Chapter 1565: Losing Control

Chapter 1565: Losing Control

It was shocking enough that a bunch of God Race clansmen had appeared in Yellow Springs Purgatory out of nowhere. Now, things looked even worse because they were colluding with each other.

The two Abyss Devils immediately felt fear after noticing that Mia and Qin Lie were apparently very familiar with each other.

They thought that the God Race was launching a large scale invasion onto Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Qin Lie shot Mia a glance before asking, “You sure you want to deal with both of them alone?”

Mia lifted her head proudly before replying, “I entered rank eight sooner than even Cang Ye.”

“Alright,” replied Qin Lie while nodding.

His purple black figure suddenly shattered into smithereens like he was made out of glass.

He gradually disappeared as bits of ice scattered all over the place.

Mia’s eyes lit up. She realized that Qin Lie was using a frost escape art to teleport away instantaneously.

This meant that Qin Lie’s understand of ice element had reached...

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