Chapter 1555: Nether River Crossers

Chapter 1555: Nether River Crossers

On the other side of the Nether River.

The three high rank Abyss Devils who had been verbally humiliated by Qin Lie earlier arrived at the Nether River four hours ahead of the usual time.

Moreover, each of them had brought a rank eight Abyss Devil with them.

They were high rank Abyss Devils and the direct descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch. If they were lucky enough to awaken a powerful bloodline ability, they would quickly rise to the top in terms of identity and status.

It was why many rank nine Lords of the Abyss were willing to gamble and bribe them despite being much stronger than they were.

These three rank eight Abyss Devils had been instructed by their respective Lords of the Abyss to serve under the descendants despite being much more powerful...

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