Chapter 1555: Nether River Crossers

Chapter 1555: Nether River Crossers

On the other side of the Nether River.

The three high rank Abyss Devils who had been verbally humiliated by Qin Lie earlier arrived at the Nether River four hours ahead of the usual time.

Moreover, each of them had brought a rank eight Abyss Devil with them.

They were high rank Abyss Devils and the direct descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch. If they were lucky enough to awaken a powerful bloodline ability, they would quickly rise to the top in terms of identity and status.

It was why many rank nine Lords of the Abyss were willing to gamble and bribe them despite being much stronger than they were.

These three rank eight Abyss Devils had been instructed by their respective Lords of the Abyss to serve under the descendants despite being much more powerful than they were.

“Young Masters, what bloodline rank do you think that guy on the other side of the Nether River is?”

A rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil sways its scorpion-like tail and asked respectfully.

“He’s at rank seven bloodline at best,” answered one of the high rank Abyss Devils.

“Rank seven bloodline…” The Giant Scorpion Devil nodded slowly as its faint purple colored pupils glinted cruelly. “He’s probably showing up, isn’t he?”

“That’s right. The barrier surrounding the Nether River only disappears for fifteen minutes every millennium. It’s unlikely that this guy'll let this chance slip by if he had indeed improved his bloodline to rank seven.” The high rank Abyss Devil with the Yellow Springs Monarch’s blood in him snorted coldly. “If he misses this opportunity, he’ll have to wait another millennium for an opportunity. Most of the Abyss Devils on the other side of the Nether River are rank seven and below, and it’d be nearly impossible for him to ascend to rank eight even with that time.”

“Rank seven bloodline is definitely sufficient to cross the Nether River.”

“If he fails, he would have to wait another millennium to make another gambit. He would very likely be stuck at rank seven during this time.”

The rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil nodded. “Don’t worry, Young Master Capus. We’ll definitely kill him if he shows his face.”

The high rank Abyss Devil named Capus licked the corner of his lips before saying, “We’ll be crossing over to the other side of the Nether River to kill some Nether River crossers as well.”

“No problem.” The rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil replied respectfully, “We guarantee that nothing unexpected will happen with the three of us in charge.”

He shot a look at the other two rank eight Abyss Devils, and they hurriedly nodded in a humble manner as well.

“The last time the barrier was down, not a single one of the Nether River crossers had reached rank eight.” The Giant Scorpion Devil’s eyes were filled with scorn. “It is to be expected though. The abyss devil energy on the other side is slightly poor in terms of purity and richness, and it isn’t easy to ascend to rank eight just relying on the bloodline of low rank Abyss Devils. I heard that every Nether River crosser who had made the attempt was killed because they didn’t have a rank eight Abyss Devil to lead them. There wasn’t even someone who made it over by sheer luck.”

“Things are completely different if there is a rank eight Abyss Devil though.” Another rank eight Abyss Devil—a Golden-armored Battle Devil—said in a cold and metallic voice, “That was the case during the second last attempt. A rank eight Abyss Devil had appeared and successfully led a dozen or so rank seven Abyss Devils to this side of the Nether River.”

“Oh! Is he powerful?” Capus asked curiously.

The Golden-armored Battle Devil stiffened for a second before replying reverently, “Very.”

“How so?” Capus wanted to know exactly how he was powerful.

“Leading a group of rank seven Abyss Devils, he successfully killed more than half of our companions. I was only at rank seven at the time, but I was fortunate enough to participate in the fight and watch him slaughter everyone,” said the Golden-armored Battle Devil.

“Who is he?” asked the young Capus in astonishment.

The Giant Scorpion Devil’s haunt wasn’t nearby, and he wasn’t sure what happened at the Nether River two millennia ago either. That was why he was also puzzled, “A successful Nether River crosser can’t possibly be unknown. Is he still alive today?”

“Oh, he’s alive, and he’s doing better than ever before,” replied the Golden-Armored Battle Devil seriously.

“Who is he?” asked Capus again.

“He is Lord Dabinett!” yelled The Golden-Armored Battle Devil.

All three Yellow Springs Monarch descendants and the other two high rank Abyss Devils turned pale with shock.

Dabinett was the most mighty Lord of the Abyss in the Yellow Springs Monarch right now!

Ever since he had ascended to rank nine and become an official Lord of the Abyss, he had been repeatedly challenging all nearby Lords of the Abyss to a fight.

Up until now, he had killed and devoured the hearts of six other Lords of the Abyss.

Even the Yellow Springs Monarch was looking favorably on him, believing that he was the one with the greatest chance to become a Great Lord of the Abyss out of everyone.

“There shouldn’t be a rank eight Abyss Devil on the other side of the Nether River, right?” the Giant Scorpion Devil muttered to himself.

On the other side of the Nether River.

More and more rank seven Abyss Devils had shown their faces by the riverbank as time passed.

On their side of the Nether River, these rank seven Abyss Devils were entities of absolute power.

Only these Abyss Devils would try to cross over to the other side of the Nether River while its barrier was gone for fifteen minutes.

All others below rank seven had escaped the Nether River a long while ago.

Soon, the only Abyss Devils left on the riverbank were rank seven .

All of them had started off as low rank Abyss Devils.

Although they were already at rank seven bloodline, most of them were still lacking somewhat in the intelligence department. Most of them had eyes filled with violence and animalistic instinct.

That being said, there were a few lucky fellows who seemed a bit smarter than the rest because they had the fortune to pick up the blood of high rank Abyss Devils during their climb to the top.

However, even the stupidest Abyss Devil knew what was going to happen when the Nether River’s barrier had fallen completely.

They knew that the Abyss Devils on the other side of the Nether River would attack them like crazy.

In order to buy themselves enough time to cross the Nether River and survive, most of the Abyss Devils here would refrain from engaging each other in combat.

No matter how big a grudge between two Abyss Devils were, they would choose to call a truce during this sensitive time.

It was because the survivor would have to bear the full brunt of the enemies’ attack if they engaged each other in combat and killed their opponent.

The more Abyss Devils there were on their side of the Nether River, the more spread out the pressure they would have to endure.

That was why everyone was keeping silent and controlling themselves.


Suddenly, a demonic figure flew over from the distance and appeared in the middle of the rank seven Abyss Devils.

His powerful aura enveloped all nearby rank seven Abyss Devils instantly.


“Lamont! You’ve ascended to rank eight?”

“He’s Lord Dabinett’s blood-related younger brother. He has finally ascended to rank eight!”

“This is wonderful! With Lamont on our side, a third of us may be able to cross over to the other side of the Nether River.”

The group of rank seven Abyss Devils boiled up in excitement when they noticed that the newcomer was at rank eight.

Their chances of successfully crossing over to the other side just increased drastically thanks to the addition of Lamont.

Suddenly, another Abyss Devil showed up in the middle of the cheer.

Lamont noticed him before the rank seven Abyss Devils’ cheers had ended.

He abruptly stared at Qin Lie and asked sternly, “Who are you?”

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