Chapter 1568: Attacking the Purgatory!

Chapter 1568: Attacking the Purgatory!

God Realm, the Temple of Gods.

The patriarch and the elders of the Darkness Family, the Bloodthirst Family, the Blaze Family, and the Light Family were all gathered in one place.

Han Che suddenly barged in from outside, and the God Race experts inside the hall immediately trained their eyes on him as quick as lightning.

“I just returned from Spirit Realm, and I heard from Qin Shan of Sky Bearing City that Qin Lie, Mia, Cang Ye, and the others have been affected by Great Sage Tian Qi’s power and sent to Yellow Springs Purgatory. Is that true?” asked Han Che sternly.

“So they’re in an Abyss purgatory!”

“It is Tian Qi’s doing!”

“That old dog deserves to die a hundred times over!”

The family elders who had lived for over a hundred millennia swore out loud before their patriarchs had even uttered a word.

“Are you sure they’re in Yellow Springs Purgatory?” asked An Hao.

Han Che nodded. “I’d spoken with that Qin Shan before. He doesn’t seem like someone who’d speak irresponsibly.”

An Hao frowned. “Even we cannot be sure which purgatory they’re in... How did that Qin Shan get this information?”

“That, I’m not sure,” replied Han Che while shaking his head.

It was at this moment the senior expert of the Blaze Family, Lieyan Ge rushed in from outside.

“That information is definitely correct. I have confirmation that they had been sent to Yellow Springs Purgatory by Tian Qi!” yelled Liayan Ge.

“Is it him?” exclaimed An Hao.

It was obvious that he trusted Lieyan Ge’s information more than Han Che’s. He also knew that that Lieyan Ge had been interacting closely with with Lieyan Yuan as of late.

After learning that Lieyan Yuan’s Perfect Blood project was actually a success, the God Race finally started reevaluating their relationship with him once more.

Lieyan Yuan was one of the three Blood and Soul Mentors. He was the most mysterious and powerful existence of the God Race since twenty millennia ago.

Today, Lieyan Yuan’s bloodline power was probably even scarier than before, especially since he had actually completed the Perfect Blood project.

They had also heard rumors of Lieyan Yuan giving Tian Qi trouble several times after learning that the latter had sent Qin Lie to the Eight Purgatories.

It was rumored that he had battled Great Sage Tian Qi multiple times at the ends of the galaxy.

Many powerful evil dragons and an expert who called himself the Blood Emperor had seized the opening to attack several realms that belonged to the Spirit Race as well.

More importantly, Lieyan Yuan hadn’t borrowed their strength even once, from the start till the end.

This probably meant that Lieyan Yuan had accumulated a sizable force of his own after twenty millennia of hiding!

“Yellow Springs Purgatory…” Han Che sucked in a deep breath before asking, “What is his plan then?”

“He believes that it is time we attack the Eight Purgatories,” declared Lieyan Ge.


All five patriarchs and the senior experts present in the temple turned pale with shock.

Some of the seated elders had even jumped onto their feet. It was obvious that they had slightly lost control of themselves.

“But this is the Eight Purgatories we’re talking about!” said a Darkness Family elder shakily.

The God Race had never stopped trying to invade the Abyss despite the passage of several million years. Every once in a while, the five God Race families would choose an Abyss level and attack it.

In the past, the God Race’s operations only succeeded half of the time.

However, most of their attempts for the past hundred thousand years or so had ended in success.

However, that was partially because they had never tried to invade the bottom eight levels of the Abyss, the Eight Purgatories.

In fact, the God Race had never truly launched a large-scale invasion on the Eight Purgatories before. They were aware the connotations behind such an invasion and the terrifying strength of the Abyss Devils that resided within.

“A new Abyss Master hasn’t appeared in the Eight Purgatories yet, so this is obviously a good opportunity to us. Moreover, our strength had grown at least a dozen or times stronger than before.” Lieyan Ge let out chuckle before continuing. “Even better, the Eight Purgatories are currently in an isolation period. What this means is that the abyss passageway going through the Eight Purgatories is closed off for a year, no Abyss Devil can make use of it.”

“This means that we may only have to deal with Yellow Springs Purgatory.”

“Moreover…” Lieyan Ge looked at his tempted clansmen and paused for a second before continuing, “The Spirit Race will coordinate with us and attack another purgatory of their own choosing as well!”

“What?” An Hao shuddered once before blurting, “Is this Great Sage Tian Qi’s real plan? Is this why he sent Qin Lie and the others into Yellow Springs Purgatory? He’s forcing us to attack the Eight Purgatories with them, isn’t he? Tian Qi and Assad are the ones who are really interested in the Eight Purgatories, aren’t they?”

Lieyan Ge shook his head. “I have no idea what Tian Qi is actually thinking. All I heard from Lieyan Yuan is that he isn’t strong enough to send us into Yellow Springs Purgatory alone.”

“Just the same, Tian Qi alone cannot carry the Spirit Race into Nine Hells Purgatory all by himself while the abyss passageway is still closed!”

“What he’s saying is that we need to work together with Tian Qi and pool together the God Race and the Spirit Race’s massive wealth and martial force. Only then he and Tian Qi can tear open a passage by force while the abyss passageway is still unavailable and deliver us to Yellow Springs Purgatory, and the Spirit Race to Nine Hells Purgatory!”

“Lieyan Yuan had already come to an agreement with Tian Qi. Now it’s all up to us.”

The God Race experts in the Temple of Gods immediately started arguing with each other vehemently after he was finished speaking.

One group supported the idea of attacking the Eight Purgatories while they were isolated. Another group was worried that this was all a ploy by the Spirit Race. The third group was worried that the Abyss Devils of the Eight Purgatories would go mad after the abyss passageway was unsealed once more.

For a long time, they weren’t able to come to a uniform agreement.

“It is my wish for our race to invade an Abyss purgatory while I’m still alive! I’d have no regrets even if our invasion were to end in failure!” a Bloodthirst Family elder said in a calm but murderously passionate tone. “At the very least, we’ll be declaring to the entire world that we, the God Race dare to attack the most dangerous place in the entire universe! The Spirit Race is going to invade Nine Hells Purgatory, right? How can we possibly lose to the likes of them?!”

The Temple of Gods suddenly turned so silent that a falling pin could be heard.

A moment later, every God Race expert in the hall was brimming with warlike passion!

“In that case, we shall attack the Eight Purgatories!”


At Yellow Springs Purgatory.

The God Race group was cultivating leisurely at a desolate, bald mountain while they awaited Diga’s return.


Some time later, Diga flew back from the distance and landed in the shadow of the mountain. He wore a complicated expression on his face.

Liu Yang couldn’t help but ask, “Do you have news of Qin Lie?”

“I do.” Diga nodded before continuing, “The entire Yellow Springs Purgatory is speaking about him as of late. There is no powerful Abyss Devil who hasn’t heard of him yet.”

A tinge of worry appeared in Cang Ye’s eyes. “How on earth did he accomplish that?”

Mia sounded curious as well. “He’s just at rank eight bloodline. He can’t have attracted the attention of a Great Lord of the Abyss, can he?”

“Well, he did.” Diga smiled bitterly. “The method is quite simple in its own right. He’s killing all my brothers and sisters like mad. He has killed at least forty of my half-siblings during the time he was gone.”

“Ah!” Mia was greatly shocked by this. “How on earth is he still alive? Are the Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss really going to let him do all he wants? What about that Dabinett?”

Diga shook his head and said, “It is as you say, actually. No rank nine Abyss Devil had deigned to attack him yet, and Dabinett is being extraordinarily silent as well.”

“But why?” Mia couldn’t understand their reaction.

Diga hesitated for a moment as his expression turned strange. “There was a rank nine Lord of the Abyss who observed Qin Lie in secret while he was killing a brother of mine. Apparently, he sensed my father’s bloodline presence in him…”

“You must be joking?” Gan Xing was stunned as well.

“It is why there are rumors claiming that he’s a descendant of my father.” Diga’s smile grew more and more bitter as he spoke. “This murderous rivalry between my siblings has been tacitly approved by my father since a long time ago. It’s possible that those Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss had fooled themselves into thinking that Qin Lie was an illegitimate child or something, and that he was tacitly permitted by my father to prove his own strength by his kin. They all thought that Qin Lie was trying to increase his strength and become a rank nine Lord of the Abyss just like those other three.”


“They believe that this is a family matter, and that Qin Lie is operating within my father’s laws. That is why they all chose to stay silent.”

“Even Dabinett wouldn’t dare to disobey my father’s wish. That is why he could do nothing but watch.”

Cang Ye frowned. “But your father…”

Diga scratched his head irritatedly and said, “That’s the strangest part, isn’t it? My father must know that Qin Lie is no son of his, and yet he hadn’t exposed Qin Lie for what he is or declared his stance.”

“Naturally, the rest of the Abyss Devils thought that his silence was an approval of sorts.”

“That is why no rank nine or rank ten Abyss Devil had dared to take action against Qin Lie, and why Qin Lie is still slaughtering to his heart’s content right now.”

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