Chapter 1566: Once More to the Nether River!

Chapter 1566: Once More to the Nether River!

Cang Ye’s group quickly left the battlefield with Diga leading the way.

Not long later, they had arrived at the back of a gray brown–colored mountain.

This mountain was about several hundred kilometers away from the battlefield.

Suddenly, Diga came to a stop and sat on the ground. His face was riddled with shock and disbelief.

The God Race clansmen didn’t understand what was going on, but they were wearing serious expressions on their faces as well. They all noticed that something strange might have happened to Qin Lie, and looked to Diga for answers.

Diga kept breathing deeply as if he was trying to calm himself down. A while later, he finally began, “Qin Lie wanted to kill me just now.”

“You’re an Abyss Devil, and he’s a God Race clansman. What’s so strange about that?” taunted Mia coldly.

“That’s not it.” Diga shook his head and paid no heed to the ridicule and scorn in Mia’s tone. “His killing intent had nothing to do with racial bias. It’s because of my bloodline. I could sense his desire for my bloodline!”

“What do you mean?” asked Cang Ye curiously.

“I can sense the Nether River inside...

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