Chapter 1565: Losing Control

Chapter 1565: Losing Control

It was shocking enough that a bunch of God Race clansmen had appeared in Yellow Springs Purgatory out of nowhere. Now, things looked even worse because they were colluding with each other.

The two Abyss Devils immediately felt fear after noticing that Mia and Qin Lie were apparently very familiar with each other.

They thought that the God Race was launching a large scale invasion onto Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Qin Lie shot Mia a glance before asking, “You sure you want to deal with both of them alone?”

Mia lifted her head proudly before replying, “I entered rank eight sooner than even Cang Ye.”

“Alright,” replied Qin Lie while nodding.

His purple black figure suddenly shattered into smithereens like he was made out of glass.

He gradually disappeared as bits of ice scattered all over the place.

Mia’s eyes lit up. She realized that Qin Lie was using a frost escape art to teleport away instantaneously.

This meant that Qin Lie’s understand of ice element had reached an incredibly high level.

“As I thought, a guy who awakened Absolute Zero cannot be average,” thought Mia.


Qin Lie appeared next to Diga like a ghost.

Bardeen was an Abyss Devil with the bloodline ability “Nine Springs” just like Diga. He was engaging Diga in fierce battle when he suddenly noticed Qin Lie’s appearance and frowned.

“The God Race…”

Bardeen had heard the Abyss Devils’ shouts.

He knew very well it was absolutely abnormal for a bunch of God Race clansmen to appear in a purgatory.

He even thought that Diga was the one who brought the God Race over because of his exile and hatred for Yellow Springs Purgatory.

For countless years, the God Race had never gotten past the first one hundred levels despite invading the Abyss constantly.

Occasionally, an expert or two would show up and shine like a star, but the God Race had never launched a large scale invasion into the Eight Purgatories.

It was because the Abyss Devils of the Eight Purgatories were extremely powerful, and they risked destabilizing each other if they were to engage in bloody war.

The war between the God Race and the Eight Purgatories had a high chance of resulting in the death of the entire God Race. Just the same, the Eight Purgatories might cease to exist altogether!

That was why both races had cautiously avoided contact with one another up until this point. It was because they knew that no one had a real upper hand over the other.

Although a God Race group or two would occasionally show up in the purgatories, they were careful to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

However, these rank eight God Race warriors were clearly colluding with that unknown high rank Abyss Devil. It was why Bardeen believed that a drastic change was about to visit Yellow Springs Purgatory very soon!

He was even starting to suspect that the other purgatories had arrived at a secret agreement with the God Race.

“The Eight Purgatories have never been invaded by a foreign race. Is Yellow Springs Purgatory going to be the first?”

Bardeen could hardly hide his shock. When he set his eyes on Diga and Qin Lie again, they had become important pawns that would bring great chaos to the Eight Purgatories in the years to come.

“I must inform Dabinnet, all of the Lords, and father as soon as possible!”

Bardeen shouted when he thought up till this point, “Bloodline Connection!”

Five of the nine pythons suddenly flew away from him and joined together with the other five Abyss Devils’ abyss devil energy.


The five rank eight Abyss Devils suddenly roared as if their lives were nearing their end. Blood started seeping out of their bodies.

The five Abyss Devils’ bloodline aura grew richer and stronger as if they had gotten another boost.


The domain of infinite darkness Cang Ye had created actually crumbled after it was hit by an Abyss Devil’s roar.

Purple black abyss devil energy could be pouring out of the Abyss Devil’s cracked, enlarged body.


Despite being clad in heavy armor, Cang Ye was pushed out of her zone of darkness by the purple black abyss devil energy.

Qin Lie split his attention for a second to look at the other four Abyss Devils, and he noticed that all of them had become stronger after Bardeen’s devil pythons had entered their bodies.

What really astonished him though was the fact that Bardeen had actually gotten stronger despite losing five of his Abyss Devil pythons. He was growing stronger, bigger and fiercer by the minute.

“Hold on! This is a cruel secret art that depletes one’s bloodline! They can’t sustain this for long!” yelled Diga.

Qin Lie abruptly understood.

Bardeen’s “Bloodline Connection” ability allowed him to connect with the other five Abyss Devils and wrung out all of their potential.

The secret art made them a lot stronger than before, but it came at the cost of their own bloodline power.

There was no way Bardeen’s group could sustain this state for long.

However, all Bardeen needed right now was time!

One moment was all he needed to inform Dabinett and the other Lords of the Yellow Springs Purgatory about the God Race’s arrival!

“Don’t give him time!” shouted Diga a second time.

The patterns on his nine blades suddenly took on the shape of a devil eye.

The eerie-looking eyeballs were present on every one of Diga’s blades. The soul ripple emanating from them was incredibly powerful.

The four pythons Bardeen had created with his bloodline ability looked a little afraid of the phenomenon.

Qin Lie’s purple pupils slowly turned transparent.

The blue flame burning in his eyes suddenly fired off an aura of death straight towards Bardeen.

Qin Lie had used his Soul Race secret art again!

He had gathered all of his consciousness and fired it straight at his opponent’s eyes!

Suddenly, the dark light sealed inside the Soul Suppressing Orb’s fourth space started blinking again.

In that instant, Qin Lie heard the cries of a million ghosts.

The Nether River not too far away from him suddenly moved a bit.


Bardeen instantly bled from every orifice. His eyeballs even exploded upon contact.

The nine holes scattered across Bardeen’s chest started bleeding rich blood profusely.

The nine pythons made up of his bloodline and soul power tried to fly back into Bardeen’s body, but they all melted into pools of blood before they even reached him.

Both kinds of blood became mixed with one another.

Bardeen’s soul was fully dead at this moment. However, bits of dark purple light suddenly flew out of his soul as if it was attracted by the Soul Suppressing Orb.

A flash later, the specks of light entered Qin Lie’s glabella.

The moment the dots of purple light had entered the fourth space, the dark light trapped it and started absorbing it at a rapid pace.

The blood pooling from under Bardeen’s body seemed to be moving toward Qin Lie of its own accord.

Dazed and distracted, Qin Lie didn’t notice the blood slipping into his body from beneath his feet until it was already too late.

The deep purple bloodline crystals inside Qin Lie’s body moved out of his second heart and into his feet. Then, they started extracting what seemed like many bloodline imprints from Bardeen’s bloodline.

Everything had happened in the blink of an eye. A fraction of a second stood between Diga’s shout and Bardeen’s death.

By the time Diga came to realize that Bardeen was dead, a terrifying aura was emanating from Qin Lie’s body already.

When Diga tried to probe Qin Lie’s aura, he noticed that his bloodline was rejecting Qin Lie as if urging him to stay away from Qin Lie as much as possible.

“Qin Lie! Why, why do I sense the Nether River in you?” shouted Diga suddenly.

In that moment, he could smell the eerie scent of the Nether River in Qin Lie’s aura.

“I, I had gotten something from the Nether River. I don’t know what that thing is either.”

Right now, Qin Lie felt like his mind was a complete mess. He could feel the dark light’s greed towards Bardeen’s soul and bloodline even though it was supposed to be sealed inside the fourth space of his Soul Suppressing Orb.

In fact, while he was conversing with Diga, an evil thought kept urging him to kill Diga as well!

It was as if Bardeen and Diga’s soul and bloodline contained something that the dark light desired greatly.

The only common point between Bardeen and Diga was their racial identity and their bloodline.

They were both the descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch!

“The Yellow Springs Monarch!”

Qin Lie shuddered as if he realized something. Then, the dark light flew out of the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb and into his one-level Soul Altar!

In that moment, the entire world turned upside down as a terrible change occurred to both his Soul Altar and his soul.

Even the Flaming Sun Abyss seemed to be undergoing a drastic change after the dark light had entered his Soul Altar.

His head was hurting like mad, and his consciousness was growing blurrier and blurrier. He couldn’t even remember who he was now.

He had no idea that the billions and billions of wraiths and phantoms residing in the Nether River close to him were screaming in mad excitement right now.

“Run! Get away from me right now!”

Before he lost his reason completely, Qin Lie glared fiercely at Diga and the God Race clansmen before shouting angrily.

“What’s wrong with him?” exclaimed Mia in surprise.

“We must leave! We must leave him before he loses control completely!” Diga immediately backed away from Qin Lie before shouting at the God Race clansmen.

Qin Lie suddenly directed his fearsome gaze at the remaining five rank eight Abyss Devils.

“Bang! Bang bang bang bang!"

The blood immediately burst out of the five rank eight Abyss Devils’ bodies.

Their massive bodies started crumpling slowly like a punctured balloon.

“Leave! We must leave! I’ll tell you what happened to him after we’re safe!” shouted Diga.

Cang Ye and the others only hesitated for a moment. They were afraid to after seeing Qin Lie’s near manic state.

They all followed Diga and left.

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