Chapter 1560: Closed For a Year

Chapter 1560: Closed For a Year

Qin Lie only turned his attention back to Diga after Mia had shut up.

“I wouldn’t suggest you to head to the abyss passageway right now,” said Diga seriously.

“Why?” Qin Lie couldn’t think of a reason.

“Even if you make a beeline to the abyss passageway right now, you still won’t be able to leave this purgatory.” Diga pointed at the Nether River and explained, “The barrier around the Nether River disappears for fifteen minutes every one millennium or so. During this period, all low rank Abyss Devils are given the opportunity to cross over from low level hunting grounds to high level hunting grounds. The Nether River isn’t something that’s unique to the Yellow Springs Purgatory. It is a long river that connects all Eight Purgatories together, so this barrier...

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