Chapter 1567: Abyssal Predator

Chapter 1567: Abyssal Predator

Above the Nether River.

Qin Lie was completely unaffected by the billions of wraiths and phantoms residing inside the Nether River despite hovering right above them. In fact, he felt a little excited when he heard their screams for some reason.

It was almost as if the wraiths and phantoms were cheering for him.

The dark light that had flown out of the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb had merged completely with his Soul Altar at this point.

It had transformed into a purple crystal about the size of a thumb.

This purple crystal clearly didn’t share the same color as his Soul Altar. Although it looked tiny, the amount of truths and knowledge it contained was practically endless.

This tiny purple crystal was the reason his bloodthirst and ruthlessness had spiraled completely out of control.

In fact, he could clearly sense the purple crystal inside his Soul Altar resonating thinly with the deep purple bloodline crystals inside his own body.

When he killed Bardeen, he had extracted a trace of bloodline imprint from its body. He had also obtained the same thing from Capus and his brothers’ bodies. After the bloodline imprints had merged together with his bloodline crystals, he felt like the latter had obtained some sort of secret art and power he didn’t know yet.

What he did know was that this power allowed him to study the secrets of the Nether River contained inside the purple crystal…

Moreover, the emotion of greed kept pouring out of the purple crystal and urging him to kill more Abyss Devils who were descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch!

That greed and killing intent was so fierce that it was like a ball of purple flame had been lit inside his Soul Altar!

Slowly but surely, all his reason and calm was destroyed by the flames of greed!


His Soul Altar shuddered abruptly as they purple crystal caught something.

An instant later, Qin Lie obtained new instructions just before his reason departed his body completely.

Tens of millions of kilometers away from where he was, he sensed many bloodline presences that excited him greatly.

They all belonged to the descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch!

He could hear the screams of billions of wraiths and phantoms from above the Nether River. Their screams rumbled through his soul as if urging him to take action.

The last bit of emotion and reason inside his eyes vanished in an instant.

Qin Lie paid no heed to the little Abyss Devil who was eating Capus and his brothers’ bodies on the other side of the Nether River and took off to the distance.

A thick amount of abyss devil energy wrapped around his body like black purple clouds.

“My lord, where are you going my lord?”

Noticing the activity, the little Abyss Devil shouted when he looked up and saw that Qin Lie was leaving this place.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie didn’t pay him a second glance.

A while later, the black purple cloud that was Qin Lie had vanished from this place completely.

“I’ll definitely be able to meet my lord again when I’m strong enough… I hope I’ll be strong enough to serve him as his general one day.”

Staring at the direction where Qin Lie had disappeared to, the small rank four Abyss Devil made a solemn oath to himself before returning back to his feeding.


At a corner of Yellow Springs Purgatory.

A handsome-looking high rank Abyss Devil who looked slightly similar to Diga in terms of appearance was flirting with a bunch of beautiful female Abyss Devils inside a castle made of black stones.

Most of these beautiful female Abyss Devils were high rank Abyss Devils. They were all descendants of a local Lord of the Abyss.

Right now, they were chatting and laughing happily while eating cooked food and drinking fine wine from exquisite vessels.

Suddenly, a ball of black purple cloud appeared above the castle without warning.

The black purple cloud didn’t hesitate to unleash its violent and bloodthirsty aura in full. The coiling abyss devil energy slowly took the shake of a devilized high rank Abyss Devil.

“Where did you come from? This is the castle of Young Master Waddington, son of the Yellow Springs Monarch. How dare you intrude upon his territory without notifying him beforehand?”

A seductive-looking high rank Abyss Devil with a thin waist and huge bottom scolded Qin Lie from the ground.

“I don’t care who you are, get out of my castle right now!” said Waddington coldly.

He unleashed his own rank eight bloodline presence and stared at Qin Lie with purple lightning in his eyes.

“Splash splash splash!”

The demonic cloud hanging in the sky suddenly started raining.

These purple-colored raindrops covered the entire castle and the high rank Abyss Devils in it.

“Sizz! Sizz!”

These self-indulgent high rank Abyss Devils melted the second they were touched by the purple raindrops.

Their screams of shock and terror spread out far, far away as the castle suddenly turned into a zone of death.

“You’re from the Black Bog Abyss! This is the corrosive power from the Black Bog Abyss!”

Qin Lie suddenly descended from the sky like a hunting eagle.

His sharp nails and spikes kept robbing the rank seven and rank eight high rank Abyss Devils of their lives.

Fifteen minutes later, every single person in the castle including Waddington had been slaughtered to the last.

Once everything was done, Qin Lie absorbed the devil imprints in Waddington’s soul fragments and bloodline completely.

After that, he left the castle, listened to his bloodthirst and rushed toward his next destination without hesitation.


At a certain battlefield in Yellow Springs Purgatory, hundreds of rank six, rank seven, and rank eight Abyss Devils were screaming and tearing each other apart.

These Abyss Devils were the subordinates of two Lords of the Abyss. The two rank nine Abyss Devils didn’t take part in this battle because their intent was to temper their subordinates through warfare and increase their strength.

At a corner of the battlefield, there was a rank eight Abyss Devil about five meters tall. He had a horse-shaped lower body and four arms. He was holding a giant double-edged battle axe using all four of his four arms.

Every time he swung his battle axe, the terrific energy he conjured caused even the bloodlines of nearby Abyss Devils to crumble.

Moreover, his battle axe seemed to be imbued with a strange soul energy. It shattered his enemies’ concentration every time it was swung.

Very few people knew that this Abyss Devil was actually a descendant of the Yellow Spring Monarch.

It was true that he didn’t look like a high rank Abyss Devil. His mother was just a low rank Abyss Devil, so his bloodline wasn’t pure enough to transform him into a high rank Abyss Devil completely.

That was why he had deigned himself to join the ranks of a Lord of the Abyss. He sought to prove his strength and improve his bloodline through battle.


Eyes filled with hatred and malice, he swung his battle axe and caused demonic shockwaves to spread all over the place.

All nearby Abyss Devils who were caught in the blast swayed unsteadily no matter how big they were.

Every time his battle axe was swung, an Abyss Devil would be sent flying all over the place in pieces.

Suddenly, a demonic cloud descended from the sky without warning.

The axe-wielding Abyss Devil turned to look at the sky, and an average-sized Abyss Devil figure flew out of the cloud, straight at him at unimaginable speed.


The Abyss Devil figure pierced right through his body like a living sword. His giant battle axe fell powerlessly on the ground.


Inside a mountain.

An ugly and obese female high rank Abyss Devil laughed madly as she sat on top of a beautiful-looking high rank Abyss Devil.

“Your father might’ve been a Lord of the Abyss in the past, but that only lasted until Dabinett took his life! Who else could protect you when even the source of your bloodline is gone now?”

The huge and fat Abyss Devil continued to laugh sinisterly as she humiliated that beautiful Abyss Devil.

“But my father is the Yellow Springs Monarch! Even my mother is a Lord of the Abyss! We may both be high rank Abyss Devils, but our status is truly as different as heaven and earth! If you don’t serve me well, then both you and your younger sisters will die!”


She laughed arrogantly as she tore bloody gashes across the beautiful Abyss Devil’s naked chest.

Suddenly, a Abyss Devil figure entered the mountain in a flash.

Countless beams of sharp golden light could be seen flying everywhere inside the well lit cave.


The obese female Abyss Devil was instantly riddled with holes like a beehive.


Her blood and soul fragments flew out of the cave like a purple ribbon, but the Abyss Devil who had committed the murder was rushing toward his next destination already.

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