Chapter 1554: Crazy Suggestion!

Chapter 1554: Crazy Suggestion!

“You are courting death!”

Qin Lie’s taunt instantly pissed off the three high rank Abyss Devils on the other side of the Nether River.

Qin Lie gave off the feeling that he was a rank six bloodline Abyss Devil just like them, but they also outnumbered him three to one.

“I’m pretty sure you heard me calling you trash, right? The three of you couldn’t even kill a Giant-Tailed Devil despite chasing it all the way to the Nether River. What else could you possibly be?” Qin Lie taunted in a provocative tone. “Also, so what if I’m courting my own death? It’s not like you can cross the Nether River.”

“I swear the first thing I’ll do after the barrier on the Nether River has disappeared is to kill you!”

“It’s not like the Nether River’s barrier will remain forever! Just you wait!”

“The Nether River’s barrier will be disappearing for fifteen minutes in just another thirty hours. Better enjoy your final hours while you still can!”

The three bloodline descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch threatened him harshly.

“I see. So the barrier isn’t permanent after all. It’ll disappear for fifteen minutes, thirty hours from now…”

Qin Lie turned around and left the area after obtaining the information he wanted from the three pitifully weak Yellow Spring Monarch bloodline descendants.

“Thirty hours…”

After counting the time in his head, he realized that he needed to bring Gan Xing and the others over as quickly as possible.

He was worried that they wouldn’t make it in time.

Qin Lie activated his bloodline power and ran across Yellow Springs Purgatory like lightning. He didn’t forget to keep his guard up and scan his surroundings with his soul constantly.

A long time later, he finally returned to the mountain peak he and his companions had fallen onto.

“I told you he’d come back.” Gan Xing smiled when he saw Qin Lie running towards them.

Liu Yang and Xuan Luo had known Qin Lie for a longer period of time than most, so they didn’t look particularly surprised by his return.

On the other hand, Mia and Cang Ye had to hide their sigh of relief.

They didn’t know Qin Lie too well because they hadn’t associated with him for too long. They had been worried that Qin Lie would leave them behind and go off on his own.

After all, it wasn’t difficult for Qin Lie to survive alone in this purgatory. He had his Abyss Devil form after all.

However, their presence made it an entirely different story.

“We’re in Yellow Springs Purgatory. Unfortunately, we’re quite far away from the abyss passageway, and there’s the Nether River blocking our way.”

Qin Lie immediately explained where they were the moment he returned.

“The Nether River!” A glint flashed across Cang Ye’s eyes. “I heard that the Nether River is pretty difficult to cross.”

“It’s not easy alright.” Qin Lie nodded before explaining the Giant-Tailed Devil’s instantaneous death earlier.

Everyone’s expression turned ugly after they’d heard his story. None of them had a clue how to cross the river without dying.

“Fortunately, the barrier surrounding the Nether River isn’t a permanent thing. It seems that it disappears for fifteen minutes every once in a while.” Qin Lie urged after the brief explanation, “Right now, our first priority is to make it to the Nether River as quickly as we can. Then, we can cross over to the other side of the Nether River and seek out the abyss passageway.”

“Understood.” Gan Xing nodded.

After everyone had come to an agreement, Qin Lie led the way as they rushed toward the Nether River.

Qin Lie didn’t cancel his Abyss Devil form as he kept probing his surroundings with his soul perception.

He sensed many Abyss Devils along the way. Their soul power was not worth mentioning, and their bloodlines were only at rank six or even lower.

Although these Abyss Devils were nothing to him, he still chose to avoid them in order to make it to the Nether River as quickly as possible.

Thanks to his efforts, the group was able to make progress towards the Nether River without a fight.

However, Qin Lie started noticing that something was amiss four hours later.

He noticed that more and more low rank Abyss Devils were moving in the opposite direction away from the Nether River.

His soul perception was telling him that a lot of Abyss Devils nearby and near the Nether River were moving away as far away from the Nether River as possible.

It was almost as if they were trying to run away from something.


While he was muttering to himself, a familiar soul suddenly appeared in his perception. It was the bat-shaped Abyss Devil he had run into earlier.

“Stay here and wait for me,” instructed Qin Lie after turning around to face Gan Xing.

“What’s wrong?” asked Gan Xing.

“It’s nothing, I’m just heading over to ask a couple of questions.” After that, he flew away from the group.

His companions clearly looked like God Race clansmen. Their presence alone would probably cause a huge commotion if they ran into any Abyss Devils.

That was why Qin Lie chose to seek out that bat-shaped Abyss Devil alone. There was no need to incur unnecessary trouble.

Very soon, he found the Abyss Devil he was looking for. He was surprised to find that the latter was looking a lot better compared to the last time. At the very least, the little bat Abyss Devil was no longer bleeding from his bony wings. He was also flying away from the Nether River.

“My lord, why are you here?”

The low rank Abyss Devil was pleasantly surprised to see Qin Lie. An instant later, he realized what was going on and said, “What am I talking about? Of course you’re here. You are a powerful and noble Abyss Devil, so it’s only natural that you’re not going to stay here for long. Seeing that the barrier above the Nether River is soon to disappear, you must be planning to leave soon, aren’t you my lord?”

The low rank Abyss Devil was speaking as if he completely understood Qin Lie’s motivations through and through.

Qin Lie was surprised by his outburst, but he quickly asked, “Why are you guys running away?”

“Well, of course we have to run away.”

Fear appeared in the little bat Abyss Devil’s eyes before he explained, “When the barrier on the Nether River disappears, those powerful and tyrannical high rank Abyss Devils on the other side will cross over and slaughter us like lambs. It is their custom to try and kill every Abyss Devil whom they think has a chance of growing strong enough to cross over to their side of the Nether River before returning back to their territory. That’s why we’re running away from the Nether River while the barrier is down until fifteen minutes are up.”

“I am too weak. I don’t want to be caught in the crossfire and killed offhandedly simply because I was too near to the Nether River.”

“Moreover, I’m nowhere strong enough to cross over to the other side of the Nether River. That’s why I have no choice but to stay out of the fight.”

“Anyone who thinks themselves powerful enough to cross over to the other side of the Nether River must do their best to survive the slaughter for fifteen minutes. If they are still alive when fifteen minutes are up, they’ll be allowed to cross over to the other side of the Nether River.”

The little bat’s explanation ended there.

It was at this moment Qin Lie sensed a rank seven Abyss Devil flying toward the Nether River.

This rank seven Abyss Devil was obviously much stronger than the Abyss Devils who were running away from the Nether River. If the little bat Abyss Devil’s explanation were to be trusted, this rank seven Abyss Devil was one of the stronger ones who were looking to prove his strength and cross over to the other side of the Nether River.

“I see.” He now understood what was going on here.

“My lord, my lord, I’m just asking but, can you take me with you when you cross over to the other side?” begged the little Abyss Devil.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie had already left his side by the time he uttered the words.

When he returned to Gan Xing and the others, he said with a heavy look, “The situation isn’t looking too good for us.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Gan Xing anxiously.

He told them everything the little bat had told him before concluding, “I thought that there wouldn’t be too many Abyss Devils on both sides of the Nether River when the barrier disappears, but…”

“So, you’re saying that both sides of the Nether River will be filled with powerful Abyss Devils when the barrier disappears?” Cang Ye frowned.

“Mn. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to cross over to the other side of the Nether River, but… the rest of you are pure God Race clansmen. Not only will you become the focus of those Abyss Devils if you show yourselves, your identities will be exposed even if you successfully make it to the other side,” Qin Lie explained with a bitter look. “I don’t think the powerful Abyss Devils on the other side of the Nether River will let you reach the abyss passageway unimpeded if they notice you at all.”

“Sigh, in the end it is all for nothing.” Mia sighed.

Everyone was looking depressed as well.

But Cang Ye suddenly said, “There is one way.”

“What do you mean?” Mia’s spirits suddenly lifted slightly.

Cang Ye looked at Qin Lie before saying, “If any Abyss Devils on either side of the Nether River were to notice us, they’d probably spread news about us and expose us immediately. Even if we managed to kill all of them, some of them would still learn that the God Race had somehow entered Yellow Springs Purgatory.”

“That is correct.” Qin Lie nodded.

“But we probably won’t be exposed if it’s just you.” Cang Ye hesitated for a second before forcing herself to speak. “If you kill off all the Abyss Devils on both sides of the Nether River before fifteen minutes are up, then no one will see us when we cross over to the other side. If no one sees us, then we won’t be impeded or hunted down by squads of Abyss Devils while we’re making way towards the abyss passageway.”

“Sister Cang Ye, he’s only one person! There’s no way he can kill off all the Abyss Devils on both sides of the Nether River in just fifteen minutes!” screamed Mia of the Profound Ice Family.

Gan Xing and Liu Yang thought that Cang Ye’s suggestion was too much as well.

But Qin Lie said solemnly, “I’ll give it a try.”

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