Chapter 1546: Miscalculated

Chapter 1546: Miscalculated

The reason Xillin had reacted the way he did was because he had sensed the aura of Morell, his former master and the Soul Race crown prince, from Qin Lie. 

Together with the crown prince of the Soul Race, Morell, Xillin, Cadak, and Meio had possessed a Soul Beast each and arrived at Spirit Realm as the Soul Devouring Beast, the Dark Soul Beast and the Blood Soul Beast.

While battling against Indigo’s mother, Morell’s Soul Beast avatar was destroyed before he became separated from his subordinates.

Weak and powerless, Morell had no choice but to choose a human at random to possess.

That human was none other than the ancestor of the Qin Family, Qin Tian.

Morell couldn’t possibly imagine that the random human he chose would possess...

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