Chapter 1571: A Lord Backing Out!

Chapter 1571: A Lord Backing Out!


The three high rank Abyss Devils Gavin had invited over to deal with Diga exploded the moment their souls had scattered.

They were killed before they could even try to escape.


Suddenly, Qin Lie appeared in front of Gavin and attacked again to kill without a word!

Purple lightning bolts seemed to shoot out of his pores before converging into something bigger in an inexplicable fashion.

Qin Lie didn’t throw the gigantic purple lightning bolt at Gavin immediately.

But Gavin still turned pale with shock!

All around them, faint purple abyss devil energy entered the purple lightning bolt non-stop as if a force was pulling them into it.

Purple flames were also flying off the lightning bolt from time to time. The dance of lightning and fire made Gavin’s skull feel numb.


While Gavin was studying the unusual power, ghastly wails suddenly stabbed into his brain like sharp swords.


Gavin had to scream and use all the bloodline power at his disposal to defend his brain from the destructive power of the wails.

“Kill him! Kill him now!”

Screaming in pain, Gavin immediately ordered the two remaining rank eight Abyss Devils to act.

However, both of Fagan’s subordinates were clearly hesitating.

They had sensed the Nether River’s aura from Qin Lie, and the Nether River had always been the embodiment of death and destruction for all Abyss Devils of the Eight Purgatories.


A soul voice suddenly resounded inside their minds.

The two rank eight Abyss Devils abruptly looked towards the bare mountains before saying, “Young Master Gavin, we must take our leave.”

“This is between you and your brother.”

The two Abyss Devils explained before getting ready to leave with a look of relief on their faces.

Gavin was shocked by this turn of events.

A brief moment of surprise later, Diga too realized what had happened and turned around to sneer at a certain mountain not far away from their location. He said in a low tone with scorn-filled eyes, “Now you want to back off? Afraid of getting your hands dirty?”

“Uncle! I need your strength!” yelled Gavin.

A gigantic, blurry figure about three hundred meters tall slowly appeared from behind the mountains.

Its huge eyes looked like a pair of purple moons slowly rising to the sky. The Lord of the Abyss Fagan was clearly paying attention to the battlefield.

However, that was all he did. He didn’t make a move whatsoever.

It was almost as if he couldn’t hear Gavin’s begging at all.

“Let’s go.”

The two Abyss Devils ordered to help Gavin with his dirty deed exhaled in relief after seeing their master’s appearance.

They started flying towards the giant figure.


Suddenly, the devilized Qin Lie let out a terrific roar as an imposing aura burst out of his body.

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

A couple of black purple chains that looked like they were made of pure bloodline power suddenly penetrated the two rank eight Abyss Devils right in the stomach.

The black purple chains seemed to sparkle with black and purple bloodlines. They looked like they were covered by wraiths.

At the other end of the chains, the devilized Qin Lie clenched his hands into fists and pulled strongly.

The two escaping rank eight Abyss Devils were pulled right back towards Qin Lie!

At the same time, the chains slithered and coiled, riddling their bodies with even more holes.

The captured Abyss Devils suddenly stopped in midair when they were about three meters away from Qin Lie.

Staring at the rank eight Abyss Devils with tyranny and murder, Qin Lie abruptly shook the chains in his palm.

“Bang bang!”

The innards of the two ten-meter tall rank eight Abyss Devils exploded at once. They were killed before they had even hit the ground.


The chains then danced wildly and bloodily in midair like actual dragons.

“Uncle! He killed your subordinates! He killed them!” screamed Gavin in excitement.

He seemed to know that Fagan valued those two rank eight Abyss Devils a lot. He thought that Fagan wouldn’t be able to hold himself back from attacking Qin Lie after the loss.

Gavin was certain that there was no way Qin Lie could escape the power of a rank nine Lord of the Abyss no matter how powerful he was.

When he recalled that Qin Lie had killed at least dozens of his half-siblings already and accumulated a sizable amount of his father’s bloodline, he couldn’t help but lick the corner of his lips in greed and excitement.

He seemed to think that his chance to ascend to rank nine was right within his grasp.

Meanwhile, Diga put some distance between Qin Lie and himself carefully before staring at the two dead rank eight Abyss Devils meaningfully.

“What will you do, uncle? I’m so very curious,” said Diga while chuckling in a low tone.

Not only did he seem completely relaxed, he didn’t look like he was worried for his safety any longer.

“My lord!”

“My lord!”

Some of the powerful Abyss Devils residing within the valley couldn’t help but roar in anger.

“Shut up!”

The Lord of the Abyss scolded them angrily before staring at the battlefield with his giant eyes once more. “This is an internal squabble between the family members of the Yellow Springs Monarch. I will not interfere or take a side.”

After saying that, he slowly sank back into the valley without ever manifesting himself in full.

“Hahaha! Hahahaha!”

Diga laughed loudly and without restraint as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the entire world. In fact, he was laughing so hard that he was in tears.

“He won’t take a side, he says! What a fair person you are!”

Diga continued to laugh loudly as he flew back the way he came from. “Oh, dear uncle. When my bloodline reaches rank nine, I’ll personally come and greet you once more.”

His tone was filled with hatred and rancor. Even the stupidest Abyss Devil could sense his malice.

“What are you afraid of, uncle! Help me kill him so I can increase my bloodline to rank nine! My presence will solidify your position in the purgatory!” screamed Gavin in fear all of a sudden.

Fagan’s decision to back off and Diga’s mad laugh had plunged into his heart like two real blades.

He was so shaken staring at the still dancing chains that his fighting will seemed to crumbling all on its own.


A demonic cloud suddenly descended on Gavin like a black web.

The two chains also flew towards Gavin at the same time.

The Abyss Devil immediately started screaming on top of his lungs.

After the demonic cloud had wrapped around Gavin, Qin Lie suddenly took off in another direction.

The wails of the phantoms and wraiths broke out in full volume from the demonic cloud after that.

All of Fagan’s subordinates could hear the screams of the Nether River’s wraiths from the demonic cloud.

For some reason, the terrible screams struck deep fear into their hearts.

It was even instinctual for a low rank Abyss Devil.

“He’s finally dead…”

Above a desolate wasteland, Diga turned back to look once after he heard the wails. A bit of relief seeped into his features.

He seemed to understand that his older brother wouldn’t constitute as a problem to him any longer.

“Alice, you should be safe after he’s dead. I… can finally relax after this.”

Diga looked relaxed. He knew that the shadow of death that loomed over his younger sister Alice was finally gone with Gavin’s death.

After all, Alice was only at rank six bloodline. Those truly powerful Abyss Devils would never be interested in her.

As for those who were interested in her bloodline, they wouldn’t dare to trespass Fagan’s territory to kill her.

“The fact that that guy had let me go probably means that he still has a bit of sanity in him. How much though, is a good question.”

Diga hesitated for a moment before deciding that it was an unwise idea to seek out Qin Lie right now.

He was afraid that Qin Lie would lose control over his own desire and kill him.

It was why he had decided to back off and minimize the risk of anything unsavory happening. He believed that it was the wiser choice after careful consideration.

“He is several times stronger since the last time I saw him. What on earth was the thing he got from the Nether River?”

Diga flew towards the opposite direction of Qin Lie while harboring this curiosity.

Suddenly, Diga’s expression changed after he probed around for a bit and stared at the demonic cloud in the distance.

“That direction is… Is he planning to attack those three? But they’re all rank nine Abyss Devils!”

Diga couldn’t contain his shock when he finally realized Qin Lie’s next move.

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