Chapter 1574: Fight

Chapter 1574: Fight


Afra was shocked. She thought and then laughed. "He is searching for you?"

Lawton nodded. "Yes."

Daley reacted at this time and said in confusion, "You called the two of us here for him? No, this is not your style. With your strength, you should easily be able to kill him."

"That person has recently been in the limelight but he only has a rank eight bloodline. I do not believe he is a threat to you," Afra said.

"I summoned you here because of him, but hadn't expected him to come so early." Lawton’s empty eyes recovered some spirit. "He came earlier than I predicted."

"He comes to find you without even reaching rank nine, he won't even know how he dies!" Daley snorted. "The price the three of us paid, the time we spent to reach rank nine bloodline far surpasses him! With his present strength, I think that he is mad to think to attack you."

"My interest in him is growing." Afra giggled.

"He is mad to begin with," Lawton said coolly.

Then the three recognized bloodline descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch stopped the chatter.

They waited lazily. In their view, any one of them could easily kill Qin Lie. Due to this, they were not worried about the approaching danger.

Time slowly passed.


The usually composed Daley suddenly looked towards the Nether River.

The Nether River's waters had grown restless and surging and the screams of the wraiths and phantoms caused him to frown. 

"Already able to use the power of the Nether River..."

Daley said to himself. His expression grew serious and he felt a hint of anticipation.

"Very good."

Afra's eyes lit up. Her smile grew more enchanting. She licked her tempting lips and showed a bloodthirsty desire.

"Lawton, how about leaving him to me?" she pleaded.

"No way!" Daley's eyes shone with greedy purple light. "He is able to use the power of the Nether River. This means that his comprehension of bloodline power has reached a profound level. Maybe he has learned the mysteries of ‘Nine Purgatories.’ Why should we give you such deliciousness before he has reached rank nine bloodline?"

"If you want his bloodline, it will depend on your skill," Afra giggled.

As she laughed, the purple flames on her dress grew strong and wild.

After a moment, the purple flames turned into a sea of fire.

Daley and Lawton were drowned out by the purple sea of flame. Even the vast black castle they were in was covered in the purple flames.

"Pew pew!"

The flames at the hems of Afra's dress continued to spread after drowning out the castle.

In a short dozen seconds, the surging purple flames took over an area ten miles in diameter.

Even a part of the Nether River was covered by the purple flames. The ghosts and phantoms seemed to hide from them.

"Afra! Are you determined to steal my prey?"

The tall Daley shouted within the purple flames. Purple bolts of lightning criss-crossed and spread.

"Crack crack!"

Already tall in stature, his bones cracked and he transformed.

"You want his bloodline, I want it too. Should I give it to you?"

Afra stood among the surging purple flames, a smile on the corners of her lips but her presence grew more dangerous.


The purple flames within ten miles suddenly exploded with wild power!

With the black castle as the center, the nearby ground gave off an ear-deafening roar.

The hard ground seemed to be torn at by wild savage beasts. Many holes of various depths and powdered rock appeared.

On the holes and rock pieces, purple flames seemed to burn.

"The prey has not yet arrived, can’t you wait"

Daley laughed. As his body transformed, fierce fangs appeared from his mouth which ruined his handsome appearance and turned him into a cruel monster.


Daley shouted, and shadows came out of his chest.

Upon close inspection, those shadows were the souls of the dead, each of them three hundred feet tall.

The hundreds of enormous dead souls carried a destructive, bloodthirsty, and deathly presence as they rolled within Afra's purple flames. They seemed to be tearing at something hidden within the terrifying flames.

In the Nether River, the phantoms felt a fearsome presence from the tall dead souls and Afra's purple flames.

They all moved away from this area.

Afra, and Daley, who were both rank nine bloodline and had fought hundreds of times, once again fought due to a disagreement.

This place immediately turned into a battlefield.

Yet Lawton, as the master, stood motionless in the black castle.

Afra and Daley's fight seemed to be restrained and did not affect him or destroy this black castle.

"They are as spirited as before..."

Lawton was unaffected and looked coldly at them. He did not stop them or show signs of joining in.

He thought of the past.

A long time ago, before he figured out some things, he was also as spirited as Afra and Daley.

At that time, he thought all day about how to kill Afra and Daley to take their bloodline mysteries as his own.

Later, when he realized that he could not change his fate if he killed Daley and Afra, and might even hasten his death, he stopped thinking.

So he came here to look at the Nether River and attempt to find a solution.

He lost his spirit. His greed and desires, his past savagery and bloodthirst all left him.

He became an abnormality among the powerful Abyss Devils. In Daley and Afra’s eyes, he seemed to have lost his will.

Only he knew that while he had no spirit, his will... had not been completely extinguished.

Ignoring Afra and Daley who were fighting around him, he looked up into the gray sky. His eyes seemed to pass through the thick clouds.

He seemed to want to see something.

Yet he could not see anything.


At this time, the black purple clouds moved and appeared on the horizon.

That Abyss Devil cloud was unlike the one he saw before. It had become extremely vast and enormous.

Upon first look, that cloud had turned into a sea of clouds with countless dead souls and fiends moving inside it.

Lawton felt and his mind shifted. He murmured, "The improvement is too fast. Does this mean that you have left us... less and less time?"

As he spoke, he instinctively looked into the gray sky, his eyes full of grief and desolation.

"That guy has come!"

Afra danced within the purple flames. As she moved, many ancient characters of the Abyss alphabet flew out.

Those Abyss characters were filled with the presence of vile ghouls and fiends.

The characters appeared nimble and alive, but were all dead souls!

"He is mine!"

Daley shouted. His transformed body charged into the sky.

The hundred feet tall dead souls responded to him by roaring.

When their shouts sounded, the vile ghosts and wraiths within the purple clouds seemed to be torn apart.

The purple flame sea that Afra released showed signs of going out.

"I dislike people who steal prey from me the most," she muttered. Her bright eyes filled with deathly presence.

A deathly presence similar to the Bone Race's came from her body and immediately merged into the purple devil flames.

The unusual wraiths in the purple flames suddenly went mad at the stimulation of the death aura.


The purple flame sea that had spread ten miles suddenly changed as though it became a terrifying devil god who was as tall as the sky.

This devil god burned with flames, and caused the abyss devil energy to roil with every movement.

The dead souls that came from Daley were torn apart by the giant made from purple flames.

"Afra! Are you fighting for real?" Daley said furiously.

"I want his bloodline!" Afra responded coldly.

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