Chapter 1577: The Great Devil’s Premonition!

Chapter 1577: The Great Devil’s Premonition!

Nether Realm, Profound Yin Nether Sea.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar had left the place as soon as it was able after transmitting the news that his true self, Cang Ye, and the rest of the God Race clansmen were currently at Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Right now, millions of God Race warriors were gathered at the exact spot where the Dark Soul Beast had left earlier!

At first glance, the seashores of the Profound Yin Nether Sea were filled with excited faces.

All five patriarchs of the God Race families, including a couple of elders who hadn’t shown their faces in years had actually made an appearance.

The God Race had never stopped invading other worlds for tens of millions of years, but never had they involved so many people until today!

In the past, the five families had only invested half of their experts at most when invading the Abyss.

This time though, at least two-thirds of their experts were at the ready.


An old man from the Blaze Family with messy red hair and a brawny figure suddenly broke through space itself and appeared before everyone.

“Lieyan Yuan!”

“He’s finally shown himself!”

“The former patriarch of the Blaze Family!”

The bloodline warriors of the five families exclaimed in shock when they saw the old man.

Lieyan Yuan wasn’t alone either. A Spirit Race old man with blue hair and blue eyes also showed himself right after Lieyan Yuan.

“Tian Qi!”

“It’s Great Sage Tian Qi of the Spirit Race!”

“I thought he would show up!”

After a long period of waiting, Lieyan Yuan and Great Sage Tian Qi had finally arrived at the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

Both Blood and Soul Mentors looked surprisingly calm as they floated above the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

It was as if the sight of a never-before-seen invasion of the Abyss Purgatory had failed to excite them in any way.

It was as if they had been preparing for this battle for countless years already.

“Let us begin.”

Great Sage Tian Qi looked so calm that it was almost as if he wasn’t the one who had sent Qin Lie and the God Race clansmen to Yellow Springs Purgatory in the first place.

“Let us begin.” Lieyan Yuan also nodded in response.

The bloodline warriors’ expression changed as they prepared themselves for what was to come.

On the other side of the Profound Yin Nether Sea, directly opposite of the God Race’s position, a huge number of Spirit Race experts were gathered as well.

Assad stared towards the horizon as if he could see the God Race clansmen across the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

“It’s almost time. We will attack Nine Hells Purgatory once the God Race had entered Yellow Springs Purgatory…”

Assad muttered to himself.

Two of the four transcendent bloodline races—the God Race and the Spirit Race—was about to launch an unprecedented assault onto the Abyss Purgatories.


Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Fagan’s territory.

The rank nine Lord of the Abyss was feeding when his mountain-like body suddenly trembled without warning.

He couldn’t help but look up at the sky.

A near indiscernible soul presence seemed to flash across his territory at this exact moment.

Staring at the sky with blank eyes, Fagan muttered distractedly to himself, “Why, why…”

Not long after that, a rank eight Abyss Devil suddenly entered Fagan’s territory.

Most of Fagan’s subordinates could sense that the unfamiliar Abyss Devil was attempting to do something.

“Do not move!” ordered Fagan.

That rank eight Abyss Devil was holding a translucent crystal ball and walking through Fagan’s territory like he owned the place.

He quickly made his way into Alice’s pavilion.

“My lord! That outsider had gone into Miss Alice’s room!”

“My lord!”

But Fagan roared, “Do not move!”


A miserable cry for help soon rang from Alice’s room.

But Fagan didn’t move a muscle.

A short time later, Alice’s cries came to a sudden, abrupt stop.

The crystal ball in that outsider’s hands now contained a thin coil of purple blood.


Fagan sighed mournfully as he stared at the crystal ball and the purple blood inside it.

The outsider gave Fagan a bow before he left under the hateful gazes of Fagan’s subordinates without a word.

“My lord! Why, why did you allow him to kill Miss Alice!”

“Why must it be like this?”

Many of Fagan’s subordinates were shouting at their lord in disbelief and fury.

Everyone here loved that delicate little girl. Fagan himself loved Alice very much.

“I’m sorry, I am powerless to do anything…”

Fagan’s explanation seemed to be directed at both his subordinates and the now dead Alice.


Inside a luxurious castle.

A couple of handsome high rank Abyss Devils were making pleasure to their hearts’ content.

Suddenly, a couple of unfamiliar-looking Abyss Devils barged into the castle.

“Where did you come from? Do you know who we are?”

“We are the children of the Yellow Springs Monarch!”

“You dare!”

The empty threats were soon cut short.

A while later, all the crystal balls were filled with thin coils of purple blood.

The Abyss Devils silently made way towards their next destination after that.

Right now, the same thing was happening all over Yellow Springs Purgatory.

However, every powerful Abyss Devil in Yellow Springs Purgatory—both rank nine and rank ten—had decided to keep quiet about this for some reason.

It was as if they knew who was the one who had ordered the slaughter…

For a time, hundreds of the Yellow Springs Monarch’s descendants between rank six to rank nine were hunted down like dogs no matter where they escaped to.


“How dare you try to kill us? How dare you?”

“Save me, father!”

The screams of the high rank Abyss Devils filled the slaughter grounds. These Abyss Devils never understood why they had to die even in death.

They never thought that their noble status and bloodline would be their downfall.

The slaughter was still ongoing…

“I don’t believe you, Dabinett! Why would father want to kill us? We are all the successors of his bloodline!” shouted Afra angrily.

On the other side, Daley slowly calmed down after his initial outburst.

Instead of questioning Dabinett like what Afra was doing, he turned to stare at Lawton and asked, “Is this true?”

Lawton’s very body seemed to overflowing with the will to end his own life. “It’s true. It’s something I realized a very long time ago. We are… just our father’s tools. From the very beginning, the purpose of our existence was to help him cultivate.”

Afra stopped screaming as she abruptly turned in Lawton’s direction.

“In my estimation, we should have had another ten to twenty millennia before meeting our end. I’m not sure what had happened to make him withdraw our bloodline in such a hurry.” Lawton shook his head before continuing, “It doesn’t matter. Our fates were decided since the moment he had made up his mind. All I can say is that our luck is rotten to the core. Whatever it was that prompted his decision, it had resulted in our lifespans being shortened by a whole ten to twenty millennia.”

Daley muttered to himself, “How can this be? How can this be?”

“Lately, a lot of rank ten Great Lords had had the same premonition—the premonition that our purgatory will be facing the biggest challenge in our entire history.” Dabinett stared coldly at them. “This means that something big is about to happen. As the Devil Monarch of the Eight Purgatories, it is his duty to bring his strongest power to the front. That is why he had decided to take action.”

“I see,” replied Lawton in realization. “No wonder he’s reaping the fruits of his labor before they’re completely ripe.”

“He was going to give himself and the rest of us more time, but… a third party had decided our fate first,” said Dabinett in regret.

At first, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing when he first received his orders. He even thought that there had be a mistake somewhere.

It was only after a rank ten Great Lord had answered his repeated requests for verification did he finally realize the truth.

Once he confirmed that the order wasn’t a mistake and learned that a great chaos was soon to descend on Yellow Springs Purgatory, he finally invited his allies over to kill Lawton and his siblings.

In his eyes, he was doing this for his monarch and the purgatory itself.

“Crack crack!”

While they were talking to each other, Qin Lie had completely transformed into a gray brown stone because of Lancelot’s power.

Inside the stone, Qin Lie’s heartbeat grew slower and slower.

It was as if his heart would stop beating entirely in the next moment.

Which would mean death of Qin Lie.

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