Chapter 1563: Hand and Feet Fighting Each Other

Chapter 1563: Hand and Feet Fighting Each Other

"How many brothers do you have? We keep running into them," Qin Lie teased.

"Regretfully, whenever I meet my brothers, one has to die," Diga said indifferently.

He frowned and thought. He said to Cang Ye and the others, "Hide first. When Bardeen comes with Dabinett's subordinates, appear suddenly after we attack."

"That high rank Abyss Devil is called Bardeen?" Qin Lie asked.

"Yes, another half-brother of mine. But much stronger than Capus and those good for nothings." Diga evaluated the strength of the two sides and looked at Qin Lie and the others. "I believe that I can win against Bardeen, but I fear I must pay a price to kill him. I hope that you can work with me after Bardeen appears. Of them, only Bardeen has the ability to spread the news."

Qin Lie nodded. "Alright."

Cang Ye and the others hid their bloodline presence and soul vibrations after Diga's request, their bodies gradually disappearing.

"Not bad..." Diga muttered.

With his soul sense, he did not detect anything when Cang Ye and the others hid themselves.

He believed that Bardeen was not as good as him in soul sense.

"Bardeen is able to catch up because of me," Diga snorted and said. "Bardeen has a powerful sense of smell that comes from his mother's bloodline latent ability. That kind of sense is unlike soul perception and is based solely on bloodline presence. I have my father's bloodline presence and he should have chased us here due to that."

"Do the two of you have any past grievances" Qin Lie asked curiously.

"I have a full-blood sister. Bardeen once harmed her. At the time, I was not strong enough. While I managed to protect my younger sister, I was seriously wounded by Bardeen." Diga's gaze was cold like a bloodthirsty snake. "If one of my uncles wasn't coincidentally nearby, he would have killed me."

"If your brother wants to kill you, why did you protect your younger sister? Based on what you said, don't brothers fight and kill each other?" Qin Lie was even more shocked.

Diga's face convulsed and said, "In this world, my younger sister is the only one I cannot act against. This is why I am inferior to my older brother..."

Qin Lie's expression darkened. "Your older brother?"

"Siblings from the same parents have the most similarities in their bloodline, and can complement each other best." Diga inhaled deeply and said, "Killing ten brothers of a different mother is not as beneficial as killing the two of us."

Qin Lie was shocked.

Diga's expression was bitter as he said, "After all, which one of the three my father recognized hasn't killed all their full-blood siblings and merged their bloodlines into theirs to become truly strong?"

"Unreasonable madmen," Qin Lie shook his head and lamented.

He really had not expected the children of the Yellow Springs Monarch to have such cruel and inhuman competition between them.

Compared to Diga's experiences, he suddenly felt he was much luckier.

As he thought this, he detected Dabinett's six subordinates slowly coming close.

The high rank Abyss Devils led by Bardeen seemed to feel that he and Diga could not feel their arrival. They suddenly became careful and wanted to make an ambush.

"Naive." Diga mocked.

"Yes,” said Bardeen as Diga flew out of the shadows. "I almost forgot, Diga, you are the most skilled in soul power."

When he appeared, the other five rank eight Abyss Devils also revealed their vicious and enormous bodies.

The five Abyss Devils whose bloodlines reached rank eight were not especially large, but their bloodline presences were like five erupting volcanoes.

Despite being at the same bloodline rank, each of these five was stronger than the three he had killed earlier.

However, these five still could not compare to Bardeen.

Bardeen's bloodline presence was wild and his soul fluctuations were dense.

He was a powerful Abyss Devil who could rival Diga.

"Who is this?" He noticed Qin Lie.

"A friend," Diga answered.

Qin Lie grinned at Bardeen.

He did not activate his Abyss Devil Race bloodline and wasn't in his Abyss Devil state. However, his purple hair and purple eyes were the signs of a high rank Abyss Devil.

This was Yellow Springs Purgatory. Purple hair and purple eyes. He stood together with Diga, and also gave off a faint Abyss presence. Anyone would think he was a Abyss Devil.

Bardeen was not an exception. "Friend, Diga's friend. Haha, Diga hasn't told you he has been exiled? If he dares appear in Yellow Springs Purgatory, any Abyss Devil can kill him?"

"I know this. What of it?" Qin Lie said with a calm expression, "You warn me specifically of this because you want to tell me I will be killed with Diga? Be killed... by you?"

"Smart, haha, as expected of a high rank, as smart as expected!" Bardeen snarled and laughed. "You must come from Nine Hells Purgatory? I heard that Diga had connections there. You come with him to Yellow Springs Purgatory. It seems you have a good relationship, since that's so..."

Dots of dark purple light suddenly flew from the sky like purple rain.

Before Bardeen finished speaking, the dark purple lights landed on his shoulder.

"Pew pew!"

The dark light dissolved several holes in Bardeen's black armor on his shoulders. When the dark light touched his flesh, he bared his teeth and screamed.

The other five rank eight Abyss Devils also roared as the dark purple light touched their bodies.


At this time, Qin Lie murmured mentally and his gaze became dark and deep.

The corrosive bloodline ability came from the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake Nivitt. Yet as his Abyss Devil Race bloodline grew stronger in his body, when the Abyss Devil Race bloodline took over his second heart, he realized the source of Ancient Beast Race bloodline was actually from the Devils of the Abyss.

After this, he learned of the great bloodline systems.

The bloodlines of Nivitt, Teng Yuan, and the Beast Kings all merged into his Abyss Devil Race bloodline system.

The "corrosion" bloodline latent ability of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake also became an ability of the Abyss Devil part of his bloodline.

With all this, he concluded that the bloodline source of Silver Streak Heavenly Snake was most likely the Black Bog Abyss.

Cohen, the Abyss Devil of the Black Bog Abyss that he had met at the Flaming Sun Abyss, was skilled in this kind of corrosive power.

Demon God Ming Xuao's core bloodline was also related to corrosion, and originated from the Black Bog Abyss.

"Black Bog Abyss!"

Bardeen screamed. He looked at the hole in his shoulders, and then immediately used a black bone blade to cut the flesh touched by purple light out of his body.

The other five Dabinett subordinates next to him frowned upon hearing of the Black Bog Abyss.

They hurriedly tore out the pieces of flesh touched by purple light, just like Bardeen.

Despite such drastic measures, they didn’t even let out a grunt.

The sinews of the torn flesh twisted like earthworms, and were filled with bloodline power.

After a while, the torn wounds stopped bleeding. New flesh started to grow due to the healing of the powerful bloodline power.

The Abyss Devils' powerful ability to recover displayed itself in front of Qin Lie.

"Poof! Poof poof!"

Purple curtains of light came off Bardeen and the five Abyss Devils. Made of bloodline power, this light was supposed to shield them.

"Do not let the corrosive power touch you." Bardeen's expression was dark as he looked coldly at Qin Lie. He said, "The Black Bog Abyss is very terrifying and difficult in the upper hundred levels of the Abyss. But you do not know the disparity between the hundred levels and the Eight Purgatories!"

Bardeen suddenly closed his eyes.

A strange and cold ripple spread from Bardeen in all directions.

A moment later, dense Abyss Devil Race patterns appeared in the space between Qin Lie, Diga, and the other five Abyss Devils.

Under Bardeen’s control, they slowly moved, as though they were algae swimming through the air.

Qin Lie felt that the Abyss Devil Race bloodline power in his body seemed to become restless and hard to control when these patterns appeared.

"I fear you cannot kill me with just your mother's bloodline," Diga said coldly.

Nine blinding devil blades suddenly flew out of Diga's body.

Those blades were all extremely sharp as they flashed and cut at the Abyss Devil Race patterns in the air.

"Qin Lie! Help me kill him!" Diga shouted.

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