Chapter 1557: Both Sides

Chapter 1557: Both Sides

Lamont summoned two violent hurricanes from the surroundings with his bloodline power.

Purple smoke was exiting his nostrils, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.


He swung his left hand, and the hundred meter tall hurricane on his left side abruptly moved towards Qin Lie.

“Lamont! Kill him quickly, our time’s almost up!”

“The barrier around the Nether River is about to disappear!”

The remaining rank seven Abyss Devils could see that the Nether River was covered in gray mist.

“Glug glug!”

The normally calm waters of the Nether River were bubbling like something was boiling it from below.

“Uu! Uuuuuu!”

The cries of phantoms and wraiths started resounding in the minds of every nearby Abyss Devil. It made them feel disturbed and irritated.

All the signs were pointing to the barrier outside the Nether River dissipating for the first time in a thousand years.

“It’s almost time…”

Qin Lie muttered to himself while staring at the incoming hurricane. Then, he summoned the spirit energy in his dantian’s spirit sea.


A purple lightning bolt appeared right before the hurricane could envelop him.

“Lamont! Kill him! Kill him! Ah!”

The rank seven Abyss Devil who was shouting at Lamont to kill Qin Lie was suddenly torn into shreds.

“Zzzt! Zzzt!”

The purple lightning bolt Qin Lie had summoned kept swimming back and forth between screaming Abyss Devils, killing them one by one. 


A strange noise suddenly came from above the Nether River. It was as if a giant, invisible door had suddenly been opened.

“The barrier’s gone!” yelled Capus from the other side of the Nether River.

However, despite his enthusiasm, he was retreating instead of charging ahead.

He stared fiercely at the three rank eight Abyss Devils he had summoned and elicited a nod from the Giant Scorpion Devil. “Time’s up. Let’s get to the other side of the Nether River and kill all the Nether River crossers! Leave no one alive!”

“Let’s go!”

Leading a dozen or so heavily-armored and well-equipped Abyss Devils, the three rank eight Abyss Devils roared and charged to the opposite side of the Nether River.

Qin Lie seized an opening to shoot a glance at the charging group. As expected, they hadn’t been killed by the Nether River.

This meant that the barrier above the Nether River had disappeared.

“Fifteen minutes! You only have fifteen minutes!” shouted Capus stamping his foot.

“Kill!” roared the Giant Scorpion Devil angrily.

“Aren’t we going as well, big brother?” One of the high rank Abyss Devils next to Capus asked, “I thought the original plan was to be on the other side of the Nether River and kill some foolish Abyss Devils for ourselves?”

“We?” Capus shot him a glance and said coldly, “Are we at rank eight already?”


“The three of us aren’t rank eight yet, but those two fellows on the other side of the Nether River are both at rank eight!” Capus said darkly, “How can you be sure that we’ll be safe and sound if we head over there?”

The two high rank Abyss Devils who shared his blood suddenly fell silent.

“Stay alert. Both those rank eight Abyss Devils don’t looks like easy opponents at all.” Capus pondered for a moment before adding, “If the situation goes bad we will leave this place immediately, understand? Ignore everything and just run!”

“You can’t possibly think that those two people are stronger than all of us combined?”

“Who knows?”

Capus retreated slowly even as he spoke. Judging from his posture, he would leave the second the situation even looked a bit out of control.

His movements made the other two high rank Abyss Devils grow wary as well.

They too started to move backwards covertly just like Capus.

“Has it begun, Capus?”

It was at this moment a familiar voice suddenly reached them from a distance. Then, a high rank Abyss Devil slowly walked into view.


“Why are you here?”

“I thought you’d already been exiled?”

The trio looked terrified by his appearance.

Floating like a ghost, Diga landed lightly next to the trio before smiling at them. “Aren’t we all blood brothers? Why are you looking at me like that? Oh right, shouldn’t the three of you be calling me older brother?”

“Why are you here, Diga?!” asked Capus instead of answering any of Diga’s questions.

“What a rude fellow. Well, I suppose it’s understandable considering that your mother is just a lowly Yin Spider Devil.” Diga shook his head while clicking his tongue. “In fact, her bloodline is so pathetic that her children could never make it big, not even if with the miniscule traces of father’s blood supporting them. Tsk tsk, where do you even find the face to parade yourself like a peacock using father’s name, you useless trash?”

“How dare you humiliate our mother! I’ll kill you!” screamed one of the high rank Abyss Devils madly.

Diga simply smiled and shook his head.


An instant later, he landed next to the enraged Abyss Devil and plunged his hand right through the latter’s head.

“Fia!” shouted Capus and the other high rank Abyss Devil in rage.

Diga raised his hand and pulled the other high rank Abyss Devil into his grasp with energy. Clutching the Abyss Devil by the neck, he stared emotionlessly at Capus and asked, “You three were the ones who leaked my whereabouts and nearly got me killed, weren’t you?”

“So what if we were?” countered Capus in his madness.

“Perfect.” Diga nodded and broke the second high rank Abyss Devil’s neck. Then, he landed next to Capus and said, “You understand that me being alive means that the three of you can only die, don’t you?”

“Your good fortune will run out! Your fate will definitely be worse than ours! Your own blood brother, born from the same father and mother wants to take your life, and you won’t be so lucky as to escape your fate next time! I swear you will die at your own brother’s hands!” cursed Capus.

“That is for me to worry, not you.” Diga stepped on Capus and crushed his chest with his feet, just like that.

After killing all three of his half-brothers, Diga finally turned his attention to the other shore of the Nether River and muttered to himself, “Eh? Interesting, there are two rank eight fellows who’re planning to cross the Nether River this time. Two millennia ago, Dabinett had survived the crossing and became one of the mightiest of this purgatory’s Lords of the Abyss. Would these two rank eight Abyss Devils grow up to become as great as Dabinett as well? I’m actually looking forward to this a little.”

He observed the battle curiously from the other side.

“Eh, that Abyss Devil… why do I feel like I’ve seen him before? Strange.”

The more Diga stared at the devilized Qin Lie, the deeper his frown became.

Back at the Origin World, Qin Lie hadn’t transformed into an Abyss Devil completely. All of Diga’s memories and impressions regarding Qin Lie were from the Origin World, which was why he wasn’t able to recognize him immediately despite the latter’s familiar presence. 

“Diga! Why is he here?”

However, Qin Lie could instantly recognize the high rank Abyss Devil.

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