Chapter 1558: Instant Death

Chapter 1558: Instant Death

“If I remember correctly, Diga seems to hail from Yellow Springs Purgatory…”

Qin Lie’s surprise lasted for an instant before he recalled that Diga, the Abyss Devil he had met at the Origin World, was a denizen of this place.


The rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil suddenly roared while he was distracted.

Its long tail cut across the air in high speed and caused a shrill whistle.

At the same time, a giant black warhammer carrying a great amount of purple abyss devil energy appeared from the Giant Scorpion Devil’s chest and flew towards Qin Lie.


The warhammer slammed into Qin Lie’s shoulder like a mountain and destroyed five of shoulder spikes instantly.

That wasn’t all. Qin Lie could feel an immense energy surging into his shoulder bones through the warhammer.

An odd glint flashed across his eyes. He could sense that the rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil was sending waves of bloodline energy into his body and destroying his bones.

At nearly the same time, the rank eight Golden-armored Battle Devil swung a ten meter tall mace straight towards his skull.

“Out of my way.”

Qin Lie abruptly looked up as lightning appeared in his deep purple pupils.

He glared fiercely at the Golden-armored Battle Devil as he generated a mental storm from his soul that invaded the latter’s mind directly.

The Golden-armored Battle Devil suddenly started spitting blood before the giant mace had even hit Qin Lie.


The Golden-armored Battle Devil clutched his ears and discovered that his nostrils and his eyes were bleeding madly.


Qin Lie lost his concentration again.

It was because he had sensed a strange vibration from the Soul Suppressing Orb while attacking the Golden-armored Battle Devil with a Soul Race secret art.

In that moment, it was almost as if he could hear the screams and cries of the billions of phantoms and wraiths residing inside the Nether River.

It was almost as if they had suddenly found an outlet and converged upon it.

This outlet was the target of his Soul Race secret art, the Golden-Armored Battle Devil.

A rank eight Golden-Armored Battle Devil’s soul might be nothing next to a Soul Race clansman at the same rank, but he had had to deal with the Giant Scorpion Devil and recover his shoulder wound with his Abyss Devil Race bloodline. The Soul Race secret art he unleashed in a hurry shouldn’t have dealt so much damage to his opponent.

However, not only was the rank eight Golden-Armored Battle Devil bleeding from his nose and his eyes, he could vaguely see a bunch of phantoms and wraiths flying into the Abyss Devil’s head as well.


The Golden-Armored Battle Devil roared madly as his soul presence faded away like a drained well.

In just several seconds, he sensed that the Golden-Armored Battle Devil’s soul had perished completely.

“You die too!”

He turned on the Giant Scorpion Devil and used the same art again.


The Giant Scorpion Devil felt as if an unknown power had struck him squarely in the mind.

Blood started pouring uncontrollably from the pores of the Giant Scorpion Devil’s neck.

At the same time, he noticed wisps of black smoke seeping into the Giant Scorpion Devil’s body.

An instant later, the rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil’s soul was completely gone.

“Something’s not right…”

He could clearly sense the dot of dark light that represented Xillin blinking once inside the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb while he was executing a Soul Race secret art.

Somehow, that instantaneous blink seemed to awaken the Nether River’s power and opened an outlet to the billions of wraiths and phantoms residing inside it.

By the time he finally came back to himself, the Giant Scorpion Devil and Golden-Armored Battle Devil’s souls had crumbled into nothing already.

“This power…”

Qin Lie himself was stunned by this power. He obviously hadn’t mastered the dark light’s power or figured out its intricacies, but it reacted anyway when he used a Soul Race secret art against the Golden-Armored Battle Devil and the Giant Scorpion Devil.

“The Nether River. Is it because I’m too close to the Nether River, or is it because the situation is special this time?”

His mind started to fly away from his present reality again.

“T-this guy…”

All the Abyss Devils who were watching the Giant Scorpion Devil and Golden-Armored Battle Devil’s battle against Qin Lie and sudden demise stared at Qin Lie in shock and fear.

It was to the point where they had forgotten that they were in the middle of a battle.

“Let’s try it again!”

Qin Lie inhaled deeply before gathering all of his soul power at once. Then, he unleashed his Soul Race secret art for the third time.

Suddenly, the screams and cries of the wraiths and phantoms inside the Nether River grew at least dozens of times stronger.

Even he, the caster himself, had to cover up his ears and create a barrier around his eardrums to isolate the murderous voices.

This time, he could clearly see the light dot inside the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb flash brightly for a brief moment.

Upon further inspection however, he couldn’t sense any special presence or abnormality from the light dot at all.

But he knew that the light dot contained the fragmented secret art Xillin had spent tens of millennia trying to reassemble in the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

This light dot contained the Profound Yin Nether Sea’s greatest truth of power. It was capable of mobilizing all its power even before Xillin had mastered it fully.

Coincidentally, the Profound Yin Nether Sea was a branch of the Nether River…

“Why is this happening now? I didn’t sense anything particularly special when I came to the Nether River last time and scanned the area with my soul. Is it because the barrier above the Nether River had vanished?”

“Why is this happening?”


He kept questioning himself in an attempt to understand the unusual phenomenon, but the unusual silence that was enveloping his surroundings had gotten to him first.

He abruptly broke out of his trance and looked around him. It was then he realized that every Abyss Devil on the battlefield except him had perished.

No one—not even the last of the three rank eight Abyss Devils, Lamont or the rank seven Abyss Devils on both shores—had survived his soul attack.

When he paid close attention, he started noticing clumps of soul fragments falling into the Nether River.

These soul fragments obviously belonged to the Abyss Devils he had just killed. It would appear that his enemies had perished instantly the second he unleashed the Soul Race secret art.

“This is…”

His own power stupefied him.

On the other side of the Nether River, Diga, the brother killer was staring at Qin Lie in shock as well.

“Qin Lie!” exclaimed the Abyss Devil in realization.

When Qin Lie had unleashed his Soul Race secret art, his unique soul presence had become clear.

Diga’s soul mastery wasn’t bad for an Abyss Devil. Although he wasn’t able to identify Qin Lie based on his devilized appearance at first, his identity became clear after his soul presence was unveiled.

Diga stared at Qin Lie in astonishment and a hint of fear.

It was because Qin Lie had killed all of the Abyss Devils around him in less than a second right before his eyes!

Diga had to put his life on the line to evolve his bloodline to rank eight. He had thought himself stronger than anyone when he first stepped into the Origin World.

However, Qin Lie had easily killed every Abyss Devil on both sides of the Nether River in just a moment.

Among the victims were four rank eight Abyss Devils who were supposed to be as powerful as him as well!

“It’s barely been a few years since our last meeting! It’s barely been a few years! How is he so powerful already? I can’t believe this!” shouted Diga in his head. He couldn’t accept the reality that had happened before his eyes.

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