Chapter 1543: Unrejectable Offer

Chapter 1543: Unrejectable Offer

On the giant starship, all three patriarchs of the God Race—Lieyan Zhao, Han Che and An Hao—watched Qin Lie quietly after explaining everything.

The rest of the God Race clansmen had fallen silent as well.

Everyone was waiting for Qin Lie to come to a decision.

If he chose to reject their offer, Spirit Realm would most likely cease to exist altogether. The realms the God Race had conquered and the four Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race would be executed shortly as well.

The Qin Family would be forced to move away from Spirit Realm again and start all over on an unfamiliar outer realm.

The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace could choose to stick together with the Qin Family, or they could choose to perish alongside Spirit Realm…

On the other hand, if he accepted the God Race’s conditions and went to the God Realm with...

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