Chapter 1564: Fighting Again

Chapter 1564: Fighting Again

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

Nine glowing devil blades flew out of Diga’s body and wailed down on the Abyss Devil patterns repeatedly.

The devil patterns floating around the area like seaweeds were all controlled by Bardeen’s bloodline power.

These patterns made Qin Lie’s Abyss Devil Race bloodline grow violent and bloodthirsty.

When he probed inside his body, Qin Lie noticed that the purple bloodline crystals inside his second heart were dancing wildly like fiendish snakes.

A mad killing intent slowly gathered in his heart. The devil patterns immediately converged their powers on it as if they had found an outlet the moment it was formed.

A blast of energy and blood power carrying Bardeen’s presence in it instantly reached his heart through the Abyss Devil patterns.

“Qin Lie!”

Diga shouted again after his blades had cut down some of the Abyss Devil patterns nearby.

Some of the seaweed-like dpatterns were turned to dust under the power of Diga’s blades.

The presence that had slipped into his heart and the unnatural killing intent that appeared without warning suddenly vanished without a trace.

Qin Lie actually felt a little disappointed that the attack was destroyed this easily…

Even though Bardeen had activated his bloodline ability and tried to take advantage of him while he was distracted, Qin Lie didn’t believe that he truly had the power to make him lose control of himself.

He was certain that it was within his capabilities to control.

Still, he didn’t wait for Bardeen to launch another attack after Diga had cut down the devil patterns with his blades.

“Absolute Freeze.”

He pointed at the remaining patterns and summoned the frost spirit energy inside his dantian spirit sea. The Frost Concept Diagram inside his Soul Altar started rotating slowly as well.

Qin Lie imagined that he was in the cold Frost Desolation Abyss, and thought up the concept of Absolute Frost.

It was the truth and power of absolute frost he had learned from the Frost Concept Diagram and the laws of the Profound Ice Family’s frost bloodline.

The abyss devil energy he unleashed from his Abyss Devil Race bloodline immediately turned cold and icy with this change.

A frost domain spread out from Qin Lie and enveloped Bardeen and the five Abyss Devils instantly.

“Crack crack!”

The floating patterns started moving sluggishly. It was as if they had fallen into an ice hole.

Surprise colored Bardeen’s eyes. “You’re not from the Black Bog Abyss? This cold bloodline… is either from the Icestone Abyss or the Frost Desolation Abyss!”

A savage glean passed through Qin Lie’s eyes, and he grinned at Bardeen before yelling, “Shatter!”


Ice storms and giant explosions started happening everywhere within his range of power.

Even the sky became filled with flying ice.

The devil patterns that were already affected by Qin Lie’s power of frost in the first place instantly shattered into bits under the ice storm’s power.

Bardeen’s expression turned cold as his heartbeat quickened!

The ice on the ground melted away to reveal many droplets of purple blood.

The purple droplets started rolling and converging above the icestone like it had a life or consciousness of its own.

At the same time, a rich amount of abyss devil energy started pouring out of the nine pores stretched across Bardeen’s chest.

“Nine Springs,” said Bardeen solemnly.

The nine ancient and pure wisps of abyss devil energy flew away from his chest and sought out the rolling blood beads.

The blood beads automatically took to the air and met up with the abyss devil energy that looked like purple pythons when the former got close.

When the threads of abyss devil energy and the blood beads met, it was as if nine ghastly pythons had been granted flesh and blood in an instant.

A powerful bloodline aura mixed with Bardeen’s soul presence emanated from the nine black purple pythons.

The pythons’ bodies were covered in with distinct devil patterns. They looked exactly the same as the patterns floating around Qin Lie’s body seconds earlier.

“So, you’ve finally decided to use father’s bloodline power.”

Diga’s expression turned serious when the nine pythons had appeared. He abruptly withdrew his own nine dazzling blades.

“Watch out,” he told Qin Lie.

Behind Bardeen, a powerful rank eight Abyss Devil glanced back and forth between Bardeen’s nine pythons and Diga’s nine blades before saying, “This is the Yellow Springs Monarch’s unique bloodline ability, Nine Springs, and only those who manage to evolve Nine Springs to Nine Purgatories would be acknowledged by the Yellow Springs Monarch. Neither of them had managed such a breakthrough yet, or they would be guarding a corner of Yellow Springs Purgatory like those three fellows instead of trying to kill each other here.”

After that, he said to the other four Abyss Devils, “Bardeen and Diga are evenly matched, and a victor won’t be decided anytime soon. Let’s ignore them and kill that fellow who came from Nine Hells Purgatory. Once he’s dead, we can help Bardeen kill Diga.”

“Understood.” All four of Dabinett’s subordinates nodded in unison.

The five rank eight Abyss Devils roared loudly before firing their bloodline power like rivers at Qin Lie without warning.

At the same time, their bodies seemed to vanish into the river of qi and blood they created.

“Boom! Boom boom boom boom!”

The instant their bodies had vanished completely, Qin Lie was suddenly struck five times in a row and knocked back several hundred meters away from his original spot.

A spurt of blood rose to the tip of his throat. He was this close from vomiting blood.

The five streams of black abyss devil energy continued to float menacingly in the air. The violent flesh and blood energy they contained seemed overwhelming even to him.

Somehow, the bloodline power of the five rank eight Abyss Devils had become more than twice as powerful as before!

“They can enhance their strength massively through a bloodline secret art!? They’re definitely much stronger than those three rank eight Abyss Devils from earlier!”

After halting his momentum and staring cold at the sky, Qin Lie yelled, “Advanced devilization!”


His Abyss Devil bones and veins crackled loudly in response. His second heart started beating powerfully as well.

A dozen or so seconds later, Qin Lie completed his advanced devilization and became much taller.

His Abyss Devil Race bloodline started boiling up violently.

Just like the five rank eight Abyss Devils, his bloodline power had increased massively after advanced devilization was complete.

His chest wound wasn’t even hurting anymore despite being struck five times in a row by his enemies.


His devilized body cut through the air and slammed straight into a purple abyss devil energy.


Inside the the purple abyss devil energy, the rank eight Abyss Devil who commented on Bardeen and Diga’s strength earlier swung an anchor-sized claw straight at Qin Lie.

A cold, metallic luster could be seen around his claw. It was clear that it was imbued with some sort of metallic bloodline ability.

“Bam! Bang bang bang!”

Qin Lie’s fingernails suddenly grew bigger like five short knives and clashed against the enemy’s devil claw dozens of times in just a fraction of a second.

Suddenly, Qin Lie slammed an elbow spike straight towards the enemy’s belly.


The rank eight Abyss Devil’s stomach was covered in pitch black battle armor, but it was penetrated in one hit all the same.


The Abyss Devil screamed before hiding back inside his shield of abyss devil energy once more.

The other four of Dabinett’s subordinates somehow took his place instead.

It was at this moment Qin Lie noticed that the nearby sky was being flooded by true darkness.

A delicate but heavily armored figure appeared from where the darkness swallowed everything.

It only took an instant for the distant sky to become covered in darkness completely, including the purple black river.


The Abyss Devil Qin Lie just wounded let out an ear-piercing scream from the purple black river.

“There’s a God Race clansman!”

It was obvious that Cang Ye was hoping to deal a heavy blow to that Abyss Devil Qin Lie had just wounded before it could heal itself up.

Behind the darkness, Gan Xing, Mia, Xuan Luo, and the others had shown up as well.

Two out of four of the Abyss Devils Qin Lie was fighting immediately flew off after hearing their companion’s scream.

The pressure on him immediately lessened by a great degree.

“Bardeen! The God Race clansmen are here! Inform the lord immediately!”

“Quickly! The God Race may be planning a large scale invasion!”

The two Abyss Devils who flew away from Qin Lie shouted towards Bardeen in warning.

It looked like Bardeen was the only one who could contact Dabinett immediately.

“Qin Lie! I need your help to fight Bardeen!” yelled Diga.

“Leave these two to me,” said Mia confidently after appearing next to Qin Lie without warning.

“You, you!” The two Abyss Devils before Qin Lie turned pale. “You’re colluding with the God Race!? Diga, Diga must’ve colluded with the God Race as well!”

In their eyes, Qin Lie was just a high rank Abyss Devil. Considering how close Mia had sounded when she spoke to Qin Lie, it had to mean that Qin Lie had betrayed the Abyss.

No one had expected a high rank Abyss Devil to collude with the God Race. The situation immediately looked unfavorable for them.

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