Chapter 155: Free Trade Street

Chapter 155: Free Trade Street

Armament City was divided into four large districts, the Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind Districts. Each district had many spirit material commerce streets and shops.

On the border of Armament City were the five major Black Iron factions, Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Dark Shadow Tower, Purple Mist Sea, and Cloud Sky Mountain as well as dozens of Limestone factions.

These factions all had bases in Armament City that were responsible for selling the spirit materials they did not need and buying the spirit medicines and pills they needed.

Armament City was formed from all kinds of spirit material shops. Almost all of the Common and Profound Grade spirit materials and pills and all kinds of Common Grade spirit artifacts could be bought at Armament City.

As the owner, Armament Sect knew the states of all the large commerce streets in the four districts as well as the back of their hand. It was very easy to find spirit materials.

In front of a business tower called “Heart of the Great Earth,” Qin Lie and Tang Siqi suddenly appeared and caused the employees to shout in shock.

Qin Lie and Tang Siqi’s artificer robes had a small insignia of a smelting furnace—that was unique to the inner sect disciples of Armament Sect.

“You are Armament Sect’s inner sect disciples!” Someone came up to them with a respectful expression. “Please wait, I will ask for the owner to come.”

“Thanks,” Tang Siqi smiled brightly.

The male employees in the tower felt the interior suddenly light up. Their expressions were intoxicated as though they had drunk too much.

“You are too polite, too polite.” The person’s face was bright red as he bowed and left.

“This is the store that Cloud Sky Mountain has set up. That place is a good producer of all earth-type spirit materials. We can definitely find the Earth Magnets we lack here.” Tang Siqi was long used to the burning gazes of males around her. She smiled as she pulled over a soft chair and sat down. She then nodded towards another chair and indicated for Qin Lie to also sit.

Qin Lie naturally sat down.

“Junior Sister Pang Shishi grew up in Cloud Sky Mountain and is very skilled in forging earth-type spirit artifacts. Oh, right, Pang Feng in the outer sect is Pang Shishi’s brother. He also lived in Cloud Sky Mountain before,” Tang Siqi introduced with a smile.

Hearing her speak of Pang Shishi and Pang Feng, the employees that came from Cloud Sky Mountain all had awed expressions.

Pang Shishi and Pang Feng had some fame in the present Cloud Sky Mountain. Before they joined Armament sect, Pang Feng had been a star among the young generation, and almost all the youths knew of Pang Feng’s strength.

“Is it Miss Tang Siqi?” A short while later, a slightly plump, middle-aged person came over with a smile. “The Earth Magnets have already been prepared and will arrive soon.”

“Thanks,” Tang Siqi smiled and nodded.

“It is what we should do.” The middle-aged person’s attitude was fawning as he said, “Would you like some tea or liquor?”

“That’s not necessary. We will leave after getting the Earth Magnets,” Tang Siqi gently refused.

“Oh, so that’s how it is. That’s good, that’s good.”

A few minutes later, two employees moved over several copper-colored rocks. When the rocks appeared, many metal artifacts in the surroundings vibrated.

Earth Magnets had a strong attraction to metal ore and was a very rare Profound Grade Four spirit material, one of the rare items that was hard to buy.

“Alright.” Tang Siqi stood up and walked next to the Earth Magnets. Her hand grabbed at the air.

Bright green light came from the spatial ring on her finger and covered the Earth Magnets. Under Qin Lie’s gaze, the Earth Magnets slowly shrunk and then disappeared into her ring.

“Spatial ring… they really are great,” Qin Lie thought.

“Let’s go and visit somewhere more interesting.” Tang Siqi smiled at Qin Lie and then said, “After a few days, someone from the outer sect will come with the payment.”

“No problem, no problem.” The store owner bowed as he saw them off.

“Why is he like that?” Qin Lie asked in puzzlement after they came out of the door.

“We are inner sect disciples.” Tang Siqi walked to one of the side streets. “Every inner sect disciple will become a true artificer in the future. You will slowly learn the power of an artificer from Armament Sect in this land.”

As they spoke, he and Tang Siqi came to a busy street. The street was not wide, and the two sides were filled with stalls. Many martial practitioners dressed in various sets of clothes were sitting in front of their stalls. Some had indifferent expressions and were silent, some were very enthusiastic and exclaimed the value of what they were selling to the martial practitioners that passed by.

Many strange stones, crystals, medicinal jars, and spirit artifacts of unknown grade were at each stall.

Numerous martial practitioners of various rank walked on this commerce street. Some people were picking out spirit materials while others sat down and sold what they had on them.

“I came out this time mainly because I wanted to visit this place. Sometimes, if my luck is good, I can find good things here.” Entering this bustling and loud street, Tang Siqi suddenly became alert. Her eyes seemed to flash as she glanced at the spirit materials on the street.

“Free Trade Street?” Qin Lie unconfidently asked.

“Mn, this is Free Trade Street,” Tang Siqi smiled.

Free Trade Street was between the Earth and Fire districts. This street was not very wide, but it was quite lengthy. Any martial practitioner could set up a stall here and sell the spirit materials and medicines they did not need. They could also buy spirit materials they needed as the price was usually ten to twenty percent lower than formal stores.

Of course, because of the chaos, there could be problems with the spirit pills bought here…

Here, nothing had a guarantee. Making a transaction depended on luck and also one’s eyes. Once the transaction was closed, if one made a loss, they could only swallow it.

“Ghost Birds?” Qin Lie suddenly exclaimed lowly.

There were seven Ghost Birds in a cage at a martial practitioner’s stall up ahead. He was shouting loudly and wanted to sell them at a price of one hundred Profound Grade One spirit stones.

“Ghost Birds can only be caught on the Nether Battlefield. This kind of avian can be used to scout in the air, but they do not have any offensive capabilities, so the price is not high.” Tang Siqi saw his interest and explained, “Profound Nether Beasts are also low-level spirit beasts from the Nether Battlefield, but they are much more expensive than Ghost Birds. A Profound Nether Beast is worth at least one thousand Profound Grade One spirit stones and is ten times more expensive than these seven Ghost Birds.”

Profound Nether Beasts could sprint like the wind and were very useful for martial practitioners that needed to travel long distances. It was normal that their price was high.

Looking at the Ghost Birds that were being sold, Qin Lie couldn’t help but think of Liang Zhong and Xie Jingxuan who he had seen yesterday…

Just as he was immersed in his thoughts, an extremely sharp spirit energy came from behind. Someone had pressed a hand on his back and a needle-like power suddenly pierced into him.

Enormous pain flooded his body. Shouting loudly, Qin Lie suddenly turned around.

“He actually didn’t die.” A middle-aged normal practitioner who looked extremely average had a shocked expression in his eyes. He was examining his palm as though he was suspicious that something was wrong with his spirit art.

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