Chapter 1567: Abyssal Predator

Chapter 1567: Abyssal Predator

Above the Nether River.

Qin Lie was completely unaffected by the billions of wraiths and phantoms residing inside the Nether River despite hovering right above them. In fact, he felt a little excited when he heard their screams for some reason.

It was almost as if the wraiths and phantoms were cheering for him.

The dark light that had flown out of the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb had merged completely with his Soul Altar at this point.

It had transformed into a purple crystal about the size of a thumb.

This purple crystal clearly didn’t share the same color as his Soul Altar. Although it looked tiny, the amount of truths and knowledge it contained was practically endless.

This tiny purple crystal was the reason his bloodthirst and ruthlessness had spiraled completely out of control.

In fact, he could clearly sense the purple...

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