Chapter 157: Fight

Chapter 157: Fight

Qin Lie noticed that Tang Siqi had taken out seven pill bottles all at once just now. She poured out the Heart Protection Pill from one of the bottles.

“How is it? Is it better?” Tang Siqi’s gaze was full of concern.

“Much better.” Qin Lie sensed about and found out that the Heart Protection Pill had formed a strange film paste at his heart area. It caused the wound at his heart to swiftly become better.

“Do you have a lot of medicine?” he asked in surprise.

“Mn. I have the pills to treat all kinds of internal organs and wounds.” Tang Siqi’s expression was natural, as if she was talking about something very common. “Every Armament Sect inner sect disciple carries at least ten or more kinds of healing medicine. Heart protection, flesh wound healing, mind nursing, and so on.”

“How about Blood Spear?”

“Even more naturally, other than various high grade spirit artifacts, the sect will supply them with new pills every month to help them cultivate and recover at a quicker rate so their wounds will stabilize quicker.” Tang Siqi smiled like a blooming flower, “This is our sect’s advantage. Every sect disciple has a huge advantage compared to their opponents in terms of spirit artifacts and spirit pills.”

Qin Lie nodded silently.

Fights between martial practitioners involved a lot of aspects such as the level of one’s realm, the toughness of one’s body, the recognition of one’s spirit art, the grade of their spirit artifacts, the healing rate of wounds, and so forth.

Suppose that two martial practitioners of the same rank fought each other and the difference in other aspects weren’t huge. If one of them not only had a lot of spirit artifacts, but their ranks were also a level higher and they had pills that could swiftly replenish their spirit energy, spirit armor that could protect their bodies, and spirit pills that could heal their wounds...

Then that person would definitely possess a great advantage. Such an overwhelming advantage would allow them to be able to destroy their opponents with ease.

The reason Blood Spear martial practitioners were powerful was because their spirit artifacts, spirit armor, and spirit pills were a level higher than their opponents. Naturally, their combat capabilities were extraordinary as well.


A purple flaming ribbon rushed at Gray Shadow’s shoulders from the side, causing his body to shudder from the impact.

The eerie, white bone spear howled and seized the opportunity to shoot at him from behind. It blasted the back of his spirit armor, causing Gray Shadow to spit out of mouthful of blood.

A trace of weakness leaked from his dark gray eyes. His footsteps moved erratically, ready to run away from the streets.

“Who are you? Who ordered you to attack us?” Tang Siqi cried out as the spatial ring in her hand lit up again.

A screen-like, flowing cloud barrier floated out of the ring and flew at Gray Shadow’s back. It fell down like a cage that was about to trap Gray Shadow inside.

That was yet another new spirit artifact.

Qin Lie felt slightly dazzled. Staring at the spatial ring, he suddenly had the misconception that the spirit artifacts inside it were limitless!

“Old Black! Help me already!” Gray Shadow rasped out in a yell.

Tang Siqi was caught by surprise.

Qin Lie’s expression had also changed.

There was actually another assailant!

The duo quickly focused on their surroundings and stared at the people closest to them. They were afraid that they would be ambushed by one of them.

The Cloud Shield could only protect one side. If someone attacked them from the back or their two sides, the light shield would not be able to fully defend them from the attack. They would still need to deal with it themselves.

“Don’t look at me. I may not like Armament Sect, but I’m not so bold as to try to kill you.”

“This is Armament Sect’s city, I have no intentions of dying.”

“Me neither.”

The martial practitioners who the duo made eye contact with subconsciously backed away. They opened their arms and expressed that they were here just to watch the show.

The people around them—other than Gray Shadow—backed away themselves, opening up an area of about ten meters around the duo. They were afraid that Tang Siqi would misunderstand them and mistake them as Gray Shadow’s companion.

Most of the martial practitioners who dared to operate around Free Trade Street had a reason they could confident enough to be there Their realms weren’t weak as well.

It wasn’t that they were scared of Tang Siqi and Qin Lie, but they were scared of their identities, scared of Armament Sect who was backing them, and even more terrified of being relentlessly hunted down by Blood Spear.

“Beneath you!” suddenly called out a familiar voice from the crowd.

That was Liang Zhong’s voice!

Qin Lie’s expression twisted greatly, and without a second thought, he immediately channeled Frost Arts with everything he had.

“Crak crak crak!”

The ground beneath him had instantly turned into frost. Even more icy light appeared to form icy rocks on the ground surface.

A mass of energy that was a thick as a mountain nearly shot out from the ground, causing Qin Lie to feel cold from the bottom of his heart as he coldly yelled, “Watch your feet!”


The ice formed by Frost Arts suddenly shattered before they could form into an even thicker sheet of ice.

Amidst the flying ice slags, a black figure actually drilled out from the underground, and with a terrible earthen energy, that figure barreled towards Qin Lie and Tang Siqi like a mountain.

“Ice Crystal Shield!” Qin Lie grit his teeth as ice formed on his body. An ice shield was also formed in front of him.

The black shadow could not be stopped. He cared for nothing but charging right at them.


The Ice Crystal Shield shattered. The black shadow was like a pillar of steel, forcefully crushing him with earthen energy.

Upon impact, the ice on Qin Lie’s body exploded. His body flew straight into the air as if he had been run into by a wild beast.

The tough and vigorous earth energy was still working even while he was in midair. This caused Qin Lie to let out a dull grunt. His chest felt as if it was being sat on by a huge mountain, and it was so oppressive that he nearly spat blood.

After Black Shadow had rammed Qin Lie into the sky, he no longer looked at him. Cruelty appeared on his average face that was just like Gray Shadow’s.

He looked to Tang Siqi!

Dull rumblings suddenly came from beneath Tang Siqi’s feet. An earthen-yellow metallic drill shot out bright yellow light, and after it drilled through the ground, it flew out and plunged towards Tang Siqi’s stomach.


The metallic drill was still spinning at top speed. There was a strange whistling sound, and its speed was incredible.

Tang Siqi’s gaze turned to one of panic as she quickly took out a huge, brown-colored turtle shell and used it to block the metallic drill’s strike.

“Bam bam bam!”

The drill plowed into the turtle shell as sparks flew off it. Tang Siqi’s body abruptly shuddered as a line of blood appeared at the corner of her lips.

She threw down the turtle shell and retreated to where Qin Lie had fallen to the ground like blazing fire. Pressing her hands together into a spirit art, she hurriedly cried out, “Cloud Shield!”

The light shield standing tens of meters in front of her turned into twelve bolts of light that flew in her direction before reforming into a shield which guarded her front again.

Calming down, she suddenly sat down and closed her eyes. She controlled the Nine Shuttle Stars, Frost Bone Spear, and Flame Silk beside Gray Shadow and moved the spear and ribbons to attack Black Shadow.

She reformed her energy again so the Nether Ghost Claw would rush down from the sky and slash Black Shadow’s skull.

The Nether Ghost Claw was created from the claws of Nether Battlefield’s Bloodthirsty Blade Demon. Mo Hai had even operated on it personally, so she needed to gather all of her spirit energy before she could unleash its true might.

When going up against Gray Shadow earlier, the Nether Ghost Claw was only there to act as a deterrent. She hadn’t unleashed everything she had.

Now that Black Shadow had shown up, Tang Siqi had no choice but to give it her all.

Spirit energy gushed out as the Nether Ghost Claw suddenly turned dense with dark energy. It was as if it had brought everyone into the desolate and terrifying Nether Battlefield.

Dark green will ‘o wisps floated above the anchor-like Nether Ghost Claw. Then, the phosphorous poison began to fall like rain!


The Bloodthirsty Blade Demon’s cries came out from with the claw. A violent and bloodthirsty aura that could twist one’s mind suddenly covered the entire street.

It was the rank four Bloodthirsty Blade Demon’s frenzy field!

Many of the onlookers’ faces were riddled with shock as they screamed and retreated, afraid that they would be affected by the bloodthirsty frenzy field and lose themselves in frenzied combat.

Black Shadow’s icy cold eyes wavered and shuddered because of the spreading of the bloodthirsty and violent aura.

“Old Black! Let’s leave for now, don’t fall into the bloodthirsty frenzy field!” Gray Shadow cried out.

Black Shadow was reminded by him. His pair of murderous and crazy eyes stared Qin Lie and Tang Siqi up and down before he dove head first into the hole that led underground.

That metallic drill had also turned into a bolt of golden light and followed close behind him.

Seeing that he had left, Gray Shadow relaxed and swiftly retreated like a gray cloud, flashing towards the nearest street.

The duo quickly disappeared without a trace.


Tang Siqi spat out a small mouthful of blood. Her pretty face paled slightly as she waved her hands and recollected her spirit artifacts.

“How are you?” She looked towards Qin Lie who was struggling to sit up.

“I’m fine. Two of my chest bones broke, but I won’t be dying anytime soon.” Qin Lie’s gaze was cold as he stared at the hole and asked, “Who would try to kill us?”

“I don’t know. I’ll investigate this thoroughly once we get back,” Tang Siqi hatefully replied.

“Liang Shaoyang. It should be Liang Shaoyang!” Qin Lie suddenly exclaimed, “He’s the only one we offended as of late. It must be him!”

Tang Siqi suspected him as well. Hearing Qin Lie’s words she nodded slightly and said, “If I find evidence that he is the one behind this, I won’t let him off easy!”

“You two, come and rest for a moment at my shop.” The fat owner of Cloud Sky Mountain’s commercial building popped out of nowhere and stood beside Qin Lie and Tang Siqi. His little eyes were narrowed as he looked at the members of the crowd surrounding them and unleashed an incredible aura. “Please give way!”

“Cloud Sky Mountain’s Wu Tuo!”

“It’s actually Wu Tuo!”

The crowd that had gathered changed their expressions and quickly retreated after hearing his yell.

Amongst the crowd, Liang Zhong was also secretly shocked. He seemed to be wondering why Wu Tuo was in Armament City.

Both Tang Siqi and Qin Lie felt inwardly surprised when they saw the fat, middle-aged man who was flattering them earlier had abruptly changed his aura.

“My apologies. My place is slightly far away, so when I heard of the fight and rushed over, they had already escaped.” Wu Tuo’s expression was apologetic. “If I had arrived earlier, then you would not have been hurt.”

He had said this with strong confidence.

Qin Lie tried sensing the aura from his body, and suddenly, a shudder rippled within his heart. “Netherpassage Realm!”

This fat, middle-aged man was actually a Netherpassage Realm expert!



The two shop clerks had also hurried over before standing beside Wu Tuo with steady expressions.

Wu Tuo nodded, bowed slightly, and said, “Will the two of you come back with me to rest your feet or head straight back to Armament Sect? Don’t worry, those two people should not dare to return with me watching over you.”

“Then we will rest for a bit at your shop. We are both hurt, and we need to nurse ourselves and recover.” Tang Siqi stared at him in surprise before asking with uncertainty, “Are you really Cloud Sky Mountain’s Wu Tuo?”

“It’s me.” Wu Tuo smiled kindly, “I’ve only come to Armament City recently. Please take care of me in the future.”

Hearing his words, Tang Siqi immediately relaxed and withdrew her Cloud Shield.

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