Chapter 1549: Arrangements

Chapter 1549: Arrangements

Extreme Flame Abyss.

Inside the erupting volcanoes, many Flame Demons roamed around. Some Abyss Devils walked out of the lava, churning lava spilling off their bodies.


A rank nine Lord of the Abyss walked out of the biggest volcano and shouted in the language of the Abyss.

The nearby low rank Abyss Devils heard his shout and left the area.

After a while, this Lord of the Abyss was the only one left in the sea of flames.

After his subordinates left, the Abyss Devil transformed and shrunk into the form of high rank Abyss Devil.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

A bright star door formed in front of him.

"Master," Acarus said respectfully.

It was the Abyss Devil who had eaten the flesh of Atkins to ascend to rank nine bloodline, Qin Lie’s soul servant Acarus.

When he reached rank nine bloodline, he successfully took over Atkins's land and became the local hegemon.


Qin Lie walked out of the star door, glanced at Acarus and nodded.

Acarus was about to speak when his expression changed as he looked in shock at the other person who walked out of the star door.

"Lord, you are?"

His eyes were filled with reverence as he bowed to Ming Xiao who walked out of the star door. He used ancient Abyss etiquette and didn't dare to slack off.

Ming Xiao, who did not activate his bloodline and didn't have purple eyes and hair, looked like an ordinary human man.

But Abyss Devils who reached Acarus's level instinctively felt terror when Ming Xiao stepped out of the star door.

This was the natural reverence a weak Abyss Devil would instinctively feel towards a more powerful Abyss Devil.

Ming Xiao looked in surprise at Acarus and asked, "Qin Lie, who is he?"

"My servant," Qin Lie answered.

Ming Xiao was clearly surprised. He nodded and said, "Boy, you are as extraordinary as expected."

"If he is ordinary, the God Race would not have released us at his word." Crimson Blood Ape King of the Ancient Beast Race snickered as he came out of the star door. "This is the Extreme Flame Abyss?"

After him, Heavenly Blue Snake King, Nine-tailed Fox King, and Fierce Python Thunder King appeared as well.

They were temporarily in human form.

When Qin Lie found them and spoke of his intentions, they did not hesitate to agree.

When the rank ten bloodline warriors of the God Race invaded Ancient Beast Realm and attacked them, they greatly felt the disparity in strength between themselves and the other races of the universe.

They were all rank ten, but their combat power added together could only match one God Race rank ten warrior.

In the end, they were captured alive...

If Qin Lie had not agreed to the God Race's conditions, they... would have died along with the entire Ancient Beast Race.

At that time, they decided if they could survive, they would pay any price to increase their bloodline power.

The Abyss was their dream battlefield!

Because their bloodline, according to Qin Lie’s research, actually came from the Abyss Devil Race’s system.

So when Qin Lie said he hoped that they would go with Ming Xiao to the Extreme Flame Abyss, they immediately agreed without hesitation.

"Master, they, they..." Acarus abruptly frowned and shouted, "Their bloodline power all reach rank ten. Their existence will alarm the Great Lords of the Abyss!"

"They came for the Great Lords of the Abyss," Qin Lie said.

Acarus was even more terrified.

"Help them get familiar with the Extreme Flame Abyss. You do not have to pay attention to the following matters." Qin Lie did not explain. "Whether they can survive in the Extreme Flame Abyss has nothing to do with you. Everything... depends on their own power."

Not long ago, the Blaze Family of the God Race had moved through the Extreme Flame Abyss, and impacted the Extreme Flame Abyss greatly.

The Great Lords of the Extreme Flame Abyss had used much power in fighting the rank ten warriors of the God Race.

He saw that the Extreme Flame Abyss was at its weakest at the moment so he arranged for Ming Xiao and the four Beast Kings to come here.

If Ming Xiao and the others could not survive in the Extreme Flame Abyss, they would be completely hopeless anywhere else.

"Return, you do not have to pay attention to this matter."

Ming Xiao nodded towards Qin Lie. He suddenly flew into the sky of the Extreme Flame Abyss, his thin and small body beginning to transform.

The dense abyss devil energy of the Extreme Flame Abyss came from all directions. He absorbed it into his body like purple clouds.

In a short brief moment, Ming Xiao turned into a vicious Abyss Devil with horns and a pair of wings.

After turning into an enormous Abyss Devil, Ming Xiao gave a sky-shaking howl in the dark red sky of the Extreme Flame Abyss.


Ming Xiao howled, his enormous wings giving off dense acidic mist.

There was a corrosive presence in the acidic mist that appeared able to dissolve everything.

"Who are you in the Black Bog Abyss? Why have you come to the Extreme Flame Abyss?" A furious voice came from the distance in Extreme Flame Abyss.

"Why do you care who I am!"

Ming Xiao laughed. He moved forward, not waiting for the other to get close.

"Boom boom boom!"

In the blink of an eye, terrifying sounds of enormous bodies fighting came from the distant sky invisible to the naked eye.

"Master, this is a battle between the Black Bog Abyss and the Extreme Flame Abyss?" Acarus said in shock.

"No." Qin Lie shook his head. He looked at the four Beast Kings of Ancient Beast Realm and said, "Ming Xiao is already fighting with a Great Lord of the Abyss. His battle may go on for multiple months, or even longer. You have to guarantee the other two Great Lord of the Extreme Flame Abyss will not interfere during this time."

"Yes," Crimson Blood Ape King said.

"If Ming Xiao defeats the Great Lord of the Extreme Flame Abyss, he will one day travel to the Black Bog Abyss." Qin Lie rubbed his chin and thought for a while. He said, "His black bloodline originates from the Black Bog Abyss. When he is strong enough, he may replace Aschnaz, the Great Lord of the Black Bog Abyss, and become the ruler of the Black Bog Abyss. Of course, he might be killed in the Extreme Flame Abyss. If that's the case, it's done. He chose this path, and you followed him. Any race that fights in the Abyss might be torn to pieces by the Abyss Devils. The God Race and Spirit Race are not exceptions. I can only tell you good luck."

As he finished, he left the Extreme Flame Abyss through the star door.


The Chaos Abyss, where the sky was gray, and the abyss devil energy was permeated with savagery and viciousness.

Vitas stood next to a bog. He had just killed a little group led by a rank eight Abyss Devil and felt a shift in his soul.


In the Flaming Sun Abyss, he and Qin Lie had formed a servant bond of the Abyss Devil Race. His and Qin Lie’s souls were connected.

A star door flashed.

Qin Lie formed a star door directly into the Chaos Abyss utilizing the connection between him and Vitas, as well as the bloodline of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time.

"You are in the Chaos Abyss, not bad, this place isn't bad." He smiled and nodded.

"I heard that the first and second strongest of the Chaos Abyss, Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King, have died outside the realm. This caused the other three Great Lords of the Abyss to fight furiously recently to become the new ruler of the Chaos Abyss," Vitas explained respectfully. "The Chaos Abyss is a mess to begin with. The Abyss Devils here are mad in their killing. I feel this place will help my bloodline advance so I came here to gain experience."

"Very good." Qin Lie laughed and said, "Come out."

The small toad suddenly flew out and screamed in a sharp voice, "I can exist in any world with life. Give me some time, I will grow stronger!"

The first voodoo creature who had been refined into a soul slave had constantly requested to hunt. He appeared to have limitless reproductive power.

Qin Lie worried that he would bring calamity to Spirit Realm if he stayed so he agreed to find another place.

The Chaos Abyss was the breeding ground he found for the voodoo insect.

"This is not Spirit Realm. The Abyss Devil flesh here is much more powerful than the races’ of Spirit Realm. Similarly, their power surpasses the races of Spirit Realm." Qin Lie looked coldly at him and said, "It will depend on your ability if you can survive in the Chaos Abyss. If you can use the cruel Abyss Devils here to breed your Voodoo Insect Race, it will be your merit. But if you cannot survive, you and your so-called Voodoo Insect Race will cease to exist."

"I understand, I understand. I will be more careful and strengthen the Voodoo Insect Race!" The first voodoo creature howled.

"Be careful. I hope that one day, I will hear of the reputation of the Voodoo Insect Race in the Chaos Abyss from other realms."

"You will! You definitely will!"

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