Chapter 1560: Closed For a Year

Chapter 1560: Closed For a Year

Qin Lie only turned his attention back to Diga after Mia had shut up.

“I wouldn’t suggest you to head to the abyss passageway right now,” said Diga seriously.

“Why?” Qin Lie couldn’t think of a reason.

“Even if you make a beeline to the abyss passageway right now, you still won’t be able to leave this purgatory.” Diga pointed at the Nether River and explained, “The barrier around the Nether River disappears for fifteen minutes every one millennium or so. During this period, all low rank Abyss Devils are given the opportunity to cross over from low level hunting grounds to high level hunting grounds. The Nether River isn’t something that’s unique to the Yellow Springs Purgatory. It is a long river that connects all Eight Purgatories together, so this barrier phenomenon is the same in all other purgatories as well.”

“Once fifteen minutes have passed, the abyss passageway at the Eight Purgatories will automatically be closed for an entire year.

“During this time, no one can use the abyss passageway to travel to other places or even the one hundred Abyss.”

“That is why I had rushed back to the Yellow Springs Purgatory. I didn’t want to have to wait for another year to come home.”

Diga’s detailed explanation came to an end here.

Everyone wore heavy looks on their faces after hearing Diga’s explanation. They felt that their chance of survival was literally slipping through their grasp.

The Eight Purgatories’ entrances to the abyss passageway were closed for an entire year after the Nether River’s barrier had fallen for fifteen minutes. This meant that they were stuck in the Yellow Springs Purgatory for a year at minimum.

If they were all Abyss Devils, then surviving a year in the Yellow Springs Purgatory wouldn’t be too much trouble.

However, they were God Race clansmen…

It was nearly impossible to remain hidden in their enemy’s territory for an entire year.

“Are you sure that the abyss passageway’s closing is related to the Nether River’s barrier?” asked Qin Lie heavily.

“To be honest, I’m not sure if there’s a connection between the two. All I know is that this was the way it was since I was born in Yellow Springs Purgatory.” Diga looked at them with odd eyes before asking, “Speaking of which… how on earth did you guys come here in the first place? And how did you appear on the other side of the Nether River?”

Instead of answering Diga’s question, Qin Lie looked at the God Race clansmen before asking, “What is our next move?”

However, Cang Ye and the others simply shook their heads in silence.

“Regardless, my advice to you is to leave this place as soon as you can.” Diga hesitated for a moment before saying, “Do you know who that rank eight Abyss Devil you killed on the other side of the Nether River was?”

“Can you tell me?” asked Qin Lie curiously.

“His name is Lamont, and he’s Dabinett’s younger brother. Two thousand years ago, Dabinett had forbidden Lamont from crossing the Nether River because his bloodline was only rank six at the time.” Diga said seriously. “Dabinett became extremely famous after he crossed over to this part of the land, and he is currently the Lord of the Abyss with the highest chance of ascending to rank ten. From what I heard, Dabinett knew that his younger brother was going to cross the Nether River, but he didn’t arrange anything in particular to help him. Do you know why?”

Qin Lie shook his head.

“Dabinett knew that there’d be three rank eight Abyss Devils interfering with the crossing, but he still didn’t take action because he was confident in his younger brother’s strength,” explained Diga.

“But what does that have to do with me?” asked Qin Lie in confusion.

“Dabinett didn’t do anything because he knew his younger brother would survive the crossing, but then you appeared out of nowhere and killed him yourself.” Diga smiled bitterly at Qin Lie.

“You’re saying… that he’ll hunt me down.” Qin Lie looked extraordinarily pale when he said this.

“Dabinett’s Abyss Devils will probably be showing up very soon. There are two reasons why Dabinett had chosen not to interfere with his younger brother’s crossing: One, he’s confident in his younger brother’s abilities. Two, he’s letting his younger brother build up his own fame and momentum.” Diga sighed once before continuing, “You had disrupted Dabinett’s plan and killed his younger brother. There’s no way he’d let you go. Moreover, you’re accompanied by a group of God Race clansmen. The moment his subordinates show up and discover you, they will attempt to kill you, your friends, and even me.”

“Dabinett’s subordinates are much, much stronger than the guys you just killed,” said Diga seriously.

Suddenly, Qin Lie noticed that the dark light in the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb had stopped blinking.

He immediately realized that the barrier surrounding the Nether River had returned to normal.

It would appear that he wouldn’t be able to borrow the power of the wraiths and the phantoms to eliminate his problems by force.

“If you wish to survive, you cannot allow his subordinates to see them no matter what.” Diga pointed at the God Race clansmen.

“In that case, you lead the way!” declared Qin Lie.

Diga’s expression looked a little strange, but he ultimately agreed to Qin Lie’s demand and said, “Come with me.”

He started flying towards a particular direction.

“Qin Lie…” Mia looked like she wanted to say something.

It was obvious that she didn’t trust the Abyss Devil named Diga. That was why she couldn’t hold herself back from reminding Qin Lie after Diga had flown far enough away from them.

“We’re completely unfamiliar with Yellow Springs Purgatory, and we have no choice but to stay here for an entire year. We need a guide, even if this guide is an Abyss Devil himself! It’s a gamble we must make!” explained Qin Lie impatiently before flying after Diga.

“He’s right.” Cang Ye threw down one line and followed behind Qin Lie immediately.

Gan Xing and Liu Yang didn’t even bother to say anything.

Even Xuan Luo said after a moment of hesitation, “He’s right most of the time.” After that, he flew after Qin Lie as well.

“Bastards! You’re all bastards!” swore Mia before taking to the sky.

An hour later.

A high rank Abyss Devil leading five powerful rank eight Abyss Devils suddenly appeared where Qin Lie and the others were.

“It’s Capus’s dead body!”

The high rank Abyss Devil stared coldly at the three dead Abyss Devils on the ground. There was no real emotion behind his eyes.

It would appear that Capus and his brothers meant nothing to him, not even if they were the direct descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch. He didn’t concern himself with their life or death.

“Eh?! There are no Nether River crossers! There aren’t even any surviving Abyss Devils!” He looked to the other side of the Nether River before turning pale suddenly. “The lord’s younger brother is dead! Lamont is dead on the other side of the Nether River!”

“How is that possible? Lamont was already a strong Abyss Devil even two millennia ago when the five of us came over with our lord!” A giant Abyss Devil with a single horn on his head shouted, “Those three fellows may be strong enough to wound Lamont, but there’s no way they can kill him, no matter what! Lamont should be alive and well with us, not dead on the other side of the Nether River!”

“Something’s not right. Everyone’s dead! Not only is Capus dead, those three rank eight Abyss Devils are dead on the other side of the Nether River as well.” The high rank Abyss Devil observed his surroundings carefully before saying, “Someone left this place alive. This survivor is probably the killer of Lamont!”

He sucked in a deep breath before sensing his surroundings with his unique bloodline ability. Then, he pointed at a direction and said, “They’re headed over there!”

The six Abyss Devils soared into the sky and flew straight down the direction Qin Lie, Diga, and the God Race clansmen had escaped to.

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