Chapter 1578: I’m Still Alive!

Chapter 1578: I’m Still Alive!

“Time to act.”

After Dabinett had explained the situation briefly, he ordered his subordinate Lords of the Abyss to take action without wasting any more time.

The other six Lords of the Abyss he had brought with him were aware of the truth just like Dabinett was. They also knew that they were acting for the sake of the monarch and the purgatory they lived in.

That was why they felt no weight on their conscience whatsoever.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Gusts of abyss devil energy surged into the land they were in from every direction. The gray sky above their heads grew even darker and lightless.

Seven rank nine Lords of the Abyss including Dabinett started moving toward Lawton and his siblings like seven giant mountains of flesh and blood.

The flesh and blood energy erupting from their bodies was so terrifying that even the world itself seemed to be screaming in response.

“A great chaos is soon to descend onto the purgatory. In that case… there may yet be a ray of light at the end of the tunnel!”

Unbeknownst to Dabinett, he had revealed a critical information to Lawton and reignited a spark of hope in his heart.

He had said that the purgatory was about to descend into great chaos, and this chaos was so terrible that even someone as great as his father had to withdraw his dead soul bloodline earlier than planned.

This meant that not even his father was confident that he could face the great chaos that was to come!

If the future was so that not even his father was confident enough to control, then… there might just be a sliver of hope for them to survive!

“Afra! Daley!” Lawton sucked in a deep breath before shouting at his siblings, “If we survive this and break through to rank ten, then our doom may yet be forestalled!”

Daley and Afra’s dropping spirits were suddenly lifted by his words.


“We must survive!”

Their conviction solidified into stone as their eyes blazed with fire and madness.

“Hehe! Hehehe!”

Daley laughed sinisterly, madly and arrogantly before looking at the dark sky and letting out a mournful roar.

The hundreds of dead souls surrounding him suddenly started swelling at a crazy rate as if someone had injected them with infinite power.

Strange, turbulent energy abruptly burst of the dead souls hanging several hundred meters up in the sky.

“To obtain our father’s recognition and succeed his bloodline, we’ve all coated our hands in our brothers and sisters’ blood! If we can kill our own siblings to achieve our ends, then we can kill our own father just the same!”

Daley roared angrily before his devilized body suddenly spun rapidly and created a powerful suction force.

The hundreds of frenzied dead souls climbed onto his devilized body like giant sand bags.

In just the blink of an eye, Daley had turned himself into a giant Abyss Devil as big as Dabinett.

“Anyone who wants to kill me will die! Not even my father has the right to kill me, let alone you!”

Daley pounced towards Dabinett, and the duo immediately started tearing each other apart.

“From the day I killed my younger sister, I knew that I must fear nothing in order to survive in the purgatory!” Afra’s smile had completely vanished from her charming face. Instead, it was replaced with a cold madness that burst out of her eyes like a pair of lights. “I will kill anyone who tries to stop me from becoming a Great Lord of the Abyss! My father is no exception!”

After that, she turned herself into a giant clump of purple flames that charged towards a Lord of the Abyss with a soundless roar.

“As I thought, only lunatics could make it into my father’s graces.”

Lawton shot them an admiring look.

Then, he nodded to himself before making a grabbing motion at the Nether River.

A stream of pitch black water immediately flew out of the Nether River under his command.

The stream was filled with countless shrieking wraiths and phantoms. They were also absorbing abyss devil energy like mad.

In an instant, the pitch black water of the Nether River had transformed into a giant Abyss Devil.

The Abyss Devil’s blurry face looked up and roared at the sky with infinite sorrow and dying hatred.

“Maybe we’ll be able to ascend to rank ten after we consume your hearts.” Lawton licked the corner of his lips. It was almost as if his thin, frail-looking body was holding the scariest Abyss Devil in the whole world behind bars. “I have studied much of the power of the dead souls. If I can ascend to rank ten from this, then even you will have to pay a small price to kill me, father!”

He glared at the dark sky with hatred and fury!

The three strongest bloodline descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch—Lawton, Afra and Daley—reaffirmed their resolve and bared their fangs at their enemies.

The had come this far by coating their hands in the blood of their half-siblings or even full siblings!

Every single one of them had inherited the Yellow Springs Monarch’s madness!

After learning that their own father was the one who wanted to take their lives away, they finally exposed their most extreme side to the world.

“Boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

Ten powerful Lords of the Abyss started fighting and tearing one another apart in the sky.

No one was paying attention to the petrified Qin Lie any longer.

Frankly speaking, a rank eight Abyss Devil like Qin Lie… simply wasn’t powerful enough to catch their attention.

This was even truer after he had been petrified by Lancelot’s bloodline power.

“Thump! Thump thump!”

Qin Lie’s heartbeat grew louder and louder after the ten Lords of the Abyss had started fighting each other.

Right now, Qin Lie was covered in a shell of solid rock, and Lancelot’s bloodline power was seeping into his flesh through his pores.

Even his flesh and blood had become solid and lifeless under the effects of Lancelot’s power.

However, Qin Lie’s mind was completely unaffected.

He might not be able to watch or hear the battle between the Lords of the Abyss, but his soul perception was still perfectly fine!

While feeling the fierce battle with his soul perception, Qin Lie focused his mind on studying Lancelot’s petrifying bloodline power.

“Sizzle! Sizzle!”

Bits of purple light were crawling inside his flesh and blood. They were all imprinted with Lancelot’s petrifying power.

It was Lancelot’s bloodline ability.

He could see that the purple lights had made it into his blood a long time ago.

The bloodline power was turning his blood into solid stone after invading his bloodline.

It was an incredibly profound and complex bloodline power. It was even capable of affecting nearly all of his bloodline systems. He could clearly see his Abyss Devil, God Race, and Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline crystals being devoured by those purple lights.

However, there was one bloodline system that was completely unaffected by Lancelot’s bloodline power.

It was the bloodline that belonged to the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The silver white bloodline crystals that represented the Spirit of Void and Chaos bloodline system started releasing a unique aura…

Qin Lie realized that the aura probably belonged to the metal spirit’s.

He sent out a thought, and the metal spirit slumbering inside the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb twitched.

The metal spirit using the shape of an unrefined gold beast immediately flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Since his body had become completely petrified, the metal spirit wasn’t actually able to manifest itself immediately.

It was stuck between Qin Lie and the shell of stone covering him.

The moment the metal spirit had flown out of his glabella, Qin Lie immediately noticed that the purple lights was flying out of his body bit by bit.

In fact, they were clearly being pulled away against their will!

Lancelot was a Frost Hell Stone Devil, so his bloodline secrets had much to do with metal and stone.

As one of the strangest lifeforms of the universe, the metal spirit also happened to be a gifted creature in this aspect of power.

That was why it was able to absorb the purple lights immediately after appearing.

His heartbeat grew stronger and stronger. His petrification quickly faded away as well.

The metal spirit had only shown up for dozens of seconds or so, but the petrifying bloodline power was already completely consumed.

The metal spirit let out a satisfying burp before returning back to the Soul Suppressing Orb cheerfully.

Qin Lie shrugged his shoulders, and the shell enveloping him immediately crumbled into dust. He had been freed from his petrified state.


Lancelot was attacking the giant, burning Abyss Devil that was Afra with his comrades when he suddenly sensed something.

He turned to look at Qin Lie in surprise and puzzlement. He couldn’t quite believe that a rank eight Abyss Devil had managed to break down his bloodline power.

“I’m still alive.” Qin Lie grinned at him.

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