Chapter 1569: Flaming Sun Abyss Sinks!

Chapter 1569: Flaming Sun Abyss Sinks!

The Flaming Sun Abyss.

Many volcanoes could be seen gushing lava beneath the scarlet sky. The lava looked like reverse waterfalls when they burst up into the air.

The terrible noise kept going, be it day or night.

Qin Lie didn’t know that the Flaming Sun Abyss was undergoing a drastic change after the dark light had escaped the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing and entered his Soul Altar.

Somehow, a gigantic and impossibly long ravine had formed in the Flaming Sun Abyss during the neverending earthquake!

Tiny spatial cracks could be seen flashing at the bottom of the giant ravine. They were releasing a surprising amount of energy.

Not long after, a pitch black river mixed with screaming wraiths and phantoms started flowing into the Flaming Sun Abyss from...

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