Chapter 1571: A Lord Backing Out!

Chapter 1571: A Lord Backing Out!


The three high rank Abyss Devils Gavin had invited over to deal with Diga exploded the moment their souls had scattered.

They were killed before they could even try to escape.


Suddenly, Qin Lie appeared in front of Gavin and attacked again to kill without a word!

Purple lightning bolts seemed to shoot out of his pores before converging into something bigger in an inexplicable fashion.

Qin Lie didn’t throw the gigantic purple lightning bolt at Gavin immediately.

But Gavin still turned pale with shock!

All around them, faint purple abyss devil energy entered the purple lightning bolt non-stop as if a force was pulling them into it.

Purple flames were also flying off the lightning bolt from time to time. The dance of lightning and fire made Gavin’s skull feel numb.


While Gavin was studying...

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