Chapter 1574: Fight

Chapter 1574: Fight


Afra was shocked. She thought and then laughed. "He is searching for you?"

Lawton nodded. "Yes."

Daley reacted at this time and said in confusion, "You called the two of us here for him? No, this is not your style. With your strength, you should easily be able to kill him."

"That person has recently been in the limelight but he only has a rank eight bloodline. I do not believe he is a threat to you," Afra said.

"I summoned you here because of him, but hadn't expected him to come so early." Lawton’s empty eyes recovered some spirit. "He came earlier than I predicted."

"He comes to find you without even reaching rank nine, he won't even know how he dies!" Daley snorted. "The price the three of us paid, the time we...

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