Chapter 1563: Hand and Feet Fighting Each Other

Chapter 1563: Hand and Feet Fighting Each Other

"How many brothers do you have? We keep running into them," Qin Lie teased.

"Regretfully, whenever I meet my brothers, one has to die," Diga said indifferently.

He frowned and thought. He said to Cang Ye and the others, "Hide first. When Bardeen comes with Dabinett's subordinates, appear suddenly after we attack."

"That high rank Abyss Devil is called Bardeen?" Qin Lie asked.

"Yes, another half-brother of mine. But much stronger than Capus and those good for nothings." Diga evaluated the strength of the two sides and looked at Qin Lie and the others. "I believe that I can win against Bardeen, but I fear I must pay a price to kill him. I hope that you can work with me after Bardeen appears. Of them, only Bardeen has the ability to spread the news."

Qin Lie nodded. "Alright."

Cang Ye...

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