people to Armament Sect multiple times to meet with Pang Feng, hoping to persuade him to come back to the mountain.

Pang Feng had already turned them down many times.

Armament Sect had also grown tired of it, and since they valued Pang Feng quite a bit, they would directly stop anyone from Cloud Sky Mountain who requested to meet with Pang Feng and Pang Shishi. They were afraid that Pang Feng would be persuaded and that he would take Pang Shishi away from Armament Sect and return to Cloud Sky Mountain once more.

“Um, about this…” Tang Siqi grew awkward hearing his request. “The sect is very tired of Cloud Sky Mountain’s attempts to persuade Pang Feng and Junior Sister Shishi. If they leave Armament Sect because of the words I delivered to them, then even I will not be able to escape the sect master’s punishment.”

“No, I’m not going to try to convince them to come back to Cloud Sky Mountain. There is something else I need to notify them of.” Wu Tuo quickly gave his word, “You can rest assure, Miss Tang. I promise on my character that I have not come to see them both to persuade them to come back home. Plus, Pang Feng should’ve become a member of Blood Spear by now, so it will be even harder to persuade him now.”

“Alright.” Tang Siqi thought seriously for a moment before nodding her head. She said, “I trust your character.”

Wu Tuo grinned and smiled kindly, “Thank you, Miss Tang. If you have nothing else, then I can escort you back to Armament Sect anytime.”

“Senior Sister Tang, I’ll be leaving first. Once my wounds have healed I will return to the sect immediately.” Qin Lie suddenly turned around and headed to the outside alone. “I will trouble you to explain the matter to the inner sect elders.”

Tang Siqi frowned and watched Qin Lie walk out of the building. She appeared to be somewhat unhappy.

After walking out of Heart of the Great Earth and identifying his current location, Qin Lie carefully sensed the surrounding energy waves before heading to the little residence Li Mu had left him.

In a secluded alley, Qin Lie’s hurried figure suddenly stopped as he stared cold-faced at a person in the corner—Liang Zhong.

“I do not mean you harm.” Liang Zhong’s expression was light. “I am also the one who reminded you that Black Shadow was hiding below you. If it weren’t for me, you would’ve suffered even greater injuries.”

Qin Lie quietly channeled Frost Arts until his entire body was flowing with a frosty aura. He stared coldly at him.

“I’m just here to tell you that those two people are two of Shadow Tower’s three great shadow guards, Gray Shadow and Black Shadow. Only those who are familiar with Shadow Tower’s three great shadow guards would know about this. The rest of the forces will find it hard to identify them.” Liang Zhong frowned for a bit and then continued, “Gray Shadow and Black Shadow are here at Armament City under Liang Shaoyang’s instructions. That they would act today must be Liang Shaoyang’s orders.”

Qin Lie thought quietly, “So it was him!”

“Dark Shadow Tower conceals a lot of information from their subordinates. There are a lot of people outside of Dark Shadow Tower who only know that they have raised many killers, but it is incredibly difficult for them to get information on the actual circumstances within, or Dark Shadow Tower martial practitioners’ titles and true power. Even Armament Sect would have no way of investigating Dark Shadow Tower’s true depths. That’s why I’m telling you this so you will know who is out to kill the both of you.”

Staring at Qin Lie’s eyes and seeing the thick, murderous intent in them, Liang Zhong smiled in satisfaction knowing that he had achieved his objective.

He no longer wasted his words or waited for Qin Lie’s reply. Just like that, he turned around and walked away.

After a while, he arrived at Dark Asura Hall’s house in Armament City and the entrance to the room where Xie Jingxuan was resting and said respectfully, “Miss.”

“Come in,” Xie Jingxuan answered.

Liang Zhong pushed the door open and walked in. He explained in detail the battle he had watched at Free Trade Street before concluding, “Liang Shaoyang plans to kill that Tang Siqi because they are the only ones who are qualified to sit on Armament Sect’s Sect Master throne. That elder cousin of mine had been scheming to obtain Armament Sect since many years ago. Unfortunately for him, before Liang Shaoyang, the few people he had sent into Armament Sect had too little talent to realize his thoughts.”

“Uncle Zhong, have you crossed paths with the three great shadow guards before when you were at Shadow Tower in the past?” Xie Jingxuan asked.

“The old Gray Shadow and Black Shadow have died a long time ago. These two were appointed after their deaths and they have never seen me before. I examined them closely earlier. The current Gray Shadow is in the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm, and Black Shadow is at the late stage. Their direct combat capabilities are just average, so it should not be too hard for us to kill them.”

Liang Zhong thought for a moment and continued again, “Blood Shadow is still the original Blood Shadow. I have crossed paths with him before, but thankfully, he is always by my elder cousin’s side, and thankfully, the one who had come to Armament Sect isn’t him. If the one who had come was Blood Shadow, then we would not have even the slightest chance of success. If we attacked recklessly, then we would all be eliminated by Blood Shadow.”

“Blood Shadow is that much more powerful than them?” Xie Jingxuan exclaimed in deep shock.

“Even the original Gray Shadow and Black Shadow aren’t Blood Shadow’s match, much less these two newly appointed ones.” Liang Zhong’s expression was bitter. He shook his head and concluded, “Blood Shadow is on a completely different level than them.”

Xie Jingxuan was shocked on the inside.

“I have told that inner sect disciple called Qin Bing Gray Shadow and Black Shadow’s backgrounds. After he learned that this had been arranged by Liang Shaoyang, it appears that he has the heart to kill him. I hope that he can provide us with a little help,” Liang Zhong said again.

“It’s useless even if he wants to.” Xie Jingxuan didn’t really care about this. “His status is too low and his realm is lousier than Liang Shaoyang’s. He will only be killing himself if he attempts it.”

“That’s right. He definitely will not be able to do anything to Liang Shaoyang, but he could tell that to Tang Siqi. If this Armament Sect genius girl really gets mad, then she may be of actual help to us.” When he recalled Tang Siqi’s set of spirit artifacts flying everywhere and beating down Gray Shadow and Black Shadow so much that they had to run away, even Liang Zhong felt a shudder run down his spine.

“If she was the one who wants to kill Liang Shaoyang, then there is a small chance of success,” Xie Jingxuan nodded.

“I will keep a close eye on Armament Sect’s entrance. The next time Liang Shaoyang comes out I will inform Miss immediately,” Liang Zhong said.


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