Chapter 1569: Flaming Sun Abyss Sinks!

Chapter 1569: Flaming Sun Abyss Sinks!

The Flaming Sun Abyss.

Many volcanoes could be seen gushing lava beneath the scarlet sky. The lava looked like reverse waterfalls when they burst up into the air.

The terrible noise kept going, be it day or night.

Qin Lie didn’t know that the Flaming Sun Abyss was undergoing a drastic change after the dark light had escaped the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing and entered his Soul Altar.

Somehow, a gigantic and impossibly long ravine had formed in the Flaming Sun Abyss during the neverending earthquake!

Tiny spatial cracks could be seen flashing at the bottom of the giant ravine. They were releasing a surprising amount of energy.

Not long after, a pitch black river mixed with screaming wraiths and phantoms started flowing into the Flaming Sun Abyss from the bottom of the ravine.

If Qin Lie was here, he would know that this black water was the water of the Nether River immediately!

There were currently one hundred and nine levels in the Abyss. The Flaming Sun Abyss sat above all other Abyss levels because it was a recent formation.

However, for some reason the Nether River that should only appear in the Eight Purgatories had entered the Flaming Sun Abyss!

The giant ravine that cut the entire Flaming Sun Abyss in half was different from the Profound Yin Nether Sea of the Nether Realm. The seawater of the Profound Yin Nether Sea was refilled only once per millennium, but the black water of the Nether River never stopped flowing into the ravine of the Flaming Sun Abyss since the day of its emergence!

The Nether River kept pouring out of the ground every day and every moment until one day, the highest part of the Flaming Sun Abyss shook violently like it was about to turn upside down.

Every Abyss Devil that was born in the Flaming Sun Abyss and busy evolving to the next level felt the earth sway from beneath their feet.

The rotation stopped only after a very, very long time later.

When the unusual phenomenon had finally ended, every Abyss Devil in the Flaming Sun Abyss could sense that the abyss devil energy had gotten richer, and the laws of the world itself seemed to have undergone a subtle change.

Unfortunately, the Abyss Devils in the Flaming Sun Abyss were still low rank and lacking in intelligence. They didn’t understand what was going on.

The most powerful Abyss Devils in other Abyss levels were absolutely stunned by the unusual activities in the Flaming Sun Abyss, however.

“What happened? Why did that the Flaming Sun Abyss, an Abyss level that was originally an Origin World suddenly sink eight levels lower!?”

“The Flaming Sun Abyss has dropped from the one hundred and ninth level to the one hundred and first level! If we exclude the Eight Purgatories, then they’re at the ninety third level right now!”

“Why? Why did such a change happen? The creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss can’t have ascended to rank ten already, can he?”

“What an unbelievable turn of events! Something we’re currently unaware of must’ve happened in the Eight Purgatories!”

The Great Lords of many Abyss levels were stunned by the massive change that just occurred in the Flaming Sun Abyss.

They kept interacting with each other trying to gather news about the Eight Purgatories.

Unfortunately, the abyss passageway of the Eight Purgatories was closed at this time.

They weren’t able to obtain anything useful as a result.

However, every top rank Great Lord of the entire Abyss had noticed the unusual change in the Flaming Sun Abyss.

For a time, the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss had become their topic of discussion.


Yellow Springs Purgatory.

After Diga had helped the God Race clansmen settle in, he left them and sneaked his way into his uncle’s territory.

Diga’s uncle was a rank nine Lord of the Abyss. He had a piece of land under his rule in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

His uncle was the one he had entrusted his younger sister to.

After returning from Nine Hells Purgatory, Diga had been tempted to visit his uncle. However, he was afraid that he would bring trouble to them due to his status as an exile.

That was why he had communicated with his uncle first through other Abyss Devils.

He came after his uncle had promised him safe passage.

There was a mountain stream in the middle of many bare mountains. Many Abyss Devils with dark brown skin could be seen moving around near the stream.

His uncle had built a castle at the center of this mountains. It was his territory.

A bad feeling suddenly struck Diga while he was cautiously making his way toward the castle.

After shooting a hesitant glance at a particular mountain, he planned to leave immediately without a trace.

“My dear younger brother, you finally came back. I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time.”

Just as he was about to leave, a handsome high rank Abyss Devil who looked almost the same as him abruptly appeared behind Diga.

This high rank Abyss Devil was taller, bigger and fitter than Diga. He was also clad in an exquisite-looking tailor-made outfit.

Mysterious and complicated devil patterns could be seen flowing around the corners of his clothes like ripples.

The second he emerged, three high rank Abyss Devils emerged from the back of the mountain that had given him a bad premonition.

The three high rank Abyss Devils were made up of a man and a woman. They were all rank eight Abyss Devils, and they were all smiling maliciously at him.

“It’s you guys!”

Diga’s face immediately darkened when he saw the three Abyss Devils. He understood that he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Suddenly, he remembered something and asked, “How did you know that I was coming over?”

Two more rank eight Abyss Devils emerged from behind Diga’s brother, Gavin. Diga’s mouth immediately curled into a bitter frown when he saw them.

These two rank eight Abyss Devils were no high rank Abyss Devils. They had evolved to rank eight step by step as low rank Abyss Devils.

They were also his uncle’s subordinates.

“Young Master Diga, you should’ve known better than to return to Yellow Springs Purgatory after failing to achieve anything in the Origin World. Not even our lord can break the laws to protect you, so…” One of the rank eight Abyss Devils grinned at Diga and said, “While you were gone, the Lord and Young Master Gavin had had an enjoyable time with each other. The Lord believes that Young Master Gavin has the chance of evolving his Nine Springs to Nine Purgatories and obtaining the Monarch’s true acknowledgement if he kills you and obtains your bloodline.”

“If Young Master Gavin can become the Monarch’s fourth successor, it will benefit the Lord greatly as well.”

“That is why we’ve come to help Young Master Gavin kill you. Please understand the difficult position we’ve been put in.”

Diga looked at the two Abyss Devils and his own brother, Gavin. Then, he roared angrily at the direction of the bare mountains. “If I survive this and ascend to rank nine bloodline, you’ll be the first Lord of the Abyss I will issue challenge to!”

The Lord of the Abyss residing in the bare mountains, Fagan, didn’t deign him a reply at all.

“I’m sorry, we were originally planning to wait a bit longer,” Gavin said regretfully. “After all, your bloodline may be more useful to me once you get stronger. Unfortunately for you, there’s been a madman killing our brothers and sisters left and right wherever he goes. I don’t know where he came from, but he’s so powerful that not even I’m confident that I can beat that bastard. Luckily for me, he’s still at rank eight bloodline. Once I kill you and ascend to rank nine bloodline, my safety will be secure.”

“I’m very thankful that you chose this moment to return, younger brother. Thank you so much for helping me.”

Gavin laughed like a madman after that.

Diga’s expression looked incredibly ugly. He was about to shoot back some retorts when his expression changed suddenly.

He turned to look at a demonic cloud surging in the distant sky while feeling suddenly reinvigorated.

He thought to himself, “Even Gavin has become your target, I see.” 

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