Chapter 1556: Kill Without Mercy

Chapter 1556: Kill Without Mercy

Lamont’s question stunned every rank seven Abyss Devil.

It was at this moment Qin Lie’s figure suddenly became clearer.

“Eh! He’s, he’s a high rank Abyss Devil?”

“Why would a high rank Abyss Devil be on this side of the Nether River?”


A lot of rank seven Abyss Devils exclaimed in surprise after seeing Qin Lie clearly.

It was almost impossible for a pure high rank Abyss Devil to appear in the area they were in because powerful high rank Abyss Devils were almost always descended from a Lord or Great Lord of the Abyss.

Logically speaking, a descendant like Qin Lie should appear on the other side of the Nether River, not here.

Even Dabinett and Lamont—a rank nine Lord of the Abyss and his rank eight brother—had to start off as a low rank Abyss Devil.

Lamont was over ten meters tall, and he was a Hurricane Dragon Devil.

However, Qin Lie in his Abyss Devil form was only over three meters tall.

Deep purple pupils, hair, full armor, and spikes on his elbow and knee areas. They were all characteristics only a high rank Abyss Devil would have.

This high rank Abyss Devil clearly should’ve appeared on the other side on the Nether River, not here. That was his appearance had confused all the Abyss Devils gathered here.

“That’s him!”

Capus, the descendant of the Yellow Springs Monarch, suddenly screamed when Qin Lie appeared.

“What? A high rank Abyss Devil? Why would a high rank Abyss Devil appear on that side of the Nether River?” asked the Giant Scorpion Devil.

“Young masters, do you know why he’s over there and not here?” The Golden-armored Battle Devil was surprised as well.

“I don’t know!” Capus said in a chilling tone. “And I don’t care! Just kill him when the barrier falls, understand?”

“We will,” answered the Giant Scorpion Devil.

He dared not disobey Capus’s order because he was the bloodline descendant of the Yellow Springs Monarch, the most powerful rank ten Abyss Devil in this purgatory.

Even if Qin Lie was a high rank Abyss Devil just like Capus was, he was definitely less important.

Moreover, Qin Lie was currently on the other side of the Nether River, and it was their mission to kill every Abyss Devil who tried to cross over from the other side.

“I’ve never seen you before!”

Lamont the Hurricane Dragon Devil flapped his wings and approached Qin Lie menacingly. “I’d lived here for over five thousand years, and I know every powerful Abyss Devil there is on this land! There’s no way I would miss you if you’re a denizen of this land! Who are you? Why have you come to our home, and how did you cross over from the other side of the Nether River?”

“That’s right! He’s definitely from the other side of the Nether River!”

“Who cares how he made it over from the other side? Let’s kill him first!”

“Kill him!”

The Abyss Devils who were already impatient from waiting grew excited as they stared brutally at Qin Lie, their mouths salivating uncontrollably.

A rank seven Frost Hell Stone Devil roared and became the first to charge Qin Lie.

“Bloodline! Petrify!”

The Abyss Devil was almost ten meters tall, and the color of his skin was stone gray. When Qin Lie stared at the Abyss Devil, he immediately felt a surge of bloodline power bursting from his attacker’s eyes.

“Crack crack!”

Qin Lie’s bones started stiffening all over without warning. It was as if they were turning into stone.

“Rank seven…”

He snorted in his head, but chose not to react immediately. Instead, he waited quietly as the offending Abyss Devil continued to increase his bloodline power.

Seeing that Qin Lie wasn’t reacting to him, the rank seven Frost Hell Stone Devil grew even more careless.

“Crack crack!”

In just the blink of an eye, more than half of Qin Lie’s body had become covered in stone.

“It looks like this high rank Abyss Devil hasn’t even experienced bloodshed! What a free kill this is!”

The Abyss Devil roar and swung its giant claws straight towards Qin Lie’s head.


It was at this moment hundreds of gray brown light beams suddenly burst out of Qin Lie’s body.

The Frost Hell Abyss Devil’s bloodline power was instantly cleared out at the first beat of his Abyss Devil heart.

Qin Lie’s devilized body suddenly grew several inches taller, and he cut off the Frost Hell Stone Devil’s head easily with the sharp talons on his left hand.

Qin Lie appeared beside another Abyss Devil and slammed his shoulder into an Abyss Devil’s heart before the blood had even hit the ground.


The sharp spike on his shoulder instantly penetrated the Abyss Devil and killed him instantly.

“Bloodline ability, Golden Light!”

Countless rays of golden light burst out of his devilized body and put holes in all nearby rank seven Abyss Devils.

“Wait a second!”

The Golden-armored Battle Devil exclaimed in shock from the other side of the Nether River, “His bloodline is at rank eight! He’s a rank eight Abyss Devil just like us!”

It was pretty clear from the Giant Scorpion Devil’s exclamation of surprise that he was feeling hesitant.

It was incredibly unusual for a rank eight high rank Abyss Devil to appear on the wrong side of the Nether River during such a sensitive timing.

The Giant Scorpion Devil’s bloodline wasn’t far away from rank nine. His intelligence was outstanding compared to most Abyss Devils.

There was clearly something wrong about this whole thing.

“So what if he’s at rank eight?” Capus stared at the three Abyss Devils coldly. “You’re all rank eight Abyss Devils yourselves. Don’t tell me the three of you together aren’t enough to take him down? Also, did you forget that you were told to obey our orders no matter what?”

Unable to deny the truth in his words, the Giant Scorpion Devil nodded helplessly. “That is what my lord told me, yes.”

“Then all you need to do is to obey my command.” Capus snorted. “Unless you believe that an unknown high rank Abyss Devil is more important than the three of us? Are you planning to offend us just to appease that high rank Abyss Devil?”

“We would not dare,” replied the Giant Scorpion Devil fearfully.

“If any one of us awakens one of our father’s main bloodline abilities when we ascend to rank eight, it is only a matter of time before we become Lords of the Abyss.” Capus threatened with his head held high. “You understand what will happen then, don’t you?”

“I understand.” The Giant Scorpion Devil thought to himself for a moment before answering, “We will head over and kill him the moment the barrier on the Nether River has disappeared.”

“Now we’re talking,” said Capus in satisfaction.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Nether River, Qin Lie was killing the rank seven Abyss Devils with his Golden Light ability. 


A while later, even the rank eight Lamont had decided to join the battle.

“... There’s a few minutes left. I need to kill you all as quickly as possible so I can clean up the Abyss Devils on the other side of the Nether River.”


He casually crushed a rank seven Abyss Devil’s neck before letting out a roar. Then, he abruptly charged towards Lamont while covered in abyss devil energy.

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