Chapter 1558: Instant Death

Chapter 1558: Instant Death

“If I remember correctly, Diga seems to hail from Yellow Springs Purgatory…”

Qin Lie’s surprise lasted for an instant before he recalled that Diga, the Abyss Devil he had met at the Origin World, was a denizen of this place.


The rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil suddenly roared while he was distracted.

Its long tail cut across the air in high speed and caused a shrill whistle.

At the same time, a giant black warhammer carrying a great amount of purple abyss devil energy appeared from the Giant Scorpion Devil’s chest and flew towards Qin Lie.


The warhammer slammed into Qin Lie’s shoulder like a mountain and destroyed five of shoulder spikes instantly.

That wasn’t all. Qin Lie could feel an immense energy surging into his shoulder bones...

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