Chapter 1543: Unrejectable Offer

Chapter 1543: Unrejectable Offer

On the giant starship, all three patriarchs of the God Race—Lieyan Zhao, Han Che and An Hao—watched Qin Lie quietly after explaining everything.

The rest of the God Race clansmen had fallen silent as well.

Everyone was waiting for Qin Lie to come to a decision.

If he chose to reject their offer, Spirit Realm would most likely cease to exist altogether. The realms the God Race had conquered and the four Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race would be executed shortly as well.

The Qin Family would be forced to move away from Spirit Realm again and start all over on an unfamiliar outer realm.

The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace could choose to stick together with the Qin Family, or they could choose to perish alongside Spirit Realm…

On the other hand, if he accepted the God Race’s conditions and went to the God Realm with them, Spirit Realm would no longer need to worry about any invasion.

Moreover, Spirit Realm would slowly be integrated into the outer realms, and the races’ civilization would rise to a whole new level.

All he needed to do was cooperate with the God Race.

“I don’t seem to have another choice.”

A while later, Qin Lie gave them a bitter smile and made up his mind.

He had no way of dealing with the God Race’s threats, and he had to admit that their offer would be immeasurably beneficial to the future of Spirit Realm.

“We will give you some time to deal with your matters at Spirit Realm.” Lieyan Zhao laughed loudly after Qin Lie had agreed to their offer. “Don’t worry, you’re far too important to our race for us to try anything against you. Plus…”

Once he reached that point, he stopped for a brief moment before continuing, "Your grandfather also would not allow us to do anything that is not beneficial to you anyway."

“Grandfather…” Qin Lie’s attention was caught by the word.

When Han Che and his people showed up in Asura Realm, but didn’t clash against the evil dragons or the Blood Emperor, Qin Lie already guessed that the God Race and Lieyan Yuan had arrived at some sort of tacit agreement.

In fact, the Evil Dragon Race and the Blood Emperor’s attack on the Giant Dragon Race, the Asura Race, and the Sea Race was actually beneficial to the Qin Family.

After all, the Giant Dragon Race, the Asura Race, and the Sea Race were all allies of the six great forces. They used to be hostile towards the Qin Family.

But because these forces had been defeated in their own realms, and Pei Dehong had officially withdrawn from Spirit Realm, the remaining five great forces had all chosen to submit to the Qin Family.

Moreover, the Giant Race, the Ancient Beast Race, and the Demon Dragon Race had chosen to form an alliance with the Qin Family…

This meant that the Qin Family had almost no enemies left in Spirit Realm.

The God Race had promised to declare Spirit Realm as their private realm if he agreed to go with them to the God Realm.

The God Race would even acknowledge him as the master of Spirit Realm and refrain from garrisoning it with their own experts. The fate of Spirit Realm would still be in the hands of its denizens.

And considering that the Qin Family was realistically the only dominant force left in Spirit Realm… he supposed that he was the master of Spirit Realm now.

Suddenly, realization struck Qin Lie.

Before he knew it, Lieyan Yuan and the God Race had made him and the Qin Family the true ruler and the strongest force in Spirit Realm.

If he went to God Realm and allowed himself to be integrated into their race, he would become a part of the God Race itself.

In that case, the God Race was absolutely right to claim that Spirit Realm was their private realm. Therefore, it made sense that the God Race would want to help a private realm of theirs and push them to become part of the galaxy.

“It seems like you’d done a lot for me in secret,” said Qin Lie with an odd look on his face.

“It’s good that you can see that.” An Hao nodded after nothing that Qin Lie had figured out the ins and outs of the situation. “We will be leaving a small number of our men in Shattered Ice Realm. Head to Shattered Ice Realm once you’re finished with your matters in Spirit Realm. Someone will take you to God Realm from there.”

“I understand.”

“Once you’d entered God Realm and taken your first real step into the vast universe, you’ll realize that there are many, many more wonders waiting for you outside,” said An Hao solemnly.

“Welcome to the God Race.” Gan Xing smiled at him.

Liu Yang was beaming as well.

“Since you’d become a part of the God Race, it no longer matters if you have Sky Bearing City or not.” Lieyan Zhao snorted coldly before reassuring Qin Lie, “Don’t worry, those Spirit Race bastards will not dare to invade you another time! We will warn all outer realm races that Spirit Realm now belongs to us, and that trouble caused in Spirit Realm will be treated as a provocation to the God Race!”

“In that case, I will be taking my leave,” replied Qin Lie.

“I hope to see you in God Realm soon,” said Mia of the Profound Ice Family.


After that, he jumped off the starship and flew back down to Sky Bearing City.

The moment Qin Lie left, the giant starships hanging above Sky Bearing City like giant beasts suddenly flew back towards the giant spatial whirlpools one after another.

They were gone before Qin Lie had even flown back to Sky Bearing City.

Even the spatial whirlpool had gradually shrunk to the size of a dot before vanishing completely.

“Ah! The God Race left again!”

“What happened? Why would they leave so easily after showing up in such a grandiose manner?”

“Did they decide to give up on invading Spirit Realm?”

“Qin Lie went up just now, didn’t he?”

“Qin Lie!”

“Qin Lie, the one with the God Race bloodline in him!”


The martial practitioner of the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family weren’t the only ones who were letting out exclamations of surprise inside Sky Bearing City. The artificers were stunned by the God Race’s sudden departure as well.

They didn’t know why the God Race had decided to leave all of a sudden.

Just a moment ago, they thought that the apocalypse and a genocide was about to befall them.

But the seven God Race starships had suddenly flown back into the spatial whirlpool in just a short time.

It was almost like the God Race had pulled a strange prank on them. Those who didn’t know the truth were completely confused by the sudden turn of events.


Qin Lie stopped next to Qin Shan, the Flame Emperor, and the Ice Emperor. He didn’t look pale, at least.

“You… agreed to go with them to God Realm, didn’t you?” Qin Shan sighed softly.

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor were two of the few people who knew about the truth, and they all thought that Qin Lie was making a big sacrifice for their sake. Somewhat embarrassed, they decided that it would be best if they maintained their silence and listened to what Qin Lie had to say.

“I can’t afford to turn down their offer.” Qin Lie looked at the small group before explaining, “Not only will my departure kickstart the evolution of the entire Spirit Realm, it will bring Spirit Realm to the table of the most strongest of the universe at least ten millennia earlier.”

“What?!” The Ice Emperor was shocked.

“They promised me that Spirit Realm will be the God Race’s in name, but they will not stick their hand into our business one bit. If we are invaded by other races, they also promised to deal with the threat if only for the sake of face,” Qin Lie explained. “Besides that, the God Race promises to help us build channels to connect with deeper parts of the universe and allow us to trade with any race in the outer realms. We can sell our spirit materials, spirit artifacts and pills to anyone, and we can buy anything we need from any other races as well.”

“This may benefit the evolution of all life in Spirit Realm greatly.”

“Our civilization will reach a whole new level as well.”

The Flame Emperor’s eyes grew wide open. “Why on Spirit Realm would they agree to such a thing? This is not how they normally worked, they had never treated any conquered race or galaxy as equals! From what I learned, every realm or race who was conquered by the God Race became slaves, and they let up their pressure only when every resource had been milked to nothing!”

“This is definitely not their usual policy.” The Ice Emperor was wearing a look of disbelief as well.

“They were willing to make some concessions because of me,” answered Qin Lie.

The Ice Emperor, Ji Dan and the others stared at each other before falling silent all of a sudden.

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