Chapter 1557: Both Sides

Chapter 1557: Both Sides

Lamont summoned two violent hurricanes from the surroundings with his bloodline power.

Purple smoke was exiting his nostrils, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.


He swung his left hand, and the hundred meter tall hurricane on his left side abruptly moved towards Qin Lie.

“Lamont! Kill him quickly, our time’s almost up!”

“The barrier around the Nether River is about to disappear!”

The remaining rank seven Abyss Devils could see that the Nether River was covered in gray mist.

“Glug glug!”

The normally calm waters of the Nether River were bubbling like something was boiling it from below.

“Uu! Uuuuuu!”

The cries of phantoms and wraiths started resounding in...

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