Chapter 1575: Dabinett!

Chapter 1575: Dabinett!

The pained cries of the phantoms and wraiths came from the Abyss Devil cloud quickly moving through the sky.

This kind of sound could only be heard with the soul.

Qin Lie’s transformed body was hidden within the cloud of abyss devil energy.

His eyes could see through the cloud and survey the land below.

He could pinpoint three clear auras.

It was different from his expectations.

The bloodthirst and madness in his eyes gradually faded as he felt a powerful threat.

He recovered some reason from his bloodthirsty desire.

After coming to, he used a Soul Race secret art to probe around. The result made him reel in shock.

"Not one, but three rank nine Abyss Devils!"


He looked at the nearby mountains, felt with the secret art, and his expression grew more serious.

He found that the mountains and valleys around the black castle seemed to hide an imperceptible presence.

He could not even feel it clearly with his Soul Race secret art. This meant the master of this presence was at least a Lord of the Abyss.

Moreover, it was not the only such presence.

Several Lords of the Abyss had come here without their subordinates. Why?

Just to spectate?

"The meaning of the dead souls is exclusive to the Yellow Springs Monarch..."

He thought for a while, and gradually realized.

"You want to take advantage of the opportunity?" He grinned, his gaze sharp as he said, "Even if someone wants to take advantage of the Yellow Springs Monarch, it will not be you!"

In order to comprehend more about dead souls, the Yellow Spring Monarch had his hundreds of descendants kill one another. Everything to further his cultivation.

He knew the Yellow Spring Monarch would not allow any accidents.

Those Lords of the Abyss living in this level were delusional to think they could gain some benefit from the Yellow Springs Monarch's cultivation.

"All three are rank nine, each person has the presence of dead souls. There are three of them. Should I leave or fight?"

"One against three, do I have a chance? If I win, will the Yellow Springs Monarch kill me immediately?"

"If I lose..."

After recovering his reason, he stayed motionless in the cloud, his mind a mess.

Originally, he wanted to start with Lawton and use his bloodline to advance.

Then he would attack the other two recognized successors of the Yellow Springs Monarch.

He believed that with his presence bloodline power, even at rank eight, he was able to fight Lawton because of his own uniqueness.

But if Afra and Daley were also present, he had no chance. He could not match three rank nine Abyss Devils.

Just as he hesitated, he suddenly saw a figure fly out of the black castle like a bird.

After a flash, the figure suddenly came to the air where he was.

This was thin and handsome high rank Abyss Devil, and the target of his trip—Lawton.


"Are you going to steal my prey as well!"

Afra and Daley had originally been about to fight at full power but flew over when they saw Lawton fly into the cloud.

After a moment, Afra and Daley appeared next to Lawton with angry expressions.

For many years, Lawton had never competed with them for anything.

Due to this, after Qin Lie appeared, they targeted each other and did not consider Lawton.

They thought Lawton would be like before.

"Calm down," Lawton said gravely.

Daley and Afra stilled.

They had rarely heard Lawton speak at such a volume for many years. They knew that Lawton was unusual today.

"He is not like us, he’s completely different." Lawton inhaled and his expression grew complicated.

He looked at Qin Lie as though his gaze could penetrate through to the purple crystal inside Qin Lie's Soul Altar.

Lawton's empty eyes suddenly grew bright as though he came alive.

"He is not father's bloodline descendant!" Lawton slowly exhaled. "Also, he should not belong to our purgatory!"


Daley and Afra shouted in unison.

Lawton did not immediately answer. He looked at the distant mountains and seemed to sense the powerful Abyss Devils hiding in those mountains and valleys.

"You two really came alone?" Lawton asked.

"Of course!" Afra rolled her eyes and said, "Our subordinates are just cannon fodder in a battle of this level. Why would I bring them?"

Daley tilted his head.

With Lawton's understanding of them, he knew they were not lying. This meant the Abyss Devils hiding in the distance had nothing to do with them.

"Then you lured them here," Lawton looked at Qin Lie and said.

"Not all of them," Qin Lie answered.

"Other Abyss Devils?" Afra was unconcerned and said, "Other Abyss Devils would not dare participate in our battle. Lawton, even if they sneaked here, there is no need to care."

"What if it is Dabinett?" Lawton frowned.

Afra was shocked and said incredulously, "Him? He also came?"

"Is it possible?" Daley's expression darkened.

"I heard you killed Dabinett's younger brother?" Lawton looked at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie nodded and also had a strange expression. He instinctively turned and looked towards the mountains to search for Dabinett's presence.

In this period of time, as he killed in the regions of Yellow Springs Purgatory, he heard many things about Dabinett.

Dabinett was considered the Abyss Devil with the greatest hope of becoming the next Great Lord of the Abyss. He was also heavily valued by the Yellow Spring Monarch.

Among all the Lords of the Abyss, he seemed to be the strongest. Even Lawton and the others who had the Yellow Spring Monarch's bloodline were not a match for Dabinett.

Hearing Dabinett had also come, Afra and Daley found the situation slightly strange and were not in a hurry to fight Qin Lie.

They looked with confusion at Lawton.

Lawton's handsome and pale face was serious. He looked silently at a mountain.

Qin Lie seemed to sense something.

That dark brown mountain thousands of meters tall suddenly moved.


A piece of rock fell from the peak. That mountain... showed its true appearance.

It was an enormous Abyss Devil!

A thousand meter tall, head of a serpent, four powerful and thick limbs, enormous black wings that could cover the sky. Dabinett's dark purple eyes flashed with intelligence.

His gaze suddenly turned towards this area like icy lightning.

A terrifying presence fell on Qin Lie and the others like thousands of mountains pressing down.

The purple Abyss Devil clouds around Qin Lie furiously turned. Billions of wraiths and phantoms gave soul-shaking howls.

"Crack crack crack!"

His body gave off strange sounds from his bones as though he was supporting the world with his skeleton.

Lawton, Afra, and Daley also frowned dramatically.

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