Chapter 1573: He Is Coming!

Chapter 1573: He Is Coming!

Once Fagan left the territory, Diga once again came to where Cang Ye and the others were hiding.

Diga had originally prepared this area for himself. He had wanted to hide in this place since he returned from Nine Hells Purgatory.

After being unable to capture the Origin Crystal in the Origin World, Diga knew he could no longer appear in the open in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

This place was extremely remote and thin in abyss devil energy with not many precious materials. Abyss Devils rarely came here.

A remote place without any Abyss Devils was what Diga needed.

"It's Diga!"

When he appeared, Cang Ye exclaimed from the darkness and to inform Gan Xing and others to not be nervous.

In the shadowed area behind the mountain, the thick darkness seemed to be driven away by light.

Cang Ye, Gan Xing, and the others appeared.

"Why did you return?" Gan Xing asked curiously.

"I saw Qin Lie. He killed my brother Gavin." Diga sat down next to them, not fearing they would have malicious intent and said, "Lucky that I encountered Qin Lie, otherwise... I would be dead."

"What happened?" Liu Yang was also surprised. "When you left, didn't you say your uncle Fagan had invited you? Despite his presence, Gavin dared to attack you?"

Diga had told them that he would be safe with Fagan when he left.

Therefore, Liu Yang, Gan Xing, and the others were puzzled.

"My good uncle sold me to Gavin. In his eyes, Gavin has a higher hope of reaching a rank nine bloodline."

Diga grimaced and described the events simply. He said, "Qin Lie killed Gavin and two of my uncle's subordinates. But my uncle doesn't dare fight him."

"Why?" Mia said in surprise.

"In his eyes, Qin Lie is my father's bastard," Diga said amusedly.

"Where's Qin Lie?" Gan Xing asked gravely.

Diga's expression darkened slightly. He said after a moment of silence, "If I am not wrong, he might... have gone to fine Lawton."

"Who is Lawton?" Gan Xing asked.

"One of the three people my father recognizes." Diga had a serious expression.

"A rank nine Abyss Devil?!" Mia was shocked.

Cang Ye's gaze changed. She felt that Qin Lie was completely mad.

"What is he thinking?" Gan Xing said panicked.

Diga shook his head and said, "He has not completely lost his mind. I can feel he still has a thread of intelligence. Otherwise, I would not be able to return alive because my blood is not any different from Gavin’s."

"If he has not lost his mind, why would he go find a rank nine bloodline Abyss Devil?" Liu Yang was worried.

"I cannot understand that." Diga took a deep breath and said, "Lawton is one of the heirs that my father recognizes, he is unlike my other siblings. If Qin Lie wants to steal Lawton's blood, he will most likely die."

"We..." Liu Yang halted.

"Cannot help him, no one can help him." Diga sighed. "Because we cannot even protect ourselves."


Beside the Nether River.

There was a vast black castle that was built tin the direction of the Nether River and clearly belonged to a powerful Lord of the Abyss, evident from the lack of low rank Abyss Devils nearby.

The master of the castle was a rank nine Lord of the Abyss. It was strange that he had not recruited powerful subordinates.

No subordinates, and no servants inside the castle.

There was only a thin-looking high rank Abyss Devil that stared at the Nether River motionlessly every day inside the vast castle.

This high rank Abyss Devil was Lawton.

After his bloodline reached rank nine, he came here and killed the owner of the castle—a Lord of the Abyss.

He drove away the previous owner’s subordinates rather than recruit them. He settled down there and rarely ever left the place.

Most of the time, he looked at the strange Nether River silently.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The murmuring sound of water came from the peaceful Nether River.

Lawton's unfocused eyes gradually grew alive. He lazily twisted his neck as he slowly moved his fingers. He seemed to be warming up.

A tall, and handsome high rank Abyss Devil flew down from the Nether River.

The invisible barrier above the Nether River did not affect him and the phantoms in the river were strangely quiet.

He walked to the tall round stage poking out of the castle. After standing in front of Lawton, he said, "Long time no see."

"It really has been a long time, Daley. Where is Afra?" Lawton asked.

"They should arrive soon," the tall Daley said coolly.

"Then let's wait." Lawton stopped speaking and continued to move his fingers.

Bolts of purple lightning flashed between his fingers as though they were intelligent.

Daley, who just arrived, did not move. He stood there like a statue.

They waited in silence.

A long time later, another high rank Abyss Devil appeared from another direction of the Nether River.

This was a female high rank Abyss Devil with purple flames that burned at the edges of her dress.

She, like Daley, moved above the Nether River.

Watching as she came close, Lawton praised insincerely, "Afra, you are more enchanting than last time."

"Oh, then are you interested in my suggestion from last time? How about having a child with me?" Afra said laughingly.

"Never mind, I want to live a few more years," Lawton refused directly.

"I fear your plan of living a few years is going to fail," the tall Daley said gravely after the female Abyss Devil appeared. "The one who appeared recently killed Gavin. I fear he will reach rank nine bloodline soon. I have a feeling he is not the same as us."

Lawton nodded and said coldly, "He is not the same as us."

"How is he not the same?" Afra's smile did not change as she said, "He's just another one that Father does not recognize. Even if he reaches rank nine bloodline, he is the same us. What is there to worry about?"

"He is different." As the one who had called the meeting, Lawton shook his head and said, "He might not want to be the fourth."

"What do you mean?" Afra frowned.

"He wants to be the only?" Daley snorted.

"Not that." Lawton sighed and said, "You still do not understand, so you brim with energy. I, ever since I realized, have resolved to die. I know our fates cannot be changed."

"From the moment we were born, we have been walking toward death."

"You just didn't know."

Lawton said emotionally.

Daley, Lawton, and Afra were the three descendants that the Yellow Springs Monarch recognized of his hundreds of descendants.

They all had rank nine bloodline and were powerful Lords of the Abyss.

Their hands were bloodied with the blood of their siblings, who they had killed on their way to their current status.

In the eyes of Abyss Devils like Diga, Gavin, and Bardeen and the other Abyss Devils on this Abyss level, these three were terrifying madmen.

When the three of them reached rank nine bloodline, they had fought daily for a period of time, wanting to kill each other and take over the others’ bloodlines.

Yet the three of them were evenly matched. After a long period of hard fighting, no one had the absolute advantage.

In order to not die together, they stopped and rested before starting the fight at another time.

But after so many years, there was still no victor.

Their relationship was very complicated, enemies, but friends most familiar with each other.

Daley and Afra all had many subordinates as rank nine Lords of the Abyss and ruled a region.

Lawton had done the same in the past.

But due to some unknown goal, Lawton had driven away his subordinates, came to this place to kill the master of the castle and then he stayed here alone.

His spirit seemed to gradually disappear.

But in Daley and Afra's eyes, Lawton was still terrifying and strong, and the smartest of them all.

So when Lawton called them, they did not hesitate and abandoned their subordinates to come alone.

"What fate of ours cannot be changed?" Daley said seriously.


Lawton's eyes grew empty. He was looking at Daley but Daley didn't feel as though he was being stared at.

Afra was shocked. She looked at Lawton’s empty eyes and saw a surging Abyss Devil cloud.

"Who are you looking at? Where is he?" Afra shouted.

"He is coming," Lawton said coolly.

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