Chapter 1564: Fighting Again

Chapter 1564: Fighting Again

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

Nine glowing devil blades flew out of Diga’s body and wailed down on the Abyss Devil patterns repeatedly.

The devil patterns floating around the area like seaweeds were all controlled by Bardeen’s bloodline power.

These patterns made Qin Lie’s Abyss Devil Race bloodline grow violent and bloodthirsty.

When he probed inside his body, Qin Lie noticed that the purple bloodline crystals inside his second heart were dancing wildly like fiendish snakes.

A mad killing intent slowly gathered in his heart. The devil patterns immediately converged their powers on it as if they had found an outlet the moment it was formed.

A blast of energy and blood power carrying Bardeen’s presence in it instantly reached his heart through the Abyss Devil patterns.

“Qin Lie!”

Diga shouted again after his blades had cut down some of the Abyss Devil patterns nearby.

Some of the seaweed-like dpatterns were turned...

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