Chapter 1547: Nether River

Chapter 1547: Nether River

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar was stabbed in the stomach by the black water from the Profound Yin Nether sea. His blood was quickly being absorbed by the water as well.

At the same time, his subsoul was struck by a sudden sense of dizziness as well.

The black water seeping into his body seemed capable of corroding its soul.

The black water of the Profound Yin Nether Sea had the strange ability to wipe out a soul’s memories and consciousness.

His memory and his consciousness seemed to be fading away with his blood even though he was at rank ten.

A helpless feeling struck the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

“Any fresh soul that is stained by the Profound Yin Nether Sea will slowly forget their past.”

Xillin’s illusory soul shadow was gradually growing physical after obtaining the Dark Soul Beast’s blood.

Soon, he had a flesh and blood body once more.

“You may not know this, but the Profound Yin Nether Sea of Nether Realm is actually connected to one of the Eight Purgatories of the Abyss. Would you like to guess which one?”

Xillin was slowly transforming into a old human with brown skin. There was a dark green glow in his eyes.

He watched Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar coldly as he slowly walked out of the black pond. His souls were following his every movement like living shadows.

Qin Lie’s true self at Sky Bearing City immediately got ready to create a star door when he saw Xillin emerging from the black pond.

His true self was connected to his subsoul, so he knew everything that was happening at Heavenly Yin Valley. He could assist it anytime he wished.

Although Qin Lie’s cultivation realm was low, he was well-versed in Heavenly Thunder Eradication and supported by the Soul Suppressing Orb. It was more than enough to teach Xillin a harsh lesson.

But just as he was about to summon a star door and step into Heavenly Yin Valley directly, a figure suddenly emerged from the black pond that was connected to the Profound Yin Nether Sea without warning.

The figure instantly transformed into a yellow-skinned person with a thin frame.

The man’s eyes glowed bright with purple as he discharged a stream of purple blood from his palm.


The purple blood covered the black pond in a strange film and glowed brightly. The connection between Xillin and the black pond was cut off instantly because of it.

Xillin howled and tried to return to the black pond immediately when he noticed that something was amiss.


Unfortunately, his flesh and blood body did nothing to the purple film as he bounced backwards from the contact.

The purple-eyed, yellow-skinned man grinned and sent a punch flying at Xillin’s body.

The body Xillin had created using the Dark Soul Beast’s blood was instantly destroyed as blood splattered everywhere.

The black chains Xillin had used to stab the Dark Soul Beast in the stomach had crumbled as well. 

“It’s you!”

Forced to return to his soul form, Xillin finally saw who the attacker was and screamed involuntarily.

“Demon God Ming Xiao!” Qin Lie was stunned as well.

“Young Master Qin, you should’ve told me that you were planning to attack this guy here at Heavenly Yin Valley.” Ming Xiao chuckled before saying, “I’m a Dark Nether Race clansman, and my race is the royal race of the Nether Realm. I am very familiar with the Profound Yin Nether Sea, and I know that he was hiding in it since a long time ago.”

Qin Lie recovered from his surprise before replying, “I didn’t know that you were interested in him.”

Although he hadn’t talked much with Ming Xiao back at Sky Bearing City, he was very impressed by the strength that was displayed by the Demon God.

He had witnessed with his own eyes the Demon God Ming Xiao fighting on even footing against Narsen and the foreign experts who had invaded Sky Bearing City, killing the Satorius Family members left and right.

Despite being a top ranker in the Spirit World, Narsen held no advantage over Ming Xiao whatsoever.

From that battle, he knew that this particular Demon God from Nether Realm was comparable to a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss.

After all, only a Great Lord of the Abyss could fight Narsen on even footing.

“Of course I’m interested in him.” Ming Xiao snorted coldly before explaining, “A long time ago, he had caused havoc at Nether Realm and taken countless lives. Although the God Race managed to kill off his physical body, one of his subsouls had managed to slip into the Profound Yin Nether Sea and cause plenty of troubles after the dust was settled. I had fought against him many times as the leader of Nether Realm, but he was always able to escape back to the Profound Yin Nether Sea. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do to him there.”

“Not long ago, I learned that he had made an appearance at Heavenly Yin Valley. Knowing that there was an underground hole in Heavenly Yin Valley that was connected to the Profound Yin Nether Sea, I knew that he was planning to show his face again.”

“That is why I am here.”

“Ming Xiao! You should’ve been killed by Sky Mender Palace!” Xillin screamed. “How are you still alive and even more powerful than before!?”

“The old patriarch of the Qin Family is the one who had reawakened me through a certain method, and I’m not the only one who’ll be awakening either. The rest of the Demon Gods… will eventually return to life as well,” Ming Xiao said darkly. “As a member of the Dark Nether Race and the royal race of the Nether Realm, it is my responsibility to guard the Profound Yin Nether Sea! Have you asked my permission before using the Profound Yin Nether Sea to cause havoc to the world, Soul Race clansman?”


Purple lightning bolts flashed out of Ming Xiao’s eyes and struck Xillin’s soul shadow squarely.

Screaming, the souls that made up Xillin’s soul shadow crumbled under the purple lightning.

Xillin’s Soul Tree was slowly exposed as his souls fell apart.

“If you hadn’t left the Profound Yin Nether Sea, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything to you. But you did, and all you have left now is a fragment of your soul. What can you possibly do in this situation?” said Ming Xiao disdainfully.

Giant water pillars emerged from the black pond and attacked the purple film Ming Xiao had created with his blood repeatedly.

“Boom! Boom boom!”

The purple film had cut off Xillin’s connection to the black pond and prevented him from returning to it.

Meanwhile, Ming Xiao was still taunting Xillin and whipping his soul with purple lightning.

Eventually, all of the souls surrounding Xillin were destroyed into nothing.

The only thing that was left was Xillin’s Soul Tree.

“Why have you come, boy?” asked Ming Xiao suddenly.

Qin Lie was originally in his Dark Soul Beast form. Seeing that the situation had completely tipped into their favor, he activated his transformation ability and took on a human form instead.

“I have come for Xillin’s soul,” replied Qin Lie.

“... Xillin? Is that his name?” asked Ming Xiao.

Qin Lie nodded. “Mn. His name is Xillin, and he is one of the three generals under the command of the Soul Race crown prince, Morell.”

“My suggestion is for you to kill him completely. Otherwise, if even a wisp of his soul manages to escape our grasp, he’ll be able to reenter the Profound Yin Nether Sea and return to his current strength just like before,” Ming Xiao explained seriously. “You should know that every Soul Race clansman has the ability to split into many subsouls. If any one of these subsouls manages to escape to safety, his soul origin will continue to exist. After that, it is only a matter of time before they return to full strength once more.”

“Moreover, this Xillin is different from your normal Soul Race clansman.”

“He had learned a profound ability from the Profound Yin Nether Sea, and this ability allows him to control the phantoms and evil spirits in it.”

“If his strength is allowed to grow to a certain point, Spirit Realm will not be the only world that is under his threat. He’ll seep his power into the Abyss Purgatory through the Profound Yin Nether Sea as well.”

“When that happens, he’ll be able to enslave even the Abyss Devils in the Abyss Purgatory!”

“He’s that powerful?” exclaimed Qin Lie in surprise.

“The Profound Yin Nether Sea is connected to the Nether River that connects all eight of the Purgatories. If he grows powerful enough to return to the Nether River, he’ll be able to study it and grow even stronger and more terrifying than before!” said Ming Xiao seriously.

“Nether River? There is a river connecting all eight Abyss Purgatories together?” Qin Lie was dumbfounded by Ming Xiao’s knowledge. “How do you know that?”

“After my bloodline had ascended to rank ten, my true identity came to me and made me realize that the source of my bloodline are the Abyss Devils. A rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss is able to learn many secrets of the Abyss from their bloodline, you know.”

“When the Abyss Devil heart in your true body grows to rank ten bloodline, the knowledge regarding the Eight Purgatories should be open to you as well.”

“A transcendent bloodline race’s history and secrets are all imprinted inside their bloodline. Once their power reaches a certain level, they will be able to travel to the Chaos Blood Realm whenever they wish.”

“The Chaos Blood Realm records everything.”

Ming Xiao’s explanation ended there.

“Does that mean you know everything about the Abyss even though you’ve never gone to the Abyss yourself?” asked Qin Lie curiously.

“That is correct.”

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