Chapter 1568: Attacking the Purgatory!

Chapter 1568: Attacking the Purgatory!

God Realm, the Temple of Gods.

The patriarch and the elders of the Darkness Family, the Bloodthirst Family, the Blaze Family, and the Light Family were all gathered in one place.

Han Che suddenly barged in from outside, and the God Race experts inside the hall immediately trained their eyes on him as quick as lightning.

“I just returned from Spirit Realm, and I heard from Qin Shan of Sky Bearing City that Qin Lie, Mia, Cang Ye, and the others have been affected by Great Sage Tian Qi’s power and sent to Yellow Springs Purgatory. Is that true?” asked Han Che sternly.

“So they’re in an Abyss purgatory!”

“It is Tian Qi’s doing!”

“That old dog deserves to die a hundred times over!”

The family elders who had lived for over a hundred millennia swore out loud before their patriarchs had even uttered a word.

“Are you sure they’re in Yellow Springs Purgatory?” asked An Hao.

Han Che nodded. “I’d spoken with that Qin Shan before. He doesn’t seem like someone who’d...

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