Chapter 1579: Taunting!

Chapter 1579: Taunting!

Qin Lie’s smile was without a doubt a blatant taunt at Lancelot.

That was why Lancelot had abruptly extricated himself from Afra’s giant Abyss Devil and charged towards Qin Lie all of a sudden!

Lancelot was a low rank Abyss Devil who had ascended his bloodline to rank nine steadily. The power his Abyss Devil body held was as turbulent as a raging sea!


Lancelot roared angrily as a stifling amount of bloodline energy suddenly surged towards Qin Lie like a landslide.

Although Qin Lie was several kilometers away from him, the tremendous power still slammed into him and caused him to shake like a leaf.

His throat felt wet. The shockwave alone had nearly caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood.


Qin Lie forced himself to ignore his discomfort and touched the purple crystal in his Soul Altar with his soul consciousness once mo...

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