Chapter 1579: Taunting!

Chapter 1579: Taunting!

Qin Lie’s smile was without a doubt a blatant taunt at Lancelot.

That was why Lancelot had abruptly extricated himself from Afra’s giant Abyss Devil and charged towards Qin Lie all of a sudden!

Lancelot was a low rank Abyss Devil who had ascended his bloodline to rank nine steadily. The power his Abyss Devil body held was as turbulent as a raging sea!


Lancelot roared angrily as a stifling amount of bloodline energy suddenly surged towards Qin Lie like a landslide.

Although Qin Lie was several kilometers away from him, the tremendous power still slammed into him and caused him to shake like a leaf.

His throat felt wet. The shockwave alone had nearly caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood.


Qin Lie forced himself to ignore his discomfort and touched the purple crystal in his Soul Altar with his soul consciousness once more.

As of late, through the countless murders of the Abyss Devils, he had been learning more and more about the purple crystal.

He knew that the purple crystal contained a tremendous amount of dead soul truths of power.

If he touched the purple crystal with his soul, he would instantly be affected by the evil energy residing inside and lose his mind immediately. He would immediately turn into a brutal and crazy madman.

However, it was that state that allowed him to use part of the dead soul power inside the purple crystal!

And right now, he needed to use it!


His mind shook, and the purple crystal glowed brilliantly inside his Soul Altar once more!

The billions of wraiths and phantoms floating inside the demonic cloud next to him suddenly screamed shrilly.

Nearby, the wraiths and phantoms inside the Nether River had suddenly boiled up in excitement as well.

An eerie and strange energy that originated from the Nether River stretched out from the demonic cloud and wrapped around Qin Lie’s body.

His eyes abruptly glowed with ruthlessness and cruelty, and with a brilliant smile he charged towards Lancelot without any fear whatsoever.

“Lowly worm, how dare you taunt me! I will chew you into bits and devour you!”

Lancelot’s eyes was icy and cold. Large patches of devil patterns that represented the truths of power of both ice and stone suddenly appeared on his gray brown skin.

Lancelot swung his claw at Qin Lie. It looked like a giant anchor or a black dragon as it cut through the air.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Lancelot’s claw caused a shrill noise that made Qin Lie feel dizzy, but it lasted only for an instant before it was overwhelmed by Qin Lie’s demonic cloud.

After all, the screams of the billions of phantoms and wraiths inside the demonic cloud was easily several times louder than the sound of Lancelot’s devil claw cutting through the air!

“Boom boom boom!”

The claw and Qin Lie was still several hundred meters apart from one another, but the demonic noise and the ghoulish screams had already clashed against each other at least tens of thousands of times already.

The space between Qin Lie and Lancelot abruptly crumbled as the resulting shockwaves spread towards every direction.


The odd noise of flowing water abruptly came from inside the demonic cloud before splashing towards Lancelot.

At the same time, the rampaging Qin Lie subconsciously summoned his Abyss Devil powers to meet with the demonic cloud in the sky.

Countless unknown runes, threads, and ghastly shadows covered up the entire sky.

A dark, desolate, and deathly bloodline energy started rippling out of Qin Lie’s body and the demonic cloud.

In an instant, that part of the world had transformed into a magnetic domain that was well suited for dead souls.

Purple lightning started flying out of Qin Lie’s pupils. They vanished instantly every time they exited his eyes.

The strange domain where Qin Lie and the demonic cloud were in seemed to be growing stronger and stronger.



Lawton, Afra, and Daley were busy fighting Dabinett and his fellow Lords of the Abyss. Suddenly, they discovered that their bloodline power and their dead souls had become unusually active and excited after the magnetic domain was complete.

In his madness, the strange domain Qin Lie had randomly created using the power of the dead souls had actually affected Lawton, Afra, and Daley positively just like the Flame World strengthened Blaze Family clansmen!

In fact, the domain was still growing in size and range!

The giant Abyss Devils Afra and Daley had made using billions of dead souls seemed to enter a frenzied state after that.

The increase of dead souls’ power also resulted in an increase of activity in their bloodline.

Their fighting spirit seemed to be growing stronger and stronger, and even the power they unleashed had become more turbulent and powerful!

“It’s him!”

“He could actually enhance our powers!”

Daley and Afra couldn’t help but shoot a glance at Qin Lie even though they were still locked in battle against the Lords of the Abyss.

Lawton was the only one who had immediately recentered his attention on the battle at hand after a brief surprise. He never looked at Qin Lie again.

In reality though, he was hiding a great amount of shock inside his heart. “It’s different. His dead soul power is different from ours…” He grew more and more certain of his suspicion.

Earlier, he had already noticed that Qin Lie wasn’t actually connected to them by blood at all. He knew that he wasn’t a descendant of the Yellow Springs Monarch.

However, Qin Lie was flying all over the place killing his low rank siblings to obtain their bloodline. He had the Nether River’s aura on him…

That aura was the most orthodox dead soul power he had ever sensed. It was even more unusual that the bloodline that was imprinted inside their body.

At the time, he already suspected that Qin Lie was a native of another purgatory, not their Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Right now, after learning that the dead soul power Qin Lie wielded was a different system from their Nine Purgatories, he finally realized what was going on.

“He can’t be the only powerful Abyss Devils of the purgatory to have shown up in our Abyss level. Could that premonition the Great Lords of the Abyss speak of be a challenge from another purgatory?” Lawton thought to himself.


Lancelot’s claw finally reached Qin Lie after crushing countless obstacles and millions of phantoms that were standing in the way.

He also unleashed a petrifying power that could turn even space into stone from his claw.


The space around Qin Lie was locked down by Lancelot’s petrifying power before he could do anything.

He could do nothing but watch as Lancelot’s claw grew bigger and bigger before his eyes.


It was at this moment the countless wraiths and phantoms inside the Nether River screamed in unison.

Unlike before, the scream didn’t just resonate inside the soul. It was an actual scream that pierced through the air!


The scream instantly shattered the petrified space holding down Qin Lie like a mirror.

Qin Lie also regained a trace of clarity of mind in that moment.

A three hundred meter long golden light burst out of Qin Lie’s palm as he stabbed it straight at the incoming claw.

Lancelot’s claw was struck squarely by the giant golden light.


Lancelot swung his claw repeatedly as bits of purple blood rolled down towards the ground like falling beads.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The giant demonic cloud immediately charged toward Lancelot and wrapped around him.

Phantoms and wraiths could be seen tearing and biting into Lancelot’s body as though their very souls depended on it.

At the same time, Qin Lie flashed forward like a bolt of purple lightning and appeared right in front of Lancelot’s chest.

He stabbed his sharp left hand straight at Lancelot’s chest.


However, the only result he got from the attack was a shower of sparks and the sound of clanging metals.

Despite being in his devilized form, his sharp claw actually couldn’t penetrate Lancelot’s natural armor at all.

“Get away from me!”

Lancelot slapped Qin Lie with his other unharmed claw.


A terrifying power instantly exploded across his entire body.

In that moment, Qin Lie could hear his bones breaking as he flew unceremoniously towards the ground like a loose kite.

Blood poured of his eyes, mouth, and nostrils profusely.

A random hit from this Lord of the Abyss had nearly caused his innards to splatter all over the place.

For the first time, Qin Lie realized just how powerful and terrifying a rank nine Lord of the Abyss Purgatory truly was!

A rank nine giant dragon, demon dragon, or an ancient beast was vastly inferior even when compared to a Lord of the upper hundred Abyss levels.

Naturally, they were even more inferior compared to a Lord of the Abyss Purgatory like Lancelot.

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