Chapter 1578: I’m Still Alive!

Chapter 1578: I’m Still Alive!

“Time to act.”

After Dabinett had explained the situation briefly, he ordered his subordinate Lords of the Abyss to take action without wasting any more time.

The other six Lords of the Abyss he had brought with him were aware of the truth just like Dabinett was. They also knew that they were acting for the sake of the monarch and the purgatory they lived in.

That was why they felt no weight on their conscience whatsoever.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Gusts of abyss devil energy surged into the land they were in from every direction. The gray sky above their heads grew even darker and lightless.

Seven rank nine Lords of the Abyss including Dabinett started moving toward Lawton and his siblings like seven giant mountains of flesh and blood.

The flesh and blood energy erupting from their bodies was so terrifying that even the world itself seemed to...

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