Chapter 1570: Infamous

Chapter 1570: Infamous

Diga’s older brother, Gavin had brought two of Fagan’s subordinates and three high rank Abyss Devils he was close with to ambush him.

Diga understood everything the moment Gavin had shown up.

There was no way Gavin would come here if his uncle, Fagan, hadn’t lied to him and lured him over.

Gavin’s appearance meant that Fagan had abandoned his neutrality and taken his older brother’s side completely.

“What about sis? Where’s my sister?” yelled Diga suddenly.

Gavin smiled lightly before answering, “Alice is only at rank six bloodline, and she hasn’t even awakened father’s Nine Springs yet. She’s completely worthless to me at this moment.”

Diga let out a sigh of relief when he heard this.

However, Gavin suddenly changed his tune and said, “I will protect her in the meantime and wait patiently until she reaches rank eight bloodline. If she awakens Nine Springs just like you, then… I will kill her just as like how I’m going to kill you right now. After all, that is when her true value truly shines. Before that though, I will be a good older brother to her and take care of her just like you did.”

“You can kill me, but I’ll never allow you to touch Alice!” roared Diga on top of his lungs. It seemed like Alice was his reverse scale.

“You cannot stop me.” But Gavin shook his head and said unhurriedly, “Father’s the one who approved this sibling ‘rivalry’. This is the only way I can win his approval. Tell me, which one of those three hadn’t ascended to rank nine and become his successor by stepping on their siblings’ corpses?”

“I don’t care if you kill anyone else, but Alice is my sister! I won’t allow you to harm her no matter what!” Diga sucked in a deep breath as if he had come to a decision. “I will sacrifice everything and do everything in my power to kill you if that is the price I have to pay to stop you!”

In the past, Diga wasn’t able to harden his heart because he still held out a bit of hope that Gavin would listen to reason.

However, his delusion was extinguished after Gavin had said those cruel words.

Gavin grinned at him and nodded. “You should’ve done this a long time ago, but unfortunately for you… you realized this too late. Your talent is actually better than mine. If you were able harden your heart sooner, then I would be the one perishing today.”

After that, he winked at the three high rank Abyss Devils behind Diga.

The three high rank Abyss Devils were completely unrelated to Diga, but they were all descendants of a Great Lord of the Abyss. Their purple eyes instantly blazed with killing intent as they surrounded Diga!

Gavin turned around and looked at Fagan’s subordinates. “You guys go too.”

“What about you?” asked a rank eight Abyss Devil.

Gavin smiled and said in a relaxed manner, “He is my brother, so I suppose I’ll refrain from participating in his murder. Moreover, I need to save my strength for when I refine his bloodline.”

“Oh.” Fagan’s subordinates nodded before walking toward Diga as well.

All five rank eight Abyss Devils unleashed their rich bloodline aura and formed a dense but invisible web around Diga.

Surrounded by enemies and suppressed by their bloodline, even the act of mustering his own bloodline was difficult to Diga.

However, he didn’t show any despair or fear whatsoever.

“I hope you haven’t lost your mind completely…”

Diga muttered to himself and released his own unique soul presence. He didn’t activate his own Abyss Devil Race bloodline, however.

“What is he doing?” muttered one of the high rank Abyss Devils who had been invited by Gavin. “Is he going to give up just like that because he knows there’s no escape? He isn’t even activating his bloodline power completely, it’s almost as if he’s surrendering himself to death. Strange…”

“It is a little strange.”

I heard that he had gotten himself the backing of the Nine Hells Monarch’s daughter and was living a good life. Do you know why he came back to die?”

“Who knows?”

The three high rank Abyss Devils communicated in secret through a secret art while activating the hidden talent in their bloodline. They were planning to restrain Diga.


Suddenly, Gavin noticed something and looked to the sky abruptly. The easy expression on his face slowly disappeared.

A demonic cloud was approaching them swiftly while releasing an incredible amount of abyss devil energy. An instant later, the demonic cloud had moved to the sky they were at.

“It’s him!”

Gavin recalled the rumors of a certain madman, and for the first time fear entered his eyes. He hurriedly inform his companions about the approaching cloud.


One of Fagan’s subordinate stared at the approaching cloud on the sky in confusion.

He was a low rank Abyss Devil who crawled his way to rank eight, so he was just a small fry in the Abyss in spite of his bloodline.

He was neither important nor powerful enough to be told sensitive information going around the Eight Purgatories.

However, the three high rank Abyss Devils Gavin had invited were aware of Qin Lie’s existence even though they weren’t the Yellow Spring Monarch’s descendants.

That was why they had screamed in panic the moment they saw the demonic cloud moving their way.

“Gavin! If that guy is coming for you, then you’ll forgive us for not throwing in our lot with you!” one of the high rank Abyss Devils shouted loudly. “We gave you our word to deal with Diga, but our agreement definitely didn’t include that fellow!”

“We’re not throwing our life away for you if that guy really is here to kill you!”

“Take care of yourself!”

The moment the three high rank Abyss Devils noticed that the situation had changed, they immediately stopped suppressing Diga’s bloodline and got ready to escape anytime.

As of late, they had heard far, far too many rumors of a crazy Abyss Devil killing at least dozens of Gavin’s siblings in a relatively short period of time.

Dabinett’s own younger brother and subordinates had also fallen victim to that mad Abyss Devil, but even he had chosen to keep silent about it.

The young and dominant Dabinett had chosen to take no action against that mad Abyss Devil. The Yellow Springs Monarch offered no comment about him as well. This caused the powerful Abyss Devils of Yellow Springs Purgatory to grow more and more curious.

“Let’s pray that he’s only here for Gavin and Diga…”

All three high rank Abyss Devils muttered to themselves and prepared themselves to escape at a moment’s notice. They had even withdrawn their bloodline presence from Diga just in case.

Gavin’s face turned cold when he heard their mutters. “Help me kill this madman, and I promise to give you anything you want!”

“No! We don’t want to throw our lives away.”

“No way! He’s not Diga. We don’t wish to become enemies with him.”


The three high rank Abyss Devils’ minds were set, it didn’t matter what Gavin said.

The young Abyss Devil stared darkly at the descending cloud before smiling at Diga all of a sudden. “You and I are brothers no matter how deep our grudge is, correct? I’m sure you’ve heard of that fellow in the sky, and he’s probably gunning for us. We can settle our grudge another time, but if we wish to live past today, then we must work together to kill that Abyss Devil! Only after he’s dead can we live to see tomorrow. What say you?”

Gavin stared at Diga passionately, but the latter shook his head before smiling mysteriously. “Maybe the best choice for me is to work together with him to kill all of you.”

“Have you gone crazy? You should know who he is and what he did! Do you really think he’ll let you go? He’s just a madman!” shouted Gavin.

“I like madmen,” said Diga coldly.

The second he said this, Qin Lie in his Abyss Devil form dropped down from the sky like a purple meteor.

Diga turned to look at Qin Lie, and he noticed that the latter’s aura had become at least three times scarier than before.

Moreover, Qin Lie’s deep purple pupils seemed to be brimming with infinite cruelty and bloodthirst. He couldn’t spot a single trace of humanity or emotion in him.

Now, even Diga wasn’t sure if Qin Lie still remembered him, or if he still had a trace of reason in him.


Purple lightning bolts and purple flames started falling off Qin Lie’s body.

“This has nothing to do with us, we don’t have what you want. We’ll be leaving right away!”

“You know that we don’t have the Yellow Springs Monarch’s bloodline in us. We’re not the targets you’re looking for!”

“Gavin and Diga are your real targets!”

The three high rank Abyss Devils felt like their very souls were trembling when Qin Lie’s presence reached them. They hurriedly tried to back out of the scene.


Hundreds of purple lightning bolts suddenly spilled off of Qin Lie’s body and bit towards the three Abyss Devils like snakes.

The purple lightnings were actually filled with the screamed of billions of wraiths and phantoms.

The three high rank Abyss Devils abruptly shuddered as if their souls had taken a huge hit from the screams.

Then, the purple lightning bolts immediately clung onto them and entered their bodies.

“Ah! Ahhhhh!”

The three high rank Abyss Devils shivered like they had caught a seizure before their souls dissipated from their bodies, just like that.

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