Chapter 1573: He Is Coming!

Chapter 1573: He Is Coming!

Once Fagan left the territory, Diga once again came to where Cang Ye and the others were hiding.

Diga had originally prepared this area for himself. He had wanted to hide in this place since he returned from Nine Hells Purgatory.

After being unable to capture the Origin Crystal in the Origin World, Diga knew he could no longer appear in the open in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

This place was extremely remote and thin in abyss devil energy with not many precious materials. Abyss Devils rarely came here.

A remote place without any Abyss Devils was what Diga needed.

"It's Diga!"

When he appeared, Cang Ye exclaimed from the darkness and to inform Gan Xing and others to not be nervous.

In the shadowed area behind the mountain, the thick darkness seemed to be driven away by l...

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