Chapter 1552: Yellow Springs Purgatory

Chapter 1552: Yellow Springs Purgatory

Under the dim sky, Qin Lie flew aimlessly in his Abyss Devil body.

The thick and pure abyss devil energy was naturally absorbed by him.

His body seemed to enjoy this unknown Abyss level and its aura.

He scanned his body and found that his Abyss Devil heart seemed to beat faster than usual.

"This should be right, this is an Abyss level..."

Maintaining his Abyss Devil state, he flew for a while and then released his soul consciousness.

While he was in his Abyss Devil body, his soul's perception was stronger than true Abyss Devils’.

His soul was like invisible water that rippled outwards and slowly permeated.

After an unknown amount of time, a soul which wasn't very strong entered his range.

He immediately sneaked toward that being that possessed a soul.

A quarter of an hour later, he landed in a bush.

"Pant, pant!"

A bat-like Abyss Devil had wings covered in blood as it convulsed in the bush.

His wings trembled, and blood shot out. He clearly was seriously wounded.

"This kind of presence and soul..."

Qin Lie felt slightly and knew that this Abyss Devil would not be stronger than rank seven.

At present, a rank seven Abyss Devil was an existence not worth any consideration.

He openly revealed himself.

Feeling the presence he deliberately released, that bat-like Abyss Devil hurriedly struggled and flew up.

He flapped his wings as he asked in the ancient language of the Abyss, "Lord, what do you need?"

In his eyes, the devilized Qin Lie was elegant and noble. He was sure that this was a high rank Abyss Devil.

High rank Abyss Devils were usually the descendants of the powerful First Devils, and had exceptional bloodline and foundations in the Abyss.

Abyss Devils like these were born different. They were the nobility..

"I got lost in the abyss passageway, which of the Eight Purgatories is this?" Qin Lie asked back in the language of the Abyss.

"This is the Yellow Springs Purgatory." The bat-like Abyss Devil became respectful.

Only powerful Abyss Devils dared to move through the abyss passageway between the Eight Purgatories.

Hearing Qin Lie had gotten lost in the abyss passageway, he immediately became more respectful and hurriedly said, "Lord, you were thrown out of the abyss passageway? This is very far from the abyss passageway. How did you get here?"

Qin Lie did not tell him and continued to ask, "Which direction is the abyss passageway?"

"Over there, very far from here, and across the Nether River." The bat-like Abyss Devil looked in shock at him and said, "Lord, how did you pass the Nether River?"

"Nether River?" Qin Lie frowned.

"You did not cross the Nether River to come here?" The bat-like Abyss Devil became even more surprised and asked curiously, "Did the power of the abyss passageway take you past the Nether River and send you here?"


Qin Lie ignored him, turning into a bolt of purple lightning and flying in the direction he pointed.

He sprinted.

Along the way, he felt the soul presence of other Abyss Devils, but the Abyss Devils he sensed did not appear to have high bloodline ranks.

Abyss Devils of that level did not have strong enough souls. He could feel them, but they didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary

He easily avoided those Abyss Devils and sprinted towards the Nether River.

A long, long time later.

A vast inky black and winding river appeared suddenly in his eyes.

The end of the black river seemed to connect with the sky in the distance as though it fell from the clouds.

The river fell from the sky far away, wound its way to his position, and then flowed to an unknown place.

The thick black river was a thousand meters wide and dark and cold on the surface.

He stood on the shore of the river and felt with his soul. He seemed to hear the weeping and screams of billions of souls in the Nether River.

Only a careful probe already made him feel dizzy and depressed.

There was an invisible barrier above Nether River, similar to the one that Xillin had made in Heavenly Yin Valley to separate the bodies of Pei Dehong and the others from their Soul Altars.


Qin Lie's expression changed. He hid slightly and gathered his soul consciousness into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

A thread of his soul reached the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb.


He called mentally and the soul shadow immediately appeared next to Xillin's Soul Tree.

In a pure Soul Tree state, Xillin's soul energy was being slowly absorbed by the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Xillin's Soul Tree was several times smaller and blurrier.

He felt with his soul and found that Xillin's consciousness, remnant thoughts, and memories were all gradually being destroyed.

Even Xillin's soul origin seemed to be slowly disappearing.

Yet in Xillin's soul mark, there was a dot of light flashing and showing no signs of disappearing.

Also, when he stared at the light, he felt as though he was staring at the Nether River.

"Was this the power that Xillin comprehended from the Profound Yin Nether Sea?"

As he thought this, he attempted to feel with his soul and explore its secrets.

Suddenly, Xillin's almost gone soul mark became powerful as though it was having its last struggle.

"Hiss hiss!"

The soul threads appeared out of Xillin's soul mark and wrapped around his soul shadow.

"Purgatory! You are in a purgatory! I smell the presence of the Nether River!"

"Release me! Let me out! I can give you everything!"

"Quick, let me out!"

Bolt's of Xillin's soul resolve bombarded him and attempted to make him muddle-minded and make a senseless decision.

He had a feeling if he was the slightest bit careless and let Xillin leave and enter the Nether River, Xillin would be reborn in the Nether River and become harder to control.

He tried to stop it.


He attempted to use the power of the Soul Suppressing Orb to destroy Xillin's remaining soul mark.

A strange light suddenly wrapped around Xillin's soul mark.


Xillin's last bit of remnant soul immediately turned to nothing and disappeared.

But the dot of light flew out of Xillin's exploding soul and was still stubbornly staying in the Soul Suppressing Orb.

"What is that?"

Qin Lie's soul shadow attempted to feel again after Xillin's soul was destroyed.


In a flash, countless unknown flowing lights and unordered symbols flooded into his soul.

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