Chapter 1570: Infamous

Chapter 1570: Infamous

Diga’s older brother, Gavin had brought two of Fagan’s subordinates and three high rank Abyss Devils he was close with to ambush him.

Diga understood everything the moment Gavin had shown up.

There was no way Gavin would come here if his uncle, Fagan, hadn’t lied to him and lured him over.

Gavin’s appearance meant that Fagan had abandoned his neutrality and taken his older brother’s side completely.

“What about sis? Where’s my sister?” yelled Diga suddenly.

Gavin smiled lightly before answering, “Alice is only at rank six bloodline, and she hasn’t even awakened father’s Nine Springs yet. She’s completely worthless to me at this moment.”

Diga let out a sigh of relief when he heard this.

However, Gavin suddenly changed his tune and said, “I will protect her in the meantime and wait patiently until she reaches rank eight bloodline. If she awakens Nine Springs just like you, then… I will...

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