Chapter 1576: Death of Heart

Chapter 1576: Death of Heart

The enormous giant devil god Afra had formed using purple flames gave a silent howl and punched the sky with a black fist.


The punch seemed to crack a membrane covering the sky.

Dabinett's pressuring presence immediately dissipated due to the punch.

Qin Lie, Lawton, and Daley immediately found the presence that Dabinett had put on them immediately disappear.


Daley snarled, his expression terrible, and his eyes filled with anger.

Numerous enormous dead souls gathered together and prepared to fight to the death.

"Dabinett, why have you come?" The pale Lawton recovered his composure and said, "If it’s for him..."

Lawton pointed at Qin Lie and said, "You can take him."


Daley and Afra frowned.

In their eyes, Qin Lie was their prey. Lawton saying this was akin to giving their prey to Dabinett.

They did not think they should compromise with Dabinett.

Under this discontent gaze, Lawton shook his head and motioned for them to settle.

Daley and Afra had known him for many years. They knew he was exceptionally intelligent and concluded that he must have other plans, so they fell silent.

They looked strangely at Qin Lie.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Qin Lie's three meter tall body straightened, his expression determined and calm.

"Aren't you a bit late?"

He looked coldly at Dabinett without any fear. He was considering if he would be forced to use the Flesh Filling Tombstone

The Flesh Filling Tombstone was the relic of the Blaze Family and contained vast refined flesh and blood energy. If he completely merged it, his strength would skyrocket.

Also, his Soul Altar that was connected to the Flaming Sun Abyss and his six Spirits of Void and Chaos could also appear in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

After exposing his hidden cards, his identity would be known.

But he believed that if he used all his cards, he might even give Dabinett a fight!

"A clown not worthy of attention. You think I came for you?"

Dabinett, who was almost a thousand meters tall, had a disdainful look in his eyes. He dismissed Qin Lie.

His enormous body suddenly rose as he spoke.

The rank nine Dabinett seemed to be a mountain flying through the air to intimidate Qin Lie, Lawton, and the others even more.

"A person who came from low rank Abyss Devils and cultivated all the way to rank nine is extraordinary as expected..."

Qin Lie felt with a secret art. He sensed that the power in Dabinett's flesh was much greater than Lawton, Afra, and Daley.

Lawton and the others were rank nine Abyss Devils.

With their rank nine bloodlines, Lawton and the others were high rank Abyss Devils and the descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch but their physical presence could not compare to a Devil Monarch.

Disregarding bloodline latent abilities, Dabinett's strength and power that he could muster far surpassed Lawton and the others.

"In other words, you have not come for me?" Qin Lie grinned and looked maliciously at Lawton and the others. He said, "He seems to have nothing to do with me."

Lawton, who had tried to throw Qin Lie into Dabinett’s maw to end the matter, frowned, his expression depressed.

"Dabinett, are you mad? You dare attack us?" Afra said angrily.

"You think I do not dare because you are descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch?" Dabinett's large eyes were full of disdain.

It appeared that Lawton and the others were already dead to him.

Lawton was about to speak when his expression changed and he said, "There's more!"

"What?!" Afra was shocked.

Behind Dabinett, in that misty gray land, several other blurry mountains rose up.

Six "mountain peaks" flew into the air. The "shells" fell off and revealed six enormous Abyss Devils.

Those were six other Lords of the Abyss that were close to Dabinett!

The six Lords of the Abyss stopped hiding and appeared in the open, slowly making their way over.

Qin Lie frowned. He looked at Dabinett, the three locals and the six newcomers. His emotions were in turmoil.

Dabinett clearly called him a “clown”, not worthy of attention.

In reality, his bloodline was rank eight at present. No matter how arrogant he was, he did not think the power he displayed was worthwhile for seven Lords of the Abyss to come fight him.

Clearly, Dabinett and the other six’s primary target was definitely not him.

"Oh, it appears they are not here for me." Qin Lie touched his nose and laughed self-mockingly. "Since it has nothing to do with me, I will leave first. Farewell."

As he spoke, he moved to leave.

Seven Lords of the Abyss. If Lawton and the other two were counted, there were ten rank nine Abyss Devils there.

His goal had been to kill Lawton and steal the dead souls mysteries in his bloodline.

But the present situation surpassed his expectations!

Ten Lords of the Abyss gathering in one place. If there was a way for him to leave this battle, he had to take it.

But he knew he had almost no hope of leaving.

So his action to leave was just a pretense...

As expected, when he moved, he saw the disdain in Dabinett's eyes grow.

He immediately realized that while Dabinett had not come for him, he was one of Dabinett's "bonus" goals.

"Lancelot, eat that weak worm for me."

Dabinett slowly waved a claw to point at Qin Lie as he ordered casually before looking away.

A Lord of the Abyss who had slowly evolved from a Frost Hell Stone Devil casually answered and immediately headed for Qin Lie.

The bloodline latent ability he used was petrification, ability unique to the Frost Hell Stone Devils.

From ten miles away, an invisible thread bloodline power followed Lancelot’s gaze.

Qin Lie's body immediately showed signs of turning to stone.

Even his gaze gradually became numb.

"Dabinett! What gave you the gall?!" Lawton said gravely.

"You are the smartest of the Devil Monarch's bloodline descendants. Why don't you guess?" Dabinett said coolly.

"Is it Lord Father?" Lawton sighed.

At these words, Daley and Afra paled and looked in terror at him.

In their eyes, the Yellow Spring Monarch was their respected father. They had never thought there would be a day that the Yellow Spring Monarch would act against them.

"Lawton! What are you saying? Why would Lord Father order Dabinett to kill us? Are you crazy?" Afra screamed.

"He is able to understand. Has he figured it out?"

Gradually turning to stone, Qin Lie was shocked. His opinion of Lawton rose.

He originally thought that only he managed to guess the Yellow Spring Monarch's intentions through the purple crystal.

He hadn't expected Lawton to come to the same conclusion.

"Lawton, how dare you suspect our father?" Daley shouted angrily.

Yet Lawton ignored them and looked coldly at Dabinett, saying, "Is it correct?!"

Dabinett laughed but didn't respond, saying, "Lawton, Lawton, your reputation is deserved."

Daley and Afra felt as if enormous hammers struck in their minds, their emotions chaotic.

"Why, why?"

"Why is it like this? I do not believe it!"

"I also do not believe it!"

They looked at the sky and shouted angrily.

But the sky did not respond. It was still as gray and dark as ever.

"I guessed that this day would come, but not so early..." Lawton's expression was grievous. "As expected, our fate was determined from birth and cannot be changed." He was overcome by endless despair.

At this moment, Lawton's heart died.

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