Chapter 1577: The Great Devil’s Premonition!

Chapter 1577: The Great Devil’s Premonition!

Nether Realm, Profound Yin Nether Sea.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar had left the place as soon as it was able after transmitting the news that his true self, Cang Ye, and the rest of the God Race clansmen were currently at Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Right now, millions of God Race warriors were gathered at the exact spot where the Dark Soul Beast had left earlier!

At first glance, the seashores of the Profound Yin Nether Sea were filled with excited faces.

All five patriarchs of the God Race families, including a couple of elders who hadn’t shown their faces in years had actually made an appearance.

The God Race had never stopped invading other worlds for tens of millions of years, but never had they involved so many people until today!

In the past, the five families had only invested half...

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