Chapter 1553: Trash Trio

Chapter 1553: Trash Trio

Many blurry images and disorderly runes filled the sky with light before pouring abruptly into Qin Lie’s soul, his soul energy quickly slipping away.

It didn’t take long before he lost a tremendous amount of soul energy and felt a wave of tiredness come over him.


He pulled himself free from the soul by force before it could do him any real harm. The soul continued to glow darkly and emanate a strange, frosty aura.

The dark light stubbornly existed even though it was trapped inside the Soul Suppressing Orb. It showed no signs of being refined whatsoever.

On the contrary, Qin Lie’s soul had become translucent due to excessive loss of soul energy. It looked like it could disappear at any moment.

Qin Lie’s soul consciousness exited from the Soul Suppressing Orb after that.

Opening his eyes with a heavy look on his face, he muttered to himself, “My soul isn’t strong enough to decipher the secrets of this dark light…”

In that extremely short...

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