Chapter 1544: Boiling Up

Chapter 1544: Boiling Up

When the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were exploring the galaxies, they knew that the races residing in the number of races out there were literally as numerous as the stars.

Out of these millions of races, the God Race—a transcendent bloodline race—was the equivalent of a giant among these races.

As a powerful race, the God Race was never content to stay in one place. They were always invading other realms and robbing their resources to improve their own power.

The God Race was a domineering and bossy master to all lower realms and weaker races, and only that.

In the past, the Blaze Family and the Darkness Family had enslaved every life in Spirit Realm and made them mine resources for the God Race’s benefit.

Back then, Lieyan Yuan often nabbed the experts of the Giant Race, the Giant Dragon Race, and the Asura Race...

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