Chapter 1553: Trash Trio

Chapter 1553: Trash Trio

Many blurry images and disorderly runes filled the sky with light before pouring abruptly into Qin Lie’s soul, his soul energy quickly slipping away.

It didn’t take long before he lost a tremendous amount of soul energy and felt a wave of tiredness come over him.


He pulled himself free from the soul by force before it could do him any real harm. The soul continued to glow darkly and emanate a strange, frosty aura.

The dark light stubbornly existed even though it was trapped inside the Soul Suppressing Orb. It showed no signs of being refined whatsoever.

On the contrary, Qin Lie’s soul had become translucent due to excessive loss of soul energy. It looked like it could disappear at any moment.

Qin Lie’s soul consciousness exited from the Soul Suppressing Orb after that.

Opening his eyes with a heavy look on his face, he muttered to himself, “My soul isn’t strong enough to decipher the secrets of this dark light…”

In that extremely short period of time, his soul had felt a vast world filled with the light of runes. There was no order behind the runes and strange lights whatsoever.

Qin Lie spent some time studying what he had learned, and he managed to extract some information from the confusing images.

There were a lot of tiny runes inside the Profound Yin Nether Sea of Nether Realm, and they all contained some truth or natural law.

At first, the strange power was intact and whole. However, it had exploded into billions of random fragments and became scattered throughout the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

A long time ago, Xillin’s subsoul had escaped into the Profound Yin Nether Sea in order to escape the God Race.

It was at that moment he had sensed the broken runes and strange lights inside the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

Xillin spent ten millennia to gather the billions of rune fragments scattered throughout the Profound Yin Nether Sea together.

Then, he spent another twenty millennia rearranging the runes in an attempt to restore it to its original appearance.

It was during this process that he came to learn a small part of the Profound Yin Nether Sea’s power.

However, even this small amount of power was enough to restore his subsoul back to rank ten and grant him the method to manipulate the phantoms.

However, he hadn’t been able to rearrange the rune fragments back to its original appearance completely until the day Latiff and Malcolm came looking for him.

This meant that Xillin hadn’t been able to learn the true power of the fragments even after his soul consciousness was wiped out by Qin Lie and the Soul Suppressing Orb completely.

He had only mastered a small portion of its power.

After his soul had returned to the void, the rune fragments he had combined with his soul fell into disorder once more.

These rune fragments might look like a tiny dot of dark light, but in reality they were the combination of the billions of rune fragments found inside the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

Because the rune fragments had been completely reset, Qin Lie had to spend a huge amount of time rearranging them back to its original appearance like a puzzle if he wished to discover its secret.

That was the only way to analyze the natural law hidden inside the dark speck of light.

Xillin had spent ten millennia gathering all the rune fragments scattered inside the Profound Yin Nether Sea and another twenty millennia trying to rearrange it back to its original appearance. However, he had been killed before he could complete his massive project.

“This is useless to me…”

Qin Lie shook his head and lost all interest in the dark dot of light all of a sudden.

It was because he didn’t believe that he could obtain anything from the dark light. There was simply no way he was going to spend an eternity rearranging the rune fragments back into normal like Xillin.


Suddenly, Qin Lie’s disappointment was interrupted by a strange sensation coming from inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He sent his soul consciousness back into orb once more.

Inside the fourth space, a bubble had wrapped itself around the strange dark light.

Countless brilliant lights could be circulating inside the bubble and seemingly entangling themselves around the dark light.

He could sense that the Soul Suppressing Orb was analyzing the dark light’s secrets on his behalf using a method he couldn’t comprehend.

Since the dark light was the culmination of the billions of rune fragments and light dots scattered inside the Profound Yin Nether Sea, its secrets could only be known after it had been rearranged properly.

The bubbles inside the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb were imprinted with the truths of many high grade spirit diagrams. Each of them seemed to represent the direct representation of the laws of a secret art.

“I hope you’ll give me a pleasant surprise.”

Qin Lie muttered to himself in a soul voice after confirming that the Soul Suppressing Orb was analyzing the truth of power inside that dark light using some sort of method. Then, he slowly retreated from the Soul Suppressing Orb once more.

He hoped that the orb would bring him a miracle again.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to obtain more info regarding the Nether River from Xillin. He couldn’t help but feel a coming headache as he stared at the wide river.

If he wished to proceed to the abyss passageway of Yellow Springs Purgatory, he apparently had to cross to the other side of the Nether River. However, there was a natural barrier around the Nether River that was blocking his way.

This barrier looked like the one at Heavenly Yin Valley. 

If that barrier had the ability to separate one’s Soul Altar and their physical body, then what would this barrier do to him and his God Race companions?

Would it separate their soul and physical body when they were attempting to pass through the Nether River? If that was the case, then wouldn’t their souls be devoured by the Nether River instantly?

Standing at the edge of the Nether River with a gloomy look, Qin Lie kept trying to figure a way out of this situation.


Suddenly, the bloodcurdling scream of an Abyss Devil came from the other side of the Nether River, jolting him out of his thoughts.

He immediately looked to the other side of the Nether River to see what was going on.

He saw a creature that looked incredibly similar to the Nether Giant Tail Lizard of Nether Realm running away from something at top speed.

The lizard kept hissing and spitting thick demonic mist from its mouth like it was trying to avoid something.

A while later, three high rank Abyss Devils appeared behind the lizard.

He suddenly discovered that these Abyss Devils looked a little similar to Diga.

However, they were only at rank six bloodline. They felt much weaker compared to Diga as well.

“Are they the bloodline descendants of the Yellow Springs Monarch?” guessed Qin Lie in his mind.

The Devil Monarch of Yellow Springs Purgatory was rumored to be an extremely lustful Abyss Devil with hundreds of bloodline descendants. It was probably why he didn’t care about his bloodline descendants too much, and even encouraged them to fight and kill each other for power.

In his opinion, only those who survived a battle between themselves could truly awaken his core bloodline abilities and obtain his approval.

Only three people had been acknowledged by the Yellow Springs Monarch so far.

Not even Diga, the Abyss Devil who had seemed so powerful back at the Origin World was acknowledged by the Yellow Springs Monarch.

The reason Diga had done everything in his power to enter the Origin World and fought like his life was on the line was because he hoped to obtain the Yellow Springs Monarch’s approval.

The information regarding the Yellow Springs Monarch’s bloodline descendants flashed across Qin Lie’s mind in an instant.

The three Abyss Devils looked like they would catch up to that lizard any moment now.

When the lizard reached the edge of the Nether River, it glanced back at the laughing high rank Abyss Devils behind its back and the Nether River.

In the end, it chose to make a gamble and jump across the Nether River.

But just as the lizard was halfway across the Nether River, gray souls that looked like spirit snakes suddenly appeared from the bottom.

The lizard’s soul was instantly dragged out by the evil souls and torn to shreds in almost the blink of an eye.

It was devoured completely before its physical body even hit the water.

“Damn that Giant-Tailed Devil for wasting our time!”

“We lost another prey again.”

“We have to kill a stronger enemy, or our bloodline growth will remain as terrible as it is now. This can’t continue, or we’ll soon be killed by our brothers and sisters.”

The three high rank Abyss Devils swore angrily and regretfully on the other side of the Nether River.

“Hey! Who are you?”

Suddenly, one of the high rank Abyss Devil shouted at Qin Lie from the other side of the Nether River.

“I see, the Nether Giant-Tailed Lizard is called the Giant-Tailed Devil in the Abyss,.” Qin Lie muttered to himself while frowning. “The Profound Yin Nether Sea at Nether Realm is part of the Nether River, so it’s possible that some life seeds from the Eight Purgatories had been carried into Nether Realm this way. It’s probably why a large majority of the beasts in Nether Realm had low rank Abyss Devil Race bloodline in them…”

“Hey, guy on the other side! We’re talking to you!” yelled the high rank Abyss Devil angrily.

Qin Lie withdrew his thoughts and suppressed the Abyss Devil Race bloodline inside his body on purpose. It was so that he would appear to be of lower rank that he actually was.

Then, he grinned at the three high rank Abyss Devil on the other side of the Nether River and gave them a middle finger, saying, “You’re all trash, you hear me?”

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