Chapter 1544: Boiling Up

Chapter 1544: Boiling Up

When the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were exploring the galaxies, they knew that the races residing in the number of races out there were literally as numerous as the stars.

Out of these millions of races, the God Race—a transcendent bloodline race—was the equivalent of a giant among these races.

As a powerful race, the God Race was never content to stay in one place. They were always invading other realms and robbing their resources to improve their own power.

The God Race was a domineering and bossy master to all lower realms and weaker races, and only that.

In the past, the Blaze Family and the Darkness Family had enslaved every life in Spirit Realm and made them mine resources for the God Race’s benefit.

Back then, Lieyan Yuan often nabbed the experts of the Giant Race, the Giant Dragon Race, and the Asura Race to use their blood essences for Perfect Blood experiments.

Anyone who caught the “fancy” of Lieyan Yuan was basically dead without question.

It was why everyone in Spirit Realm had hated them, and why the human race had been able to unite the Hundred Races when they rose in rebellion.

In the eyes of the races of the outer realms, the God Race was as bad as a great scourge.

It was why the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor felt like they were dreaming when they heard that this domineering and unreasonable race had decided to treat Spirit Realm with such kindness and friendliness.

Moreover, Qin Lie had told them that the God Race had only been willing to make such a concession because of him…


The Flame Emperor coughed twice before staring at Qin Lie with unnatural passion. “If the God Race is seriously willing to treat Spirit Realm as they claim, then this can only be a great blessing to all lives in Spirit Realm.”

“Integrate with the universe, to really integrate with the universe…”

Ji Dan muttered to himself as his murky eyes grew brighter and brighter.

“Boy! They’re seriously going to let us rule Spirit Realm as we like?!” Hua Tianqiong was so excited that he had pressed one hand on Qin Lie’s shoulders. His fierce eyes was shining brightly.

Since the day they had learned that there were millions of races and billions of realms in the universe, they had all dreamed of joining that circle for real.

However, they were equally aware that Spirit Realm was rather weak right now. They were literally incomparable to those powerful races that had withstood the test of time for billions of years.

Although they were hoping to integrate with the universe, they were also incredibly afraid that Spirit Realm would be devoured by the experts of the outer realms until not even their bones were left.

They were terrified of those truly powerful races in the outer realms.

However, if the God Race—a member of the four great transcendent bloodline races—were to announce to the galaxy that Spirit Realm was under their protection, then their integration with the outer realms would go unbelievably smoothly.

Sneaky bastards like the Night Ghosts wouldn’t even dare to set their foot in Spirit Realm if they were considered one of the God Race’s private realms.

Any race that was weaker than the God Race in terms of strength and power wouldn’t dare to cause trouble.

Even the Spirit Race and the Soul Race wouldn’t be able to invade Spirit Realm en masse without the God Race taking action against them.

With Spirit Realm’s accumulated strength and the God Race’s forces, they wouldn’t necessarily lose to the Spirit Race or the Soul Race. At the very least, they wouldn’t be as absolutely powerless as they were now.

Spirit Realm’s integration to the outer realms would be extraordinarily safe from any danger.

Besides that, the God Race was willing to lend them a hand in trading materials with other realms.

This way, the races of Spirit Realm would be able to learn the true strength and bloodline power of the outer realms’ races and climb to a new height of power.

Thanks to this, it’d probably take Spirit Realm only one or two millennia to truly stand their ground in the universe.

“Er, nominally speaking, Spirit Realm is… my private realm, according to their demands.” Qin Lie let out a dry laugh before adding, “Of course, I’m only the owner of Spirit Realm in name.”

“Not a problem, that’s not a problem at all!” Hua Tianqiong laughed loudly before explaining, “The races outside Spirit Realm such as the Giant Race, the Asura Race, the Wood Race, and even the Sea Race who had had a negative opinion of us had been taught a harsh lesson. Moreover, Ninth Heaven will be absent from Spirit Realm for the next three centuries, and the remaining five forces of the human race are of no threat to us due to the losses they suffered. This means that the three of us and Sky Bearing City are the strongest powers in Spirit Realm right now!”

“It is one of my dreams to push for the integration of Spirit Realm with the outside universe while I’m still alive,” said Ji Dan with a smile.

“We are all willing to support you,” said the Ice Emperor with a smile as well.

The Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, and the martial practitioners of the Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family had boiled up in excitement when they heard that Spirit Realm would be able to integrate with the outer realms smoothly and with minimum danger.

Many of the Qin Family’s martial practitioners were staring at Qin Lie with bright eyes as well.

Suddenly, Qin Lie was the center of attention. In their eyes, he was now someone who had the ability to change the very future of Spirit Realm.

Qin Shan was the only one who had stayed silent until now. He chose this moment to throw in a mood-spoiling question. “They won’t try to harm you, will they? They… did they promise to guarantee your safety?”

The excited crowd suddenly fell silent.

They just remembered that all of these benefits came with the condition that Qin Lie would follow them back to God Realm without struggle.

No one knew what the God Race was going to demand of Qin Lie.

“They did promise to keep me safe,” assured Qin Lie.

It was only then Qin Shan let out a sigh of relief. His grandfather still wasn’t smiling, however. It was clear that he was reluctant to see Qin Lie leave.


At Giant Spirit Realm.

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar had successfully ascended to rank ten thanks to the flesh and blood of the Night Ghosts’ experts it had consumed.

After his Blood Soul Beast avatar had reached rank ten soulline, the Dark Soul Beast passed over the Night Ghosts’ souls it was holding to the Blood Soul Beast.

After that, the Blood Soul Beast executed a Soul Race secret art and imprinted all five of the souls of the Night Ghosts’ rank ten experts with a soul mark.

He had use for their souls.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar returned to Heavenly Yin Valley before stopping right in front of the dried up hole that led to the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

He had sealed up Latiff and Malcolm’s Soul Beast avatars using a Soul Race secret art inside this valley.

As of late, he noticed that a wisp of soul would emerge from the cracks on the ground.

He immediately noticed that the Soul Devouring Beast was deeply interested in their Soul Beast avatars.

The Soul Devouring Beast’s soul fragments had escaped into the Profound Yin Nether Sea after its body was killed. A long period of recovery later, it had even cultivated back to rank ten.

Unfortunately, the Soul Devouring Beast’s old body had been killed by the God Race. It couldn’t find a suitable body to possess either.

To a Soul Race clansman, there was no body more suited for them than a Soul Beast. It was the best flesh and blood puppet they could hope for to unleash their full potential.

After Latiff and Malcolm’s souls had been refined into soul orbs and trapped inside the Soul Suppressing Orb temporarily, their Soul Beast avatars had also become empty, masterless bodies.

The Soul Devouring Beast must have caught wind of something, because it often sent out a soul or two to stare at the two empty Soul Beast bodies greedily.

The first few times the souls had appeared, Qin Lie had killed them without a second thought.

This time though, Qin Lie had changed his mind. Instead of killing the soul immediately, he sent out a soul thought and requested to meet with the Soul Devouring Beast.

The Soul Devouring Beast seemed to know that the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor had left the Heavenly Yin Valley a long time ago.

That was why he surprised Qin Lie by agreeing to a meeting.

After that, Qin Lie in his Dark Soul Beast form waited for the Soul Devouring Beast to emerge.

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